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Spinzo is a demand-based pricing platform that allows businesses to sell products, services, or tickets, where the final price depends on the number of committed buyers. The platform is hosted by Spinzo but white labeled to any branding. Retailers and E-Commerce companies use Spinzo for clearance sales and new product promotions. Sports Teams and Venues use Spinzo for early-bird and last-minute-rush promotions with flexible pricing. Spinzo creates a multiplier effect on media spend since buyers actively share with friends to get more savings. Buyers can join at the current price (and ride the price down) or bid the most that they are willing to pay. When a promotion ends, all participants pay the final low price. The company was established in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada in 2011 and is funded by GrowthWorks Atlantic, New Brunswick Innovation Foundation, East Valley Ventures, and private investors. To learn more, call us at 1-800-798-2595 or Email us at
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