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startup iconMoumin Technology Firm
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The Somalia Startup Ecosystem is emerging innovation hub, ranked at number 98 globally, and shows a negative momentum -4 spots since 2021. Somalia also ranks at number 4 for startups in Eastern Africa.

There are 2 cities ranked in the top 1,000 in Somalia and the top ranked city in Somalia is Mogadishu at 764 globally. Mogadishu is followed by Hargeisa at 1143 and undefined at undefined.

Somalia is an ideal place to locate for Software and Data, Energy & Environment and Fintech startups. As the most popular industries in the country, there is a sample of 16 Software and Data startups in Somalia, 8 Energy & Environment startups in Somalia and 6 Fintech startups in Somalia, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is a sample of 55 startups in Somalia, 10 accelerators in Somalia, 1 coworking spaces in Somalia, 60 organizations in Somalia and no leaders in Somalia.

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Hargeisa, Somalia

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55 startups in representative sample
Amin Technology Co., Ltd. is a national-level supplier of information technology, technology installation and software development accessories, and hopes to reach the international level in the future. Its organization aims to respond to new technologies emerging in the Somaliland IT market through continuous monitoring, new service methods and ... Read more
Zaad is a mobile money platform that Telsom adapted from the M-PESA model by making the service free, using in-house agents, and using merchants from the start. Read more
Solargen was founded to address the challenges of underserved communities in Africa through fair business practices: energy, water and food security. Read more
Gaadhi is a car classifieds network in Somalia. It is a digital platform which connects local car buyers with local car sellers. Read more
EVC plus is an electronic money transfer service introduced and operated by Hormuud. Read more
WAAFI is a new life-style combining mobile money, communication, entertainment and productivity in a unified app. Read more
SOSTEC Technologies is a technology service provider in Somalia for over a decade. Read more
Golis telecom was founded in the year 2002 with the objective of providing the best quality telecommunications and information products and services. Read more
Hayat Markets is a wholesale and retail company operating supermarkets, hypermarkets and an e-commerce website ( headquartered in Mogadishu, Somalia. The company offers consumer goods, food and non-food products, household goods, textiles, electronics, home appliances, local products, and more. Read more
IT company in Mogadishu offering web development, IT training, domain registration, and software development services. Read more
DagDag lets users register, find providers, and send money to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Read more
Haatif develops a platform for business networking. Read more
Maanshiil Inc is a Somali multi-business company providing human resources, inventory and accounting enterprise software. Read more
Social media platform in Somalia Read more
Agribusiness Somali aims to be a leading supplier of business solutions, evidence and advice across all sectors of the economies of Horn of Africa region. Read more
Power OffGrid provides smart solar solutions and clean energy in Jowhar, Somalia for rural off-grid and hard-to-reach communities in the HirShabelle State of Somalia and the outskirts of Mogadishu where the electricity is expensive. Read more
Armo Group deals with business enterprises and provides the implementation capacity of contracting services which include cloud storage, web hosting, website design, mobile apps, software development, Flight & Hotel booking, online shopping and more. Read more
Danab is one of the leading suppliers of construction materials and space furnishing to large number of contractors in Somalia. Read more
Gulivery is an online platform that allows its users to order meals and groceries from restaurants and supermarkets. Gulivery provides third-party delivery services that let businesses focus on their services as it covers the delivery logistics Read more
Razaan is a fully fragrances, scent, cosmetics, and perfumes group of companies based in Somalia. Lelas and Dr. Scent Somalia are Razaan’s subsidiary Franchise Companies that focus on fragrances, perfumes, and cosmetics. Read more
Online electronics market place. It specializes in mainly selling Apple products Read more
Rikaab is a passenger service that helps urban mobility by connecting passengers and drivers at the touch of a button. The service is accessible through an app, which can be downloaded through the Playstore or the App Store, or even dial 7000. Rikaab has helped thousands of people simplify transportation from one destination to another. Read more
SomGrain is a manufacturing company. Their core business is adding value to locally produced grains through milling and processing. The company grinds corn kernels into sifted flour for human consumption. Read more
Kirosom is a company engaged in real estate sales and investment. The main headquarters are in Mogadishu. Read more
Hello Caafi is a telehealth service provider in Somalia that harnesses the power of technology to improve access to healthcare and connect patients to qualified Somali-speaking medical professionals remotely and on-demand. Hello Caafi's platform provides a full range of technology-driven health services Read more
Somali Agribusiness Group is an innovative agribusiness focused on the trade of various agricultural products in Somalia and internationally. The group was established in 2018 and is headquartered in Mogadishu (Somalia). Its goal is to connect local farmers to global markets and get better prices for their products. Read more
Digital Platform for Somali Residential/Land Business and Investment Opportunities Read more
Marina Beach Estate is a real estate development company with a large and balanced portfolio of residential, commercial and mixed-use properties. It is the focal point of a luxury, impressive residential property development and new landmark development for the mega project Marina City in Mogadishu. Read more
Startup success depends on using more SaaS tools than ever before. The average employee now uses a dozen tools at work. With all the features in mind, the tools are constantly changing and Kobciye Digital Marketing fill in the gaps. Read more
SOKAAB is a Somali based crowdfunding platform for organisations and individuals that aim to support communities and youth initiatives across the Somali regions. Read more
JikoBiogas was established in Jowhar, Somalia to bring alternative clean cooking energy to Somalia where charcoal is the primary cooking energy, which has become not only expensive but was also threatening the remaining forest of this semi-arid land. Read more
Dalbo Food is a standard registered home and office food delivery company. They cover a wide range of clients, including individual clients and corporate clients. Read more
Beder Electricity Company provides electricity service derived from wind energy and diesel generating production. Beder also provides a variety of services including renewalable energy infrastructures, heavy crane services and a fabrication workshop. Read more
Samawat Energy is a female-founded renewable energy company providing affordable, off-grid, solar home solutions to residents in Somalia through the use of a micro-leasing, rent-to-own system. Read more
OGOW is an electronic medical records (EMR) and practical management system designed specifically for hospitals and clinics in Somalia Read more
MOOS is an internet firm based in Mogadishu and London providing digital services and online solutions. Read more
The company Asal Solutions include software development, web solutions, voice and data communications and related Internet services, professional training, IT research, and online and printed technology-focused publications. Read more
Hdaweeye is a ride sharing app created for Hargeisa, Somaliland. Read more
Golis Energy, established in Hargeisa, and has been providing solar power to households and commercial entities for over 14 years. Golis Energy Co. has experience with clean energy project design and installation and serves thousands of communities in Somali regions Read more
Suubbis is a full-service digital agency offering innovative solutions to small, mid to large sized companies. Read more
Astaan TV is cable TV systems operator with terrestrial digital television. It provides one-stop solution to customer's TV needs. Read more
Security Outlook Solutions provides high-quality security services, as well as providing Cybersecurity and IT solutions when needed. Read more
Deero Advert is an advertising company that provides a wide variety of one-stop digital creative services in Somalia including web hosting services. Read more
Galayr Consultancy implements research projects using the latest methodologies and technologies. GCC has expertise in conducting qualitative, quantitative and mixed research. Read more
Banking supporting community SMES especially women Entrepreneurship in Somalia. Read more
Dualeh Food leveraged a matching grant from the Somali AgriFood Fund and the matching to install a greenhouse, integrate drip irrigation, and buy a truck to transport products to market in Somaliland. Read more
SoPay is an all-in-one mobile money solution which is a fast, simple, convenient, secure and affordable way of transferring money, making payments and doing other transactions using a mobile phone. Read more
Strenthening Somali Governance (SSG), a USAID funded program, developed a web-based bill tracking database for the federal Parliament, which serves as a tool for government and citizens to track the progression of legislation from drafting through approval. Read more
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