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Go-Parts, an online auto parts retailer, was founded with only $10,000 of starting capital and no business debt, and was successfully grown to produce $2.5M/year in revenue in the midst of a tough economic environment. Soon enough, Dan and his key players realized that Go-Parts has the potential makings of a successful, influential, globally recognized and respected brand. Knowing that employees do as their leaders do, and not as they say, the key players of Go-Parts realized that given sufficient resources and time, they would be able to scale Go-Parts successfully and effectively by using their values and qualities as the fundamental driving and defining force of the company. To put it simply, the Go-Parts team knows what has to be done and knows how to do it, but they still need one more team member: YOU. Join the dynamic characters of Go-Parts and become a part of the exciting and fulfilling story that is about to unfold! Read more
MealPro is an eCommerce meal delivery service for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Read more
We create BI products to help consolidate, process, analyze and extract insights from data. Read more is an educational, content driven, cutting-edge, Web 2.0 site built on a scalable network for people who have pain and want to know why. It encourages patient engagement via rich interactive human body models and a series of brief questions about the pain symptoms. Up to three diagnostic considerations are generated, based upon a unique scoring algorithm. Potentially serious disease states are also considered. Easy to understand disease explanations, along with more detailed medication and pharma links are available. Printouts or PDF files of the answers and conditions are provided for people to review with their doctors or other health professionals. Read more
The note taking app for visual learners Read more
VidGage is a start-up social media platform with patent pending technology that allows users to post videos in an environment that also enables viewers, followers and fans to reply to those posts with video comments. Users and followers can also uniquely and exclusively comment on a comment, all via video. VidGage enables social media users, their posts, and their comments to be seen and heard.  Read more
SureClinical offers collaborative cloud applications that accelerate time to revenue in clinical trials in the highly-regulated BioPharma industry. Built on a FDA Part 11 certified cloud platform with integrated high-trust digital signing for mobile and web, our customers eliminate paper at the point of origination and accelerate the delivery of new therapies to market with significant cost and time savings.  Read more
Compliance based privacy & security metrics company using NIST Read more provides tools for mobile app developers to market their apps and manage users. Our Screenshot and Website Builders have free and pro versions, our Review Monitor is free. Our SDK allows developers to edit their app code remotely (Cloud Config) and also identify and engage their best users (Super User). Read more
FanBeat is company doing game production, software engineering, account management and digital designing. Read more
In our business plan, it states that we will create a variety of applications until we find a profitable one. Read more
NoBrakes is an athletic apparel startup. Read more
Findable is an internet company that specializes in the fields of renting, lending, sharing, and smart contracts. Read more
NatureTrak is an enterprise solution that connects credit unions to the emerging cannabis economy. Read more
Make My Quince is an online platform that offers planning tools and crowdfunding facilities. Read more
TundraLogic is moving the auto-insurance industry forward with a range of cutting-edge products for client interaction. Read more
The drive behind Rumble Motors is to make electric transportation of the future. Read more
A portfolio company of Silicon Bay Partners, Flippbox is a a unique postal mail management, file storage, and cloud syncing application which encourages consumers to print less, recycle more, and reap the rewards. Read more
Mobile app developer with more than 90 app and several best sellers. Specializing in directory apps for wine regions, downtown associations and emergency services. Read more
Featurette, Film Genie, King's Cup, Photo Brush, Photo Brush LIte, King's Cup Video, Emoji Brush, Emoji Brush Lite, Emoji Brush 4, Frame It, Frame it Lite, Music Brush, Sports Brush, Emoji Board, Emoji Board Lite, Foto Brush Pro, Foto Brush, Foto Brush Lite, Fast Foto & Flashlight #1 Read more
Benjamins is an early stage shoe company with an innovative business structure. We manufacture, sell, store, and ship our shoes all within the same space. It is rare, especially within the shoe industry, to see the product you are purchasing being made right in front of you. Our shoes are handmade in California from the highest quality materials we can find, and we will be launching (online and in shop) at the end of 2014. Some unique features of our brand include storm proof cashmere uppers, 100% linen shoe bags, shredded (uncirculated) US currency in our boxes. We are also proud to be included in a new development space which will be made up of all local retailers, brands, artists, and publications. Please contact us to find out more about our plans for the future. Read more
