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Gofundme is a fundraising platform for causes and people varied. Read more
StockTwits is a financial communications platform for the financial and investing community. We provide real-time streams of insights, ideas and information that are used by investors, analysts, media and others as they research stocks and manage their investments. More than 300,000+ investors, market professionals and public companies share information and ideas about the markets and stocks using StockTwits. The content is viewed by an audience of over 40 million across the financial web.  Read more
MintVine community members earn cash and other prizes for completing online surveys and filling out offers for popular products and services, and have a little fun in the process. Our members participate in private market research studies for the largest companies in the world. Join the MintVine community today! Read more
ScoreStream is a communication platform that allows fans to share information around sporting events with their family and friends. ScoreStream will include an IOS application, an Android Application and a website. Read more
TakeLessons is the trusted online marketplace for finding the best private instructors. At students can follow their dreams and fuel personal growth by connecting with the perfect instructor in areas ranging from music, dance and acting to foreign languages, math and photography. Instructors rely on TakeLessons to simplify marketing and manage their business with integrated scheduling, billing, payment, and communication tools that work seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices.  Read more
Shop Boss Pro is a cutting-edge, 100% Cloud-based application for Automotive Repair Shop Management. We offer features not available in traditional desktop software including photos of repair work viewable by customers, Appointment integration on shops own website and more. With our monthly subscription model, our product is easy to purchase and use and offers one of the lowest Total Cost of Ownership's in the entire industry Read more
An online photo community that awards and shares photography through contests. Our community has been used by Foodspotting, NYIP, Greenpeace, Pic-Collage, Photofocus, Intuit among others. Read more
Intelligence Driven Marketing Automation - Track, Personalize, and Automate Your Customer Journey Communications Read more
Mercato is an online grocery marketplace that connects consumers with local merchants. Read more
Toodledo is the most powerful and customizable online to-do list. With Toodledo you can keep it simple, or you can track up to 15 different attributes for each task. You can sync your data to our iOS app, or use one of over fifty 3rd party apps that sync with Toodledo on every major platform. You can import your existing data into Toodledo and take it with you when you leave (no lock-in). Toodledo is free, but charges for premium features. Read more
Find Me Gluten Free connects consumers with gluten free friendly restaurants and businesses.  Read more
Aisle Planner has modernized the wedding planning process by creating a singular solution for brides to find their inspiration, connect & collaborate with vendors, manage and plan their dream wedding. We take the stress, anxiety and frustration out of planning by centralizing all the pieces of the planning process in one location, connecting them through conversation, granular collaboration and an intuitive cloud based planning software. We want to make planning personal, enjoyable, intuitive, centralized and accessible.  Read more
Raken is a mobile, cloud-based app that allows users to complete daily construction work flows directly from their device in the field. Read more
Lawmatics is a full funnel CRM, client intake and marketing automation software designed for the modern law firm. Read more is a creative platform and marketplace that bridges the gap between consumers looking for easy and inexpensive ways to create and design visuals online and designers who can aide in meeting this mass market need by providing Vhemes (visual themes) as the starting point to this creative process. Create and customize anything from infographics and presentation to prints and wedding invitations. Never has it been so easy to design online. Click, customize, share… Read more
Loveseat is a mobile marketplace for hard-to-find furniture with a focus on unique, vintage items. Read more
Doctible enables consumers to price shop health care by providing provider charge rates and fair prices by region. Consumers can negotiate with providers using our platform to get the best quality care at the most affordable price.  Read more
We are bringing a tech-centric approach to the lawn care and landscape industry. We're doing this with a combination of great marketing and great systems that allow us to operate more efficiently and deliver a much better experience to our customers. Read more helps travelers search, compare, and book a number of airport transportation alternatives. We offer airport shuttles and car service in over 60+ airport across the country. We pride ourselves in providing the most affordable and highest rated airport transportation services.  Read more
BUMP Network offers powerful, easy-to-use software for managing any organization’s membership from sign up to redemption. BUMP Network integrates seamlessly into any existing website, offering a platform that allows a business or organization to generate and enhance revenue from its members through additional benefits offerings and data management. BUMP Network also maintains its own membership platform for the 250 mil registered vehicles called Read more
Original Grain is the premier maker of all-natural wood and stainless steel watches. Read more
EarlyIQ - Driving Trust Through Transparency - Marketplace Integrity in Financial and Social Markets through our Verification Platform. Read more
Nimble Software Systems, LLC, with headquarters in Carlsbad, CA, is a developer of cloud based workforce management software. Its flagship platform, XIMBLE.COM, is an online time and attendance software service for small and medium sized businesses. was launched in 2016, and services a wide variety of industry's from restaurants and retail franchises, to large universities, corporations and government agencies. Read more
Property managers and owners can list their rental property once with RentLinx and we'll advertise it on dozens of the most popular sites on the Internet. Renters will find your accurate, up-to-date listing wherever they happen to search. Property managers can track who emailed or called, which website they found the listing on and which property they're inquiring about it. All phone calls and emails go straight to their phone and email, with detailed logs and stats available in their RentLinx account. In 2013, RentLinx had over 23,000 property managers and owners log in and list over 290,000 different rental properties representing nearly 9 million rental units in the US. During that time, the RentLinx network generated over 1.7 million emails from renters for those properties and an estimated 3.4 million phone calls. Read more
