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RightSignature is the simplest, most efficient way to get your documents signed. RightSignature enables you to close more deals in less time, reduce paper and ink expenses, avoid fax hassles, cut cycle time from weeks to hours, and impress your customers. Read more
ProductPlan is the easiest way to plan, visualize, and share your product roadmap. - Quickly plan and share beautiful roadmaps - Prioritize the best features - Visualize your strategy for more impact - Create better company alignment and focus Join thousands of product managers and marketing managers using ProductPlan to communicate more effectively than ever. Read more
Feedcamp is a web based collaboration platform that consolidates multiple tools in one place under a freemium model. It has 300K users and is consistently rated as best in category. Enterprise productivity is ripe for disruption with mostly isolated products and no low cost comprehensive offering. Freedcamp started as a side project to solve real problems we were encountering. With no marketing, the product's utility has caused a groundswell of adoption that we now intend to capitalize on via an equity investment We are currently raising a 1M seed round to expand engineering and ramp up user acquisition.  Read more
WELL is the modern communication platform for healthcare – one interface for all the interactions between staff and patients. Read more
Night Out makes it easy to create and discover nightlife! We work with businesses like venues, event organizers and advertisers to present places, special offers, events, happy hours and ads on our proprietary platform. Nightlife seeking consumers actively pursue this content through our website, iPhone/Android apps and mobile website. We primarily earn revenue from a fee on each event ticket sold, a commission on each offer sold and targeted advertising placements. We are increasing our revenues, user base, and market share by aggressively selling & marketing our automated event ticketing, promotion and management platform to clients across the U.S.  Read more
Shine delivers seamless comfort and wellbeing to consumers with connected bathroom products Read more
TrackR, an app & coin sized device, makes it easier than ever to stay organized, eliminating the panicked hunt for your keys or wallet. TrackR easily attaches to your keys or can stick to remotes or other commonly misplaced items and the corresponding TrackR app keeps track of where the item is so you can easily locate it. One of the hallmark innovations of TrackR is the Crowd Source GPS tracking. Unlike regular GPS devices, TrackR uses a new form of GPS technology called Crowd GPS. When an item goes missing with a TrackR device attached, all TrackR enabled phones will begin to search for the item. If another user comes nearby the item, that user's phone will ping our server which will then update the item's owner with the new GPS coordinates. We currently have the largest crowd based GPS network and as we continue to build our network, the updates will become more & more real time.  Read more
ShipHawk is innovating the eCommerce sector by automating distribution processes through technology. No matter how big, how many, or how diverse the items to be shipped, ShipHawk’s unique platform offers instant price comparisons, optimal delivery options, and intelligent packaging solutions that minimize costs and improve sales. By aggregating transportation and logistics data from all types of shipping carriers into a single platform that includes a comprehensive user-interface and API, ShipHawk arms retailers with the transparency needed to create the ultimate buyer experience and turn shipping into a competitive advantage. Read more
RingRx solves a real world problem that doctors face every day. Every time they pick up a phone and every time a patient tries to contact them. RingRx offers a suite of voice and other contact applications in a simple web interface as a SaaS.Our applications make it easier for doctors to manage patient contact so they can focus on more important things, like running their practice.  Read more
cielo24 delivers searchable captions as an on demand web service for large media partners in the online education, enterprise, and entertainment markets. we have provided searchable meta data for 10K's of videos for market leaders like coursera, and more than 100 organizations. our scalable media refinery creates high quality, searchable meta data from unstructured media including indexes, transcripts, captions and subtitles. our hybrid platform leverages automation and large public and private crowds for 99%+ accuracy. our focus is professional internet media delivering content accessibility and ROI by extending reach, content discovery and ADA compliance. Read more
GroupGets enables crowdfunding for existing products and services that are hard to individually afford or manage due to high minimum order quantities. It achieves this by providing an open platform for users to initiate and manage product crowdfunding campaigns. GroupGets handles fund collection, target acquisition, and distribution. The classic use case is high-end electronic components but there are many more. "GroupGets" are not limited to physical goods either, micro-ownership of virtual goods and services are welcomed.  Read more
HG Data has invented disruptive semantic processing technology to produce valuable B2B business intelligence. This technology has been used to map the relationships between millions of businesses: Who sells to whom. Who buys what. Who resells. Who partners. HG has mapped millions of B2B relationships for thousands of enterprise technology companies. While LinkedIn maps the relationships between people in business, HG Data maps the underlying relationships between the businesses themselves. Read more
