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SurroundsMe is like the App store for social marketing content plans. Current social marketing tools are limited and require expertise and creativity. SurroundsMe is a subscription based SaaS platform with a full suite of tools designed specifically for the needs of small to medium sized businesses that don't have that expertise or can't afford it. It delegates tasks to the people that surround you; employees, customers, etc. and tracks and rewards their activity. Here's what makes us really unique: The most labor intensive part of social marketing is creating content or messaging. No tool on the market helps solve this problem until now. SurroundsMe sources content plans from social marketers. They contribute pre-written messaging plans and we match them with specific business types and goals. Small business owners will need to include SurroundsMe in their arsenal of low-cost, easy to use, must-have business tools, like Quickbooks, Intuit, Paypal and Adwords.
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