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Tevatronic was created based on the concept of "3D Irrigation", where we look at a field as a 3D area and only the root part of the plant needs to be watered. There are two types of common mistakes with irrigation today, excessive irritation and insufficient irrigation. Both of the mistakes can have severe consequences which range from the excessive loss of water to the loss of the crop entirely. The unique irrigation system that we have developed delivers the water to the main root system only, but not beyond it.To better explain the system's operation without going into too much detail we can say that the only two parameters that we need to configure in the system to define a 3D irrigated area are: 1) The soil moisture level, in order to start the irrigation. 2) The optimal depth in the soil which the water should reach, in order to stop the irrigation. The system is fully autonomous, simple to use and suits any crop in any type of soil.
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