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SBOING navigation software (sbNavi(tm)), is a full-featured GPS navigation app with maps for the entire world (OSM based). However, SBOING is not only a GPS navigation app. It is a crowdsourcing network, in which users contribute their travel data (NAVIPEDIA). We collect them and, based on historical travel data, we offer them the ability to do better routing and have faster map updates. In summary, the SBOING navigator has the following advantages over others: - Free maps for the entire world (OSM-based) - Fast map updates (every day) - Map updates through crowdsourcing - More accurate routing, based on crowdsourced historical data - Very fast navigation - Full 3D view of the map - Novel functionality (e.g. user macros, 2-click functionality, special searching, etc.) - Route simulation - Route recording and replay (on the device or in Google Earth) - Great dashboard - Crowdsourcing community - Digital virtual currency - ..and more!
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