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Mondly is a globally acclaimed language learning platform, with a daring mission to break language barriers between people. Read more
123ContactForm is a mobile and web form builder. Its WYSIWYG interface helps everybody create forms & surveys without any technical knowledge, as easy as 1-2-3. With 123ContactForm users can: - Give visitors a handy contact interface, collect and store file uploads of up to 10 GB - Register attendees to events and book seats - Receive payments through order forms (PayPal, Google Checkout, Authorize.Net), give discount coupons - Carry online surveys and make in-depth analysis of results. Read more
Ultra-fast Wiki that powers your team's knowledge, documentation, playbooks, onboarding, meeting minutes and product docs. Read more
Awesome Bootstrap freebies and templates to build better websites. Creative Tim is a startup that creates design tools that make the web development process faster and easier. Read more
Smart Billl resolves everything related to the issuance, delivery and collection of online invoices, notices, proforms, receipts, as well as inventory management, nir, files, receipts, online reports, etc. Read more
GloriaFood is an online ordering and food delivery platform that helps restaurant owners manage orders and streamline point-of-sale operations. Read more
HTML5 App for creating high fidelity, resolution independent SVG mockups and wireframes. Read more offer design to wordpress conversion to web agencies and designers. Read more
Soleadify is a search engine for business data. The perfect tool for Lead Prospecting. Find all your Ideal Customers within minutes from a database of 40M businesses. Describe your Ideal Customer Profile & Get Thousands of Prospects Matching your Description. Read more
Endtest is the leading test automation vendor providing a complete software platform to help organizations efficiently build automated end-to-end tests for Web and Mobile Applications. Read more
Monitor Backlinks helps you understand which links are good for you, tells you when your competition gets new links and lets you know when you lose a link so you can take action to recover it. Online businesