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We operate a large set of independent businesses. ENTERTAINMENT PLATFORMS - Gaana: music streaming - BoxTV: video streaming - Follo: celebrity updates on mobile - itimes, speakingtree: interest-based networks LOCAL / COMMERCE PLATFORMS - Indiatimes Shopping: e-commerce - TimesCity: Zagat + Yelp for India - TimesDeal: Deals & Coupons CONTENT DESTINATIONS - largest news site, top 5 globally - largest biz news site - / / / largest hindi, marathi, kannada, and bengali news sites, respectively - entertainment and news, historically our flagship portal -,,,,, more - Gizmodo, Lifehacker, and Business Insider - India editions OTHER ENGAGEMENTS - cross-media loyalty program - alive: augmented reality platform - TLabs: our inhouse incubator, home to 10-20 startups every year and more :)
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