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Life goes beyond meetings and appointments, your calendar should too. UpTo gives you a more complete view of everything coming up that matters to you - without the clutter. It’s your calendar, but better. The UpTo calendar has two layers. The front layer is your existing calendar. The back layer includes calendars you follow based on your likes and interests. Expand your calendar to reveal the back layer of events with just a pinch or tap. From your favorite sports teams and TV shows to upcoming concerts and even the people in your life. Discover thousands of calendars and follow the ones you care about. UpTo works with Google Calendar, iCloud, Outlook, Facebook Events and any other calendar that syncs with your phone. Add an event in UpTo and it automatically appears on your web or desktop calendar. Groups and organizations can use UpTo’s platform to publish and manage their own calendar content for others to follow, and simultaneously embed their UpTo calendar into any website.
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