S.M.A.R.T (Sensory Motor Activity Reaction Training) delivers multisensory game systems designed to enhance fitness, motor coordination, reaction skills, neuroplasticity, and team building with the emphasis on FUN. This is accomplished with targets based games that measure and motivate skill specific play with computer generated games that are highly engaging. Until now we have been providing turnkey commercial grade group exercise systems to fitness and recreation facilities, k-12 schools, military bases, medical wellness facilities and hospitals. In response to our customers, we have re-engineered our technology to fit mainstream markets. Instead of a system in each facility, we are now able to offer a system for each teacher/practitioner and in every classroom/therapy room. Our new portable product lines are priced for service providers of early child development, senior health, physical and occupational therapy, sports performance and personal training.  Read more
Birdeez is a mobile phone app that helps the 48 million US bird watchers identify, collect and share their bird sightings. Read more
Cloud native application development Read more
NextMover connects you with a local truck owner in your community the next time you need to move. Our free marketplace makes it easy to find and hire the right guy for the job, and for a great price! Check it out at! Read more
Event Staff App makes staffing any event an easy task. We have built a Web-based application that helps event companies, such as caterers, easily schedule and communicate with their staff about when employees are needed for work. Our software automates a lot of the tedious effort that is normally required to staff events. We also provide tools that support event companies with their staff hiring process. These include an online job board to post openings, functionality to share postings on social networks, and employee candidate referral tracking. Read more
Cocoon and Cocoon-licensed technology (upcoming IceBrowser) is a consumer cloud service that makes all your online devices private, secure and virus-free. Cocoon filters your Internet browsing through your own private, encrypted online cloud, Cocoon touches the web, so nothing on the web can touch you. Cocoon even makes open WiFi access points secure. Cocoon merges security and privacy solutions across devices. Cocoon comes in both a free and subscription-based model, the former of which is supported by our rebates-based affiliate shopping network, Cocoon Shopping. We are currently licensing a subscription-based service aimed at US web users. The service will be powered by Cocoon and include storage of all browsing data in foreign countries such as Iceland.  Read more
Learning Explorer’s is helping to make teachers’ lives easier by saving them time delivering quality online curriculum resources. Read more
Coull's flagship product called Vidlinkr brings publishers a new way to monetize embedded video content. Its not preroll. It's an elegant, non interruptive ad unit contextually targeted, that fetches premium CPM's. Because it's in-video, it doesn't disrupt other advertising. For advertisers, the Vidlink is a highly engaging and 100% viewable native ad. Vidlinks are targeted contextually and by audience, device and geography.  Read more
MoreSolar is a clean energy company that utilizes wind power as a novel method for cleaning solar panels. Read more
Air Centurion Insurance Services Providing the aviation industry with insurance products. Read more
American space-based datasets for your defense, intelligence and analytics solutions. Read more
Cloud-based image analysis software for health, life and earth sciences. Read more
We make a 3D virtual world for online education: personal, playful, and powerful. Read more
Healthcare Patient Payments Technology | Integrated and Secure FinTech Read more
For nearly two decades Michael Calcagno and Nancy Hamilton have been top selling real estate agents in Santa Barbara, California. Not only does the team represent distinctive local properties, but they also are among a handful of Santa Barbara realtors representing the finest Hope Ranch and Montecito real estate. Read more
Dude I Need A Truck mobile app will help you move your world with the help of a dude and a truck-. You buy a couch on craigslist but you have no way of picking it up. You're a student trying to move your bed and dresser but you don't have a way to do it. You are working on your home but have a back problem and don't want to go to home depot to haul soil and material back to your house. What do you do? You jump on the dudeineedatruck mobile app and it connects you with a dude and truck in your community to help. It ends up saving you time, your back pain, and the stress of having to figure it all out. It's user friendly, local, and gives back into your community.  Read more
Stamp lets you charge any mobile device using just heat. Stamp is the first product in this space to be flexible in the heat source used, as well as the first to be completely hands-off during operation. Put Stamp near a suitable heat source and watch as it charges the on-board batteries to keep your adventures charged up throughout the day. Stamp puts out the same amount of power as a USB port and lets you charge any device with a USB cable. Check out our development blog at Read more is a recipe search engine that has a massive collection of recipes. From international cuisines to quick and easy meal ideas. is where you can find what you're craving. Read more
Snapwire is a platform where talented mobile photographers shoot custom images for people around the world. Simply post an image request, and top mobile photographers respond by competing creatively to submit their best photos. Buyers get unique images that match their vision, and the winning photographers get paid.  Read more