VirginGlamHair (VGH) provides long lasting, beautiful, and affordable virgin hair extensions to a large market of women. We enhance the beauty of women predominately AA women, by selling , soft, healthy virgin hair, and also providing the client with an exceptional experience that builds the trust of our consumer to our company.  Read more is a platform for startups & investors to easily create and share investor eligibility docs -- Now everyone can finally have paperwork OCD! Our product speeds up closings, reduces costs, automates tedious and redundant documentation requests and creates a neutral 3rd party to manage accreditation eligibility verifications.  Read more
Therapy in a Bottle creates natural and organic body care products that are designed as pain management tools. We specialize in pain and inflammation, but our products offer amazing skin care benefits and also increase range of motion. We thrive on providing people with the best alternatives to prescription medications. Read more
Affinitea is the only patented (10 including Europe and India) single serve brewing technology for high quality full leaf tea. It's like the Keurig coffee brewer, but for loose leaf specialty tea. Affinitea recently signed a licensing agreement with Krups to build a single serve home brewer. The first investor in will receive an interest in Affinitea as a thank-you for believing in the dream. Read more
Jobsqueezer creates and streams free video resumes on our website for employers to view and contact potential employees for current job openings. The video resumes can be attached to any job application and all social media. The employer can view, rate and save them for current or future use. Employers can attach a link provided by our site to any other jobposting on any website to funnel all applicante through our unique video process. Read more
Sparkroad is a Teacher-Parent Engagement tool. We let parents choose precisely how they want to receive updates from the their school and all teachers have to do is write it once on our platform. Read more
We publish a social networking website focusing on activities. It's a Facebook with a purpose. We provide a way for millions to create income from their home by teaching music, art, cooking, sports and academics to teens and seniors and other adults. We also have an App series for iTunes featuring a wide variety of prominent experts in parenting and health, relationships and life in general.  Read more
GreenWheel Gardens has worked very hard to combine the concept and practice of vertical gardening, hydroponics, and wheel gardens to grow massive amounts of produce making it a profitable reality. GreenWheel Gardens has made commercial scale warehouse crops possible. A complete and integrated system, one component built on another, scalable for any given locality and able provide food in any given region. A ecologically sustainable system capitalizing on the economics of scale urban gardens. Read more
We provide community-driven resources to help startups excel: mentors, prototyping tools, workspace, classes, and events.  Read more
Survivors Society of America is a Non-Profit Organization primarily focused on public safety, protecting society by ensuring that "wanted sex offenders" are pursued and apprehended. A cross between "America's Most Wanted","Dog the Bounty Hunter" and "Cheaters". An organization led by a survivor of a sexual assault who's passion and dedicating is relentless and determined in addressing this National crisis which appears to have no answer until now.  Read more
Solace Insight is a quantified self technology startup in the field of digital mental healthcare. Through intuitive digital design using mobile technology we aim to bring mental health treatment to the masses. Solace Insight is a business to consumer mental healthcare startup to provide users with real-time life application guidance through a wearable device and mobile app technology. As my daughter says, "Dad, it's like having a walking therapist at your side." Well said.  Read more
Leadwerks is an innovative technology company building a content game creation platform to turn players into makers. Following three years of R&D, our company released our current product and experienced rapid growth in the last 12 months. By plugging into the Steam ecosystem of 75 million users we lower our costs and can leverage an existing web infrastructure, rather than building our own. Read more
We are a leading 3rd Party Logistics Provider, Specialized in transporting High-Valued Products (Such as Medical Equipment and Server Mainframes). We need more working capital to expand our business and services  Read more
Fashion is about who you are not the others! The only fashion/style destination for everyone that loves creative fashion, makeup,accessories and product reviews. This is the place to get inspired and confident about yourself. Read more
