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SocialGest is a social media management platform that helps their customers grow their social media platforms through various tools. Users can schedule, analyze, do contests, and monitor their social media from one place. Read more
Kontera provides content marketing, social marketing, and actionable analytics to enable brands to optimize results. Read more
It is estimated that a person spends average two years of his life standing in line waiting to be served. In a classic model of customer care the people become part of an inflexible system forcing in all cases to remain waiting until being served. Moreover, service providers lack of intelligent tools to help optimize the use of resources and to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. SinCola is a solution for managing turns, which manages the full cycle of customer care, from before the customer reaches the site even after being treated, with a new process: Pre-arrival: Request tickets via SMS / Native Apps, Recommendation branch with less congestion of people and according to customer location. Attention: Request on-site ticket, Registration and routing to service queues, Transfers between services. Post-Attention: Customer satisfaction surveys, Management indicators. Sincola is working now in hospitals that also offer appointments, and appointment reminders through SMS. Read more
Apetoi is a services platform that allows users to offer or search for home services. These services include carpentry, painting, cleaning, security, remodeling and construction, and more. Read more
We develop e-learning solutions to modernize Latin America’s educational systems through our online platform and virtualization services Read more
Cuantix is a technological solution intended to help organizations to measure the social impact of any kind of education project.  Read more
Tikket is a centralized inbox for all of your conversations on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and email. It allows users to keep track of their conversations and provides insights and metrics regarding a user’s interactions. Read more is a digital marketplace that connects anyone who needs a motorizado, with MotoEntrepreneurs identified with a digital ID, experts in same day deliveries and in mototaxi transportation services Read more
DANAConnect is a Saas Customer Communication Manager (CCM), which is ideal for organizations that want to leverage the effectiveness of automated communications, enhancing efforts such as marketing campaigns, collections, transaction notifications, invoices and digital statements. With DANAConnect, companies of any size can: 1.Consolidate historical communications to their customers. 2.Deploy campaigns across different channels simultaneously. 3.Promote the achievement of goals through automated multi-channel contact. 4.Promptly fulfilling notifications required by regulatory agencies. 5.Reduce printing costs via digital documents. 6.Expedite the delivery of documents to your customers through email or download through web portal. The solution provides: 1.Multi-channel campaigns manager. 2.Visual designer of communication flows. 3.Contact manager. 4.Digital documents manager. 5.API for exchange of information. 8.Scalable Infrastructure designed for high volume. Read more
VOR marketing is reinventing the way they communicate. Read more
PollitoIngles operates as a mothers’ network for the exchange, buying, and selling of used baby items and products. Read more
PRX Control Solutions develops apps to provide prescription control and health management solutions for the healthcare industry. Read more
MediConecta is changing healthcare in LatAm and the US. The app empowers over 2.3M lives to resolve medical issues anywhere, on-demand. Read more
Estadeboda, an online platform, enables its users to find suppliers, locations, promotions, tips, and more for planning their wedding. Read more
Artificial intelligence applied to language for creating applications that analyze, abstract and detect trends in sets of texts. Read more
PideYummy is the first food delivery App in Venezuela with more than 120 locations available. Read more
CityWallet is a solution for parking payments, eliminating the need of cash or cards Read more
Zomoz is an online marketplace for travel experiences Read more is an online platform offering food delivery services Read more
PagoFlash develops internet payments solutions so its customers can offer a fast, easy and safe service Read more
Holy The Cow is the "cowdfunding" platform directed a 100% to causes that generate positive social impact in the American Continent, offering their services to natural or juridical persons with non-profit projects, without charging commissions. For this reason, we focus on advertising as a pillar for profit. Holy The Cow es la plataforma de crowdfunding dirigida 100% a causas que generen impacto social positivo en el continente americano, ofreciendo sus servicios a personas jurídicas o naturales con proyectos sin fines de lucro y sin cobro de comisiones. Por esta razón, nos enfocamos en la publicidad como pilar para generar ganancias. Read more
No more typing where you are FindBY lets you search products or services using your location to show the near by results, avoiding navigate categories to find something you will you want as fast as possible. Your search will be our categories FindBY use the "tags" to redefine for your search results, because we change the "categories" by the "tags". Your security is our priority FindBY use the "verified user" to prevent frauds or scams. FindBy also let you contact the owner to asks information, etc Read more
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