A new platform where any writer, any reader, and any story is welcome. Coming soon. Read more
KaiOS Technologies powers an emerging global ecosystem of affordable digital products and services. Read more
Home Bay provides a solution that makes it easy for homeowners to market, sell, and buy a property without the use of a traditional agent. Read more
SOCI tells businesses what to say and when to say it to increase their social IQ and ROI. We crawl, score and rank the social web to recommend the top posts to businesses big and small… (think Hootsuite, but instead of an empty calendar, you get it full with top performing posts relevant to your business). Coupled with our own proprietary template-based campaign and page creator, message scheduler, conversation tracker and analytics reporter... SOCI will be the ultimate efficiency and Intelligence platform in social media management.  Read more
DiversyFund’s vision is simple: democratize alternative asset investing by breaking down traditional barriers to entry. Read more
Wrapify is the easiest way to make money on the road short of finding it in the street. A disruptive, crowdsourced advertising platform connecting drivers and brands to create powerful on-vehicle advertising, Wrapify’s quality controlled platform is a mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationship between empowered car owners and leading edge marketers. Through its proprietary mobile application and technology, Wrapify gives drivers an easy source of extra income, plus the power to choose the marketer and their car’s “look”: full, partial or panel advertising. Brands receive the security of control and benefit of trackable results. Advertisers and drivers share access to powerful tracking, analytics and reporting, which chronicle campaigns, pushes notifications, gathers insights, offers scalability, and promotes and accepts bonus offers. Read more
A pattern-based, technology-enabled approach to test preparation. Read more
Founded in 2006, Mtell is a privately held company providing software solutions for managing the health of industrial equipment. Making machines smart, Mtell plays an important role in developing the Industrial Internet. In addition to reducing risk to people safety, and the environment, Mtell is a significant contributor to equipment performance and profitability. Solutions are deployed globally in the oil and gas, mining, pharmaceutical, and wastewater industries. See more at: Read more
Energy decisions by individuals and businesses have critical financial and environmental consequences, yet information to make sound energy decisions is not readily available to most small end-users. The company was thus born of frustration with the founder's inability to compare retail electricity offers and the difficulty making sound appliance purchasing decisions. ClearlyEnergy, Inc. seeks to fill this informational gap through its energy savvy appliance and retail energy search engines, with the goal of creating an integrated energy marketplace. Read more
Gallant Pet is a pet service company that develops a stem cell therapy intended for dog wounds. Read more
Verse helps businesses engage, qualify and nurture their prospects through authentic conversations powered by real people and powerful tech. Read more
Kandji is a next-generation Apple device management platform for macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS. Read more
1. Liberate the data Empower those who maintain it. Become the system of record for maintaining & publishing property data. 2. Provide ubiquitous access Publish everywhere you need the information to be. Web, iPad, Mobile, Print, Tours, Tradeshows, 3rd party CIE/MLS, etc. published from one place. 3. Eliminate inefficiency Provide automation, empowering digital formats & tools, eliminate redundancy & duplication. Progressive use of technology rather than regurgitation of decades old paper formats. 4. Make connections Foster relationships & information flow between deal members. Put The Old Boys Network online. 5. Empower users Replace static presentations and marketing with on-demand access to information. "I'll get back to you." -> "Let's see." Read more
Communifire lets you create a social network and collaboration space for people to work together, inside and outside your business. Social networking, collaboration, and community software in an integrated solution. Target customers are SMB's and Enterprises. Read more
Painless voting for schools. Users set up ballots for student elections, yearbook standouts, homecoming king, pep rallies, etc. Students vote online or via SMS. Read more
Go Skate Web Site developed to attract an upscale motivated parental and youth demographic that wants to participate in the lifestyle and skilled regiment of skate boarding. generates thousand of hits on it web site daily that convert into requests for it primary product/service that of skate board lessons through their network of certified instructors spread all over North America, the UK and Ireland. Cost is $120 to $1,000 for lesson plans. Read more
The ElliptiGO is a high-performance fitness device that combines the excitement of cycling with the cardiovascular intensity of running outside. Developed by Ironman triathletes, the ElliptiGO emulates the experience of running outdoors without the associated impact. The ElliptiGO provides a unique way for current runners, former runners, cross-training athletes, and fitness enthusiasts to enjoy the benefits of running without exposing themselves to running-related injuries. Read more
Green Kid Crafts is an online, eco-friendly, craft and activity, mail-order subscription toy company that processed over 10,000 orders in 2012, is growing at 20% a month, and is targeted to reach over 600K in revenue in 2013 with no funding to date. This woman-owned company sparks kids’ creativity and cultivates respect and love for the environment while offering kids an engaging way to explore, create, and learn. Read more
Analyze any investment property in seconds and find the best real estate deals on your computer, phone or tablet. Read more
Grolltex for 'graphene-rolling-technologies' is an early stage company with breakthrough technology in the field of CVD graphene production Read more
The Crafter's Box provides curated materials, specialty tools, and digital workshops for artists to create handmade pieces of art. Read more
The Foundation for Tailored Customer Experiences Read more
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