The Startup Ecosystem of Tunisia

Tunisia has 1 city in the top 1000 and is one of Northern Africa’s best countries for setting up a startup.


Since 2022, Tunisia lost 1 spot in the Global Startup Ecosystem Index, having now positioned itself as 83rd worldwide.



Regional Ranking

In Northern Africa

Global Ranking



Startup Ecosystem Overview

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The Tunisian startup ecosystem is still in the early phase of its development, but the total startup funding raised by the Tunisian tech startups increased significantly in 2022. The Tunisian government is well aware of the importance of creating startup hubs and has introduced the startup support organization Startup Tunisia. The organization passed a Startup Act in 2018, which is a legal framework designed to boost innovation and foster entrepreneurship. Another initiative of Startup Tunisia, Startup Label, is a special status that enables startups to be exempted from capital gain tax for up to eight years.
Many international organizations support the startup ecosystem in Tunisia. For instance, the World Bank is providing support to women and SME development in Tunisia through the Innovative Startups and SME Project, and actively supports Startup Tunisia. It has launched two SME funds through the Tunisia Innovative Startups and SMEs Project. The first one is InnovaTech, which focuses on investments in digital media innovation and technology, renewable energy, agribusiness, ICT, media and ecommerce, and digital transformation. The second one is a joint fund of the World Bank, Smart Capital, the CDC, and the GIZ called Anava Fund of Funds, which aims to invest more than 13 venture capital funds dedicated to startups in seed and early stages.
With proximity to the Middle East, the rest of Africa, and Europe, Tunisia has the ability to make far reaching international business connections. To grow, Tunisia’s startup ecosystem needs to achieve a critical mass of high quality startups.

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The Startup Ecosystem in Tunisia

In 2022, Tunisia register a rise in Fintech startups. Some of the most notable success stories in this industry are those of , Expensya.

Global Rank

Tunisia is ranked within the top 100 startup ecosystems globally.

Top Industries

Tunisia’s startup scene is best represented in Fintech, Software and Data, and in Social & and Leisure.

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Notable Startups in Tunisia
Expensya startup icon
GoMyCode startup icon
Enda Tamweel startup icon
Enda Tamweel


Successful Fintech startups in Tunisia
Enda Tamweel startup icon
Enda Tamweel
ilBoursa startup icon
Kaoun startup icon


Startups Ranking by Industry

Fintech icon
#68 worldwide

On our map, you can explore a total of 10 startups for Fintech.

Software and Data icon
Software and Data
#80 worldwide

In Northern Africa, Tunisia's Software and Data is in top 80. Tunisia has a concentration of about 6 of the region's total Software and Data startups that are represented on our map.

Social & Leisure icon
Social & Leisure
5 startups

Our database contains 5 for Social & Leisure in Tunisia.

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