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Trondheim, Norway Startup Map has 6 startups, and the most popular startups in Trondheim, Norway are DOKKER, Mindfit and Coxito.

Trondheim, Norway ranks 2 in Norway and 390 globally, based on the strength of its startup ecosystem. See complete city rankings in table below. The most popular industries in Trondheim, Norway are Software and Data, Education and Social & Leisure.

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6 startups
It’s easy to get stuck in negative thoughts and feelings about yourself when you go trough a tough time like stress, lack of energy and motivation or depression. Using proven methods and techniques you will be guided to a better everyday life by changing your thought pattern, shifting your focus and being more aware of the positive things happening in your life!

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Coxito is an information discovery and analysis application, delivering easy and powerful information discovery functionality for your cloud data. Our mission is to bring the ease-of-use and simplicity of web search to enterprise search and information discovery.

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Kybernesis develops games set in an original post-apocalyptic cyberpunk setting. The current focus is on a smaller mobile game called Wasteland Bar Fight!, but our ultimate goal is to develop what we think will be our defining game, Corp Wars. Corp Wars aims to take the potential of social networking, clouds and gaming to the next level. The games we make will be set in the the same Corp Wars setting. While each game will be a stand alone game by itself, it will be connected to the Corp Wars portfolio. Where we plan to take cross platform to the next level, by making things you do in one game have consequences in other games that are part of Corp Wars.

[read more] is an online service that allows Linkedin and Viadeo users to create a portfolio of their professional documents and to publish/share it on professional social networks and the web. Get inspired and benefit from the skills of other professionals with our real time search engine and professional categories of documents. Since april 13, we also provide an innovative SAAS recruitment solution aimed at SMBs. This solution offers to SMBs the ability to use, measure and analyse a real multichannel strategy to source candidates across multiple media.

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Breakout Boards, DC/DC converters, Relays. New products are under development and will be launched continuously after production and testing.

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Wireless interactive technology for use in consumer electronics. Very high potential sales figures and market value. Several companies have been contacted (NDA signed), which are interested in support and further development of the product. Prototypes are under development, and will be ready for demonstration late spring 2013. Estimated launch date for full scale production and export to selected markets and consumer electronics stores world wide: Autumn 2014.

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