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Provide a digital platform on smart phones to facilitate e-commerce . Read more
Jahez is a food delivery platform that unites stakeholders from restaurants, logistic fleet, meal orders into the Jahez Mobile Application. Read more
Foodics is an all-in-one restaurant management system for iPads that is designed to increase revenues and help track business activities. Read more
Faheem connects students to tutors to help students during high exam seasons Read more
Zid is an e-commerce in a box - solution that any retailer can use to start their eRetail. Read more
Tamara provides a Buy Now Pay Later solution for customers to pay with no fees with the ability to pay in 30 days or in 3 instalments. Read more
Noon Academy is a learning platform enabling students to engage and collaborate with teachers and fellow students through study groups. Read more
Saee is Jeddah-based last-mile delivery startup. Read more
ClickPost is best-suited for medium and large businesses that generate high order volumes. It is one of Saudi Arabia's finest end-to-end logistics solutions providers.  Read more
Sabbar is a niche on-demand staffing platform for gig workers in the retail, hospitality, and entertainment industries in MENA. Read more
Averos provides advanced and innovative location-based and RTLS (Real-Time Location System) technological solutions Read more
LumiLor is a unique spray-on electroluminescent (EL) coating system, developed and patented by Darkside, that provides the ability to apply an EL coating to almost any product. LumiLor differentiates itself from other EL technologies in the market by its ability to be applied to complex 3D topographies and directly to any surface, and it essentially becomes part of the paint coating. The applied thickness of LumiLor is approximately .005". Read more
Rewaa is an omnichannel inventory management system and a POS that integrate with marketplaces, shopping carts, and other retail services. Read more
Forus is a lending platform that enables investors to invest in a marketplace of alternative loans targeted towards SME's Read more
Lean builds developer-friendly APIs, which provide Fintechs with access to customer Financial data and payment initiation capabilities. Read more
NOTA NOTA is introducing a perfume design platform uses NOTA NOTA “Smart, Personal, perfume mixing machine.” Read more
GetMuv is a most popular sports application in the Kingdom. Read more
Lucidya is an Arabic focused social media listening tool that empowers businesses to understand their customers by revealing key consumers insights in real time Read more
Salasa isa logistics company that offers commerce fulfillment service in the Middle East. Read more is a Saudi Arabia's leading digital health service Read more
Haseel is a fresh fruits and vegetables ecommerce platform . Read more
UTURN is a leading online Arabic entertainment network. They produce premium Arabic videos with the aim to promote Arabic content. Read more
Ynmo is the first Arabic/English digital solution that aims to improve the quality of care and educational services for individuals with disabilities Read more
Mobile App that provides Digital & Wellnes Soultions Read more
Bridge LCS is a cloud-based SAAS freight forwarding & logistics software. Automate all operations related to freight forwarding, logistics, customs clearance, warehousing, road transportation, sea freight, and air freight. Read more
Quant Data & Analytics is a tech start-up specializing in data science and providing data analysis and artificial intelligence services. Read more
Morni is a mobile application that provides road-side assistance for stranded vehicles. They use a user’s GPS to deliver assistance including car towing battery service and replacement, tire changes, and fuel delivery. Read more
Zumrod Health and online shopping destination in the Middle East Read more
Nearpay is a FinTech company providing payment acceptance solutions Read more
MENA’s largest telehealth empowering consumers to consult doctors by real-time instant messaging & live video calls from mobile phones Read more
Azha is a middle eastern brand that makes jewlery highlighting the distinct parts of Arabic culture and spirituality. Read more
Glamera, is the first mobile application, to book an appointment for health and beauty services, from more than 50 places in MENA. Read more
Swyft is an on-demand mobile delivery app. Read more
Lendo is a fintech company that offers a peer-to-peer lending platform with core focus towards SMEs debt finance. Read more
Kaffeen mobile application is the first mobile application in Saudi Arabia that is specialized in online coffee ordering. Read more
Platforms for Computer Vision and High Performance Computing Read more
Iyris is creating the glass technology. Read more
Thobi is an online retailer of traditional Saudi clothes. Read more
Trteeb is a custom tailor clothing marketplace for Arab traditional thobes connecting users to tailors. Read more
Ri7laty is an online platform that connects schools with school trips destinations. Read more
An innovative crowdsourcing solution for outdoor advertisements through connecting advertisers with car owners to wrap their cars with ads Read more
DailyMealz is a healthy food subscription app, delivers fresh, healthy, and tasty meals. Read more
Saydl is a mobile application that gives you the convenience of shopping for your pharmaceutical needs and delivering them to your doorstep Read more
Oaises creates laser-based energy efficient lighting systems. Read more
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