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Tiptheauthors is service for sharing legal movies to people online under conditions acceptable to them. We are optimized to convert current pirates into paying customers by carrot not the stick. Movie producers are getting desperate. Traditional revenue streams like DVD are falling and sales of digital movie copies in internet are low due rampant piracy. People are getting desperate, Hollywood is fighting piracy with cencoring internet with ACTA, SOPA, PIPA & Co, sacrificing peoples internet freedom. Its is time to make a shift from enforcement based anti-piracy actions to business oriented actions. People should be given what they want and how they want Instead of punishments and restrictions. We are filling our vision by help of big network of partners. There are huge amounts of movie review sites that just talk about the movies. With Tiptheauthors all these sites can also start selling the movies and earn additional revenue to their advertising income. Its win-win-win situation.
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