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UQuix is a free quiz maker and instruction maker (step-by-step). Any user can use UQuix to share quizzes/instructions publicly or privately. Users can buy or sell exclusive quizzes or instructions through PayPal. UQuix acts as a broker, giving the users a peer-to-peer platform for networking. UQuix is simple and easy to use. The website is responsive so any user can take quizzes or learn instructions (how to do) from any mobile device. The goal is to help people make money through their own publication. UQuix also helps people become interactive through quizzes. The back end has a real time grading system that can help people gauge their users who are quizzing. The customers can very from a 4 year old to the college student getting his masters degree, so it is safe to say UQuix is easy to use. The user experience has been good, and will only get better once I include my gamification feature that lets users challenge each other. When the mobile app launches, this feature will be desired
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