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I finished my business school in England and came back in 2007/8 to Pakistan. i started work with Pepsico then Kraft foods and then marketing for private equity products in Pakistan. Rahat Haleem, my mother, inherited a small school in the heart of Lahore (Pakistan) from her parents, The Haleem Campus. She has been working for the past 30 years or more in providing affordable quality education to the mid-tier society in Lahore. They moved from a three room school to a fourteen to now a thirty room school in the heart of Lahore, still providing the same good quality as well as training teacher and counseling graduating students. Now I want to franchise out this great inheritance and provide quality primary and secondary education at affordable prices. Their current revenue is 24000 $ and net profit is 8000$, education in Pakistan is one of the most highly profitable business and I have inherited a great brand locally accepted, time to roll out.currently revenue: $ 25k , net profit $ 8k
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