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What is it: TummyRats is a community platform for locals to ask any food related questions from locals to be answered real time. We are here to disrupt local food discovery market. Details: Started in January, 2014 | Only on app | Available on Android Performance: 95% of the queries gets answered in less than 2 minutes | 52% daily active users | 60% organic growth on a monthly basis without spending any money | Amongst Top 400 apps of India in Travel and Local category. Currently in India, there's no platform for local food discovery. The biggest of all is Zomato (India's Yelp); however, it is only present in 14 cities of India primarily because of the nature of its business i.e. it requires feet on street work. Whereas TummyRats is a product, it has no limitations and can penetrate into even the smallest cities of India. Though TummyRats is active only in two cities of India i.e. Ahmedabad and Pune; people from more than 30+ cities are already registered on the app.
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