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Lucidchart is an HTML5 web app for creating diagrams such as flowcharts, wireframes, mockups and more. It also shows that web applications today can be better in every way than native installed software, combining fast and smooth rendering in the browser with accessibility from anywhere on any device and real-time collaboration. Lucidchart's technology can also be applied to many other kinds of web-based graphical applications. Read more
HireVue is improving the way the World works by innovation how people interview and interact. The company is venture funded by Investor Growth Capital, Granite Ventures and Peterson Ventures and on a high growth trajectory. The customer list is extensive with a roster of names such as Nike, Walmart, Starbucks, Dow Jones, Hasbro, and Ocean Spray just to name a few. Read more
redditgifts was created independently by members of the community in 2009 as a platform to operate a secret santa for In 2011 we were acquired by reddit. Since 2009 we have grown to operate hundreds of online gift exchanges in more than 165 countries with multiple Guinness World Records under our belt. In 2012 redditgifts began operating an online marketplace to provide the definitive online resource for gift giving. We operate from Salt Lake City and intend to spread happiness around the world. Read more
MasteryConnect is changing the focus in education from end-of-year assessments to real-time information about what students are learning relative to standards. The MasteryConnect platform provides the tools to truly implement mastery learning in the classroom, and save time in the process. In addition to time-saving assessment tools through a browser or mobile device, MasteryConnect allows teachers to connect in a social space around assessments tied to both state and Common Core standards. MasteryConnect's Common Core App is THE most downloaded app for the Common Core and provides a resource for parents and educators alike.  Read more
Finicity combines a freemium suite of iOS, Android, & cloud-based Envelope Budgeting tools at with the Money 4 Life™ Budget Coaching Program to help families live within their means, eliminate debt, and lay the groundwork for a rich and fulfilling retirement. Read more
NO HOLES. NO FLAP. NO BULK. The Grip6 Belt is a minimalist belt with a clean, symmetric design. It has no holes and no belt flap. The buckle is extremely flat and low profile. It’s made from a solid piece of aluminum and ultra durable military webbing. The rugged belt strap is made from two layers of military webbing and boasts a breaking strength of 3600 pounds. The high performance material comes in a tight, supple weave giving it a high-quality look and feel, making it perfect for business casual to outdoor adventure. It’s exceptionally comfortable, and easily interchangeable. Read more
Cranium Cafes software enhances college's internal communication. The Cafe is cloud-base and is specifically built for students to initiate face-to-face meetings with other students, their professors, academic advisors, and tutors within their school's learning management system. The Cafe helps bridge the communication barrier which leaves most online students feeling isolated and disconnected from others within their school. The Cafe and gives back students the college experience they are missing. Read more
Taft is a direct-to-consumer, digitally-native footwear brand focused on delivering unique products and exceptional customer service. Read more
Blerp makes it easy to discover, create and share short audio content to your messaging apps, live streams and voice assistants. Read more
TaskEasy™ brings online convenience to home and yard maintenance. We create a simple process for property owners to order services, we build digital tools to improve contractors' efficiency, and we equip the budding entrepreneur to build their own businesses. We empower our customers to build stronger communities, fuel the local economy, and focus on what’s important in their lives. We're doing what Uber is doing for car service, Opentable is doing for restaurants, and AirBnB is doing for room booking for the home maintenance industry.  Read more
SpinGo provides over 850 media and travel companies with event content and a delivery platform (embeddable calendar, widgets, mobile web app). We also provide local and national event organizers promotion options across our network of media and travel websites. Additionally, we provide the most accurate event content to end users looking for ways to engage in their local communities. Read more
CitySpark has developed the most effective, hyper-local event parsing and aggregation technology on the market, generating many times the quantity of events available from the nearest competitors, at a fraction of the cost. This proprietary event content is then populated into a powerful responsive calendar platform, paired with industry leading monetization tools, and white-labeled and sold primarily to media partner sites (TV, radio, newspapers, etc) on a subscription basis.  Read more
Dorai Home is designes home products that help prevent bacteria and remove moisture with rapidly drying Diomat material. Read more
Co-diagnostics provides robust and innovative molecular tools for medical and agricultural applications Read more
Decheque connects private investment funds to financial advisors. Read more
An Academic Communication System that enables students to get immediate face-to-face help. Read more
SaaS, Customer Experience, Feedback, Online Review, Reputation Management, Software, Read more
We empower small to medium sized businesses to be more profitable with our event registration and ticketing platform for WordPress. We have thousands of happy customers: Read more
CityGro is the mobile kiosk platform for businesses. Each and everyday businesses are designing their own kiosk experience personalized for their businesses using the CityGro platform. The abundance of consumer data allows us to setup automated and personalized marketing campaigns using both Email and SMS Marketing. CityGro empowers SMB's to run virtually the same mobile marketing campaigns as major brands. We are leveling the playing field. Read more was founded in 2015 and is an online dating website for single members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. already has over ninety thousand members and has helped 1000s of LDS singles foster personal relationships. Online dating has many advantages, which include privacy, it also gives singles the opportunity to quickly meet lots of likeminded LDS singles. Most LDS online dating sites are owned by large listed companies. offers a unique online dating experience in that it is fully owned and managed by fellow Latter-day saints. We have installed fraud detection technology, which detects the actual location of a visitor. But first and foremost, because all profiles are checked manually by fellow latter-day Saints, we can spot a fake from a mile away. Read more
Cinch is a better loyalty program. Consumers don't have to download an app and they don't need to carry a card. All they need is their phone number. This simplicity leads to much higher participation rates, and much happier consumers. Brick-and-mortar businesses love Cinch because they can use our tools to acquire new customers, make their existing customers happy, and make more money. These tools aren't new (loyalty, analytics, survey, customer demographics, targeted marketing) we have just figured out how to deliver them in a way that brick-and-mortar businesses, and their customers, absolutely love. One of our beta customers says it best: The Cinch customer loyalty program has been a hit with our customers because of its simplicity–no cards to hang onto and loyalty redemption is really easy. It's a win with our marketing team because of the robust data we get and the ability to turn that data into revenue–we can push a button and make the cash register ring.  Read more
Colonial Stock Transfer Company, Inc. is a stock transfer agent headquartered in the historical stock exchange district in Salt Lake City. For more information, visit us online! Read more
Mission: To provide cheap & easy outsourcing for entrepreneurs! TaskBullet is a labor outsourcing solution for entrepreneurs. Outsource your tasks to a USA-based company as low as $3.49 per hour. Work on your business- not in it. Read more
NCIT was founded in 2014 to provide technology to facilitate the offering, transaction, and settlement of exempt offerings. Read more
Nozzle is a digital marketing platform that helps businesses automate marketing data collection / reporting and provide intelligent recommendations, We are initially focusing on helping marketing agencies give better service to more customers with fewer people. We're not the first to dream of an integrated marketing platform, but nobody has achieved that goal yet. The rapid change of both search and social landscapes make it difficult for the full marketing software incumbents to pivot to face new realities. Similarly, other competitors were built either as niche SEO or social platforms and are finding it hard to adapt. Nozzle at its core was architected to fit the evolving needs of digital marketers, especially those working in demanding environments at marketing agencies. Individual teams manage dozens of campaigns simultaneously, so they need tools to automate reporting and take tedious time consuming tasks out of their hands, leaving them free to focus on adding strategic value. Read more
The purpose of BoomStartup is to help great tech ideas find an optimal business model, create a minimal viable product that is revenue-ready, execute into revenue generation, and then make connections to customers and investors. Read more
Braintrace is a privately held, boutique, sole source cybersecurity provider. Read more
A robust utility app on iOS platform that interface with peripherals such as printer, scanner, readers and handle business transaction, with cloud based SAAS to open up the possibility for extension. It has built in a robust software architecture that can withstand network or server outage and consume the least cloud resource per user, as well as an efficient security solution that makes it significantly easy to safeguard business data. Read more
CrowdEngine is a technology solution for putting together your own funding or donation website. Read more
Tava Health aims to improve emotional health through frictionless, technology-enabled care. Read more
At Fogo, we are modernizing point-to-point, wireless communication for outdoor enthusiasts and businesses. Walkie-talkies haven't seem much innovation over the last 30 years. We are changing that. Our first product, the Fogo, is a digital swiss-army knife. The Fogo provides hikers, hunters and campers with a simple way to plan their adventure, navigate, communicate with other hikers, and avoid getting lost. Fogo was a finalist in the TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield and a runner up for Engadget's best of show at CES. We successfully fulfilled our Kickstarter campaign in the winter of 2017, are currently shipping product to customers worldwide and working on our next product. Read more
Smart Housing is a small team of highly passionate engineers and marketers building a platform to streamline the processes of managing rental housing. Smart Housing empowers landlords to accept applications for tenancy online, instantly run credit and background checks on potential renters, automatically receive rent payments on a recurring basis, and keep the landlords books up-to-date in real-time. Smart Housing has partnered with various Landlord associations to teach landlords about our software, and receive direct feedback from our customers which is helping us transform this traditional paper industry and bring it into the digital world. Landlords can be up and accepting rent payments in less than 5 minutes. Read more
