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Tradesparq is meets LinkedIn. Tradesparq uses “social verification” to help global B2B buyers find and verify foreign suppliers more effectively in three unique ways: Supplier Discovery * Your network allows you to filter search results so that those you know go to the top of the search results. When you have thousands of manufacturers for just one product category, this saves you time. * Once you connect with suppliers, you get real time updates. Supplier Verification * You can verify through your network. If Bob can vouch for Tim, and you trust Bob, you just found yourself a supplier! * Search US shipment history -- If they shipped to the US, they are probably legit! Collaborative Tools * Share trade partner ratings and supplier assessments with others in your team - confidentially! Cool Stuff We've Accomplished * 3rd largest B2B marketplace in the world; 2nd by end 2014. 200K suppliers, 2M products * 11M USA shipment records * Proven "freemium" revenue model
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