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Another special celebration is coming up on the calendar, and the same question arises: What gift should I give? The Giftee would love to receive a gift that is fully personalized from close friends and family. Gifters, meanwhile, always have the best intentions, but typically have no idea where to start. More and more often, the practical but impersonal gift card has become the go-to solution, with some flowery words in a Hallmark card to give it some warmth. Vello allows Gifters to send a personalized present in seconds by recording a short video greeting to go along with the purchase of an e-gift card. The Gifter can then invite others to join in, no matter where they are, to add their personal contribution to the viral video greeting (as well as the monetary gift). Vello seamlessly stitches all the videos together and delivers a beautiful, personal, and unique gift. Gifting becomes a community event, while remaining easy and personal.
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