An open, independent marketplace where providers nationwide can promote their services and prices, and where patients can compare and find providers that offer low costs, top-notch service, and high quality care. We're working with a growing number of healthcare facilities to put up their virtual tent for consumers to see what they offer. Benefits to providers becoming more transparent on price include branding, patient satisfaction and loyalty, and an expanded customer base, sometimes from hundreds of miles away. Medical and dental facilities can also provide promotional information (in non-obtrusive ways) as a way to bring on new patients. Our goal is to present pricing data so that facility services can be compared side by side, and in a more standardized and understandable way for patients. Access to our growing data set is completely open. We are an independent, privately funded company, not affiliated with any healthcare or insurance organization or government entity. Read more
Crown Jewelers & Pawn one of the leading pawn shops located in South Salt Lake, UT. This pawn shop deals in selling and buying different kinds of household items such as jewelry, electronics, power tools, air tools, musical instruments, automotive tools, watches, household equipment and much more. Read more
Streamlined Record Retrieval has enhanced the entire medical record retrieval process. Combined with world class customer service, we provide our clients "the fastest, most efficient medical record retrieval experience in the industry". Overview of Services Nationwide Record Retrieval 100% Digital Records OCR Searchable Text Document Repository Customized Bates Stamping Affidavits/Certification of Records Real-Time Order Status Dedicated Account Managers  Read more
We are a 3D Printing marketplace and community. We harness 3D Printing to help everyone make and share designs with the world, making product design more accessible, personal, and inspiring. Watch your imagination come to life here! We want to educate the world on 3D printing. This technology will change and define this century. We want to help and possibly be the face of public hacker-spaces and fablabs. We love to demo our product at schools and do public showings, trainings, and general education on the subject. Individuals can make, buy and sell their own products. By providing a platform for our community members to share ideas and gain access to cutting edge technology, we're bringing personalized production to everyone, whether you're already designing in 3D or are looking to find something just right. Our vision is to bring affordable 3D printers to the world at prices they can afford. We aim to bring our customers and clients imagination to life. Read more
Orca Health enables greater efficiency and effectiveness in the clinical setting for healthcare specialists. By leveraging Orca's multisensory tools, healthcare specialists spend less (but more effective) time with their patients. As a result, they experience better clinic visits, fewer return appointments, and improved health outcomes. This optimizes patient visits allowing for better customer throughput all while increasing patient satisfaction. This combines to maximize health specialist revenue in a new era of 'pay for performance.' These tools also enable healthcare specialists to enhance their online and mobile presence. Orca Health's 12 mobile applications and integrated tools educate and engage patients as they make decisions about their health. They leverage multisensory tools to provide a more powerful learning experience. Learning is about doing. Every Decide Series app leverages touch, sound, sight, augmented reality and real interactivity. Read more
Bend Labs is a soft silicone sensor platform bringing smarter motion sensing to today's products. Read more
Chapul bars are delicious, all-natural 1.8 oz energy bars enriched with protein derived from crickets. With animal protein consumption rocketing around the world, in line with rising incomes, our remarkably inefficient protein choices are sucking the planet dry. 70% of all freshwater consumption pours into agriculture, and 70% of all agricultural acreage exists to feed livestock. Humanity needs new protein options. Chapul bars introduce just such an option - efficient, complete cricket protein - in a delicious, compact energy bar. Available in three flavors - Chaco, Thai and Aztec - each bar is inspired by a region where the local cuisine has historically included insects as part of a balanced, environmentally sustainable diet. Our bars are available online and in roughly 100 retail stores across the U.S., and we donate 10% of all profits to water conservation projects in the regions which inspire our recipes. Read more
Monarx protects web environments against attack. Our cloud delivered server protection provides continuous real-time malicious script detection and proactive prevention along with an integrated hunting and remediation engine. Our solution hardens servers and applications reducing the attack surface, by providing actionable intelligence about web security posture based on real world best practices. Monarx is leading the way in non-signature based post exploit prevention. Read more
Tactick upgrades your recurring tasks to Organized Routines™ that make it easy to create, assign, schedule, prompt, account for, and report on all the recurring tasks it takes to keep your life running smoothly and making progress. Read more
EPIC Ventures is a premier early stage software and Internet infrastructure venture firm whose mission is to back entrepreneurs and companies positioned to lead the information economy of tomorrow. We bring the collective operational and financial experience of our partnership, our world class advisors, and our extensive network of technology industry contacts to engage and ensure our portfolio's success. Strategically located in Salt Lake City, we're never more than a short flight from any of the geographies we invest in. Read more
Founded in 2014, Blyncsy™ is the big data solution we have all been waiting for Read more
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