Sprout Up provides free, youth-led environmental education programs to 1st and 2nd grade classrooms in public schools throughout California. Our college student-instructors teach children vital concepts in environmental science and sustainability during the earliest stages of their educational development, cultivating the next generation of passionate caretakers of the earth. Through activities, experiments, and discussions, we get kids thinking in new ways about the world that surrounds them, inspiring them to bring the message of environmental stewardship home to their families and friends. In this way, we strive to promote sustainability throughout our many communities, from the youngest members of society up.  Read more
Get In My Band seeks to be the premiere platform for connecting musicians with other musicians.  Read more
The value of a developed website is more than just the domain name itself. Traffic and revenue are significant components to the value and resale price of a web property. Appraiso is a fully automated tool that estimates website value based on real metrics using a dynamic algorithm that continues to learn over time. Appraiso won’t necessarily give you the same valuation six months from now. It learns from the market and prices accordingly to provide you with the most accurate estimates possible. Read more
MeinMoto Automotive is an easy-to-use, comprehensive online vehicle maintenance management application for your home, business or corporate fleet needs. Management Tools: Invoice: Enter and manage multiple and single line items invoices as needed. Vendor: Keep track of their contact information and past work performed on your vehicle. Mileage: Keep track of your mileage and trips taken in your vehicle. Journal: Keep a running journal for your vehicle on vendor service history Library: Use your online library to keep article and vendor links Account: Add and subtract as needed managers to your account based on the plan and pricing. Report: With your Individual (free) account, you can run basic reports on your vehicle use  Read more
Nims Media is a full-service boutique creative studio specializing in interactive design and development, internet marketing, and brand identity. We thrive in finding simple solutions to complex problems, capturing images and telling compelling stories. Read more
We brew the best-tasting Kombucha, and plan to make our health-tonic affordable and available outside the bottle!  Read more
Opus Logica, Inc. is a venture technology company that creates, designs, prototypes, and implements innovative products for companies we partner with. An eclectic group of technology, design, and sciences professionals, Opus centers their focus around start-up companies, or new product innovation in established organizations. Products and services that we have created range from industrial machines for refilling inkjet cartridges, to sports applications for smartphones, from automotive diagnostic tools, to complete managed private cloud solutions.  Read more
GoDoMap helps you find things to do near you. We consolidate concert, movies, theater, happy hours and other events and organize them so you can quickly decide what you want to do tonight and make plans with friends. Our goal is to answer the question: "What can we do tonight?" In our testing, we see demand and are focused on improving our product to increase engagement and retention. So far, the most successful non-paid traffic generator has been tweets about events with the handle of the venue/performer/event included. We launched on August 29th (Don's Birthday present to himself) and continue to improve data gathering and search result positioning. Right now anyone can add an event to GoDoMap. We believe that adding events should be as simple as possible. Read more
Riptide IO makes it easier for large businesses to manage their growing footprint of smart equipment. Our solution BrightWorks lets enterprises easily manage all their smart equipment in their buildings or stores in a consolidated cloud-based management platform. BrightWorks interacts with multi-vendor equipment and gives an end-to-end view of all their equipment across the enterprise. BrightWorks gives customers power to identify problems and resolve them with minimal cost and disruption. BrightWorks is a fundamental building block for visibility and control. And, handles all the data and integration requirements for advanced analytics.  Read more
"Sweet Spot Productions uses digital technology to make quality movies for 5 to 10% of what it cost the studios, for the exact same image quality." Read more
I.P. algorithms help administrators better pair teachers with students and help teachers create more engaging lessons, more compatible breakout groups, and better assist struggling students based on the unique personality types, multiple intelligence preferences and predominant cognitive styles of their current students. Read more
Picdish enables people to discover and share food experiences in real-time visual streams. Users snap photos to capture complete story and Picdish automatically groups and shares them based on time, location, nearby friends and context. For the first time it is possible to connect to people based on interest and through them discover home cooking, shopping at farmers market and maintaining a lifestyle. It is changing the way we think about food by connecting us to the people and story behind it. Read more
The “Zuujit Social Marketplace” gives users the ability to price, buy, sell, share, and ship items using any web-enabled device. Zuujit merges the power of social networking with the advantages of e-Commerce. What sets Zuujit apart from competitors is its simplicity and transparent business model. Unlike eBay and Amazon, Zuujit doesn’t charge discouraging fees, or annoy its users with advertisements. Zuujit’s revenue is generated through its simplified payment processing and shipping systems. Read more
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