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Mobile Vocabulary (mVocabulary) is a short message service (SMS) based feature that allows recipients to learn words from the English dictionary. The idea is to send a Word/Meaning/Usage as a text messagewith the goal of helping to improve the English skills of young Africans through mobile phones. To enable us to effectively provide customized English lessons, we have designed different packages that fitthe category of our users. Although our service is available to everyone connected to a mobile phone, we have give priority to the youths who are interested in writing and passing external English examinations, such as the TOEFL, IELTS,etc. The idea is to assist these candidates in passing by sending extracted questions and answerlessons from the syllabus of their enrolled exams. Here is a typical mV message: WORD: Ambidextrous MEANING: Being able to use both hands equally well. USAGE: President Obama is Ambidextrous
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