The staffing industry is grappling with a changing market while searching for an analytical means of cost-effective hiring. Quansis Systems is an online technical solution that ranks and matches candidates to jobs. Employers struggle with: sifting through resumes, employee fit, high fees, and an inefficient hiring process. Additionally headhunters and agencies are expensive and have a conflict of interest by working both sides of the transaction. Several “pain points” exist for job seekers: (1) “black hole effect” created by a lack of feedback after submission, (2) an outdated resume model, and (3) no information and how to compete effectively in a competitive and changing job market. Quansis is a new paradigm for the staffing industry providing employers with a projectable rate of hire to find the right candidates and giving job seekers new tools to succeed.  Read more
Pacific Coast Iron LLC was started to bring an all in one buying and selling resource for clients. We are a heavy equipment broker as well as a dealer. We have clients all over the world big and small. Clients utilizing our services as a broker get better service, experience, and a tremendous amount of value for the same 5% broker fee that other brokers charge. We also offer a buying service to clients looking to purchase heavy equipment as well. For a low fee we will find the exact piece of construction equipment they are looking for and handle the entire purchase process for them. We also buy and sell used construction equipment and attachments.  Read more
WYDK= What You Don't Know...? Can harm you! WYDK TV is a network of educational public television programs with one purpose in mind: to help people become more aware in order for more informed choices to be made in their lives. All of the WYDK TV programs are designed for educational purposes. Our goal is to address current issues that are relevant to everyone regardless of age, ethnicity or country of origin. Our Focus is Real People Real Problems Real Solutions We have no alternate agendas except to be of genuine benefit. In this day and age people are over whelmed. We need to show them that even small changes can have a major impact on their life, health, money and world. WYDK TV is divided into eight primary programs: * WYDK Your Health * WYDK Healthy Living * WYDK Your World * * WYDK News * WYDK Your Money * WYDK Smart Money * WYDK Your Safety * WYDK Your Rights * There are 26 programs in total. Read more
The web-based application enables you to do the following tasks: 1) Upload and maintain multiple Resumes in Microsoft Word format 2) Create new Resumes Online in your browser with Rich Text Editor (will be saved as MS Word) 3) Download Resumes in Microsoft Word and PDF formats 4) Instantly transform your resume into a Web Page with a name of your choice. E.g., (exact name is subject to availability check) 5) Email your resume to yourself or potential employer as Microsoft Word, PDF or HTML document. The mobile version of the Application will be available in a future Read more
IdentaChip is a hardware and services company that provides technology which eliminates the vulnerabilities brought about by mobile computing and the reliance on passwords as a security credential. The increasing number of successful network attacks clearly shows that passwords and existing authentication schemes are insufficient to protect enterprises and financial services. The initial product is a smart card that will be issued by enterprises to employees for securing physical and logical access. Unlike existing hardware tokens, IdentaChip's wireless smart card is configured to biometrically verify the identity of a user and complete a secure out-of-band authentication with a network service. The wireless smart card and subscription service would secure enterprise data and resources even if passwords have been compromised and users' devices are infected with malware.  Read more
Rate My Contractor is a free comparison web site for homeowners to find reliable home improvement contractors. Contractors can upgrade their listing for a fee to display pictures, contact info, coupons, and become part of RMC's lead generation network. RMC next phase is to optimize each listing to appear in the organic portion of search engine results.  Read more
Cooking healthy is not only time consuming, but also complicated. Families – especially after having kids – are constantly strapped for time, making it challenging to prepare healthy meals. At Mindful Meal we are developing automated and customized Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping tools… …to help busy families save time and eat healthier… …by using (patent pending) proprietary algorithms to process complex information about food, nutrition and user preferences.  Read more
indianpages is a Yelp for Indian-Americans, Indian-Canadians, Indians in the UK, and eventually Indians in India. It's a website, a mobile app, and a printed directory.  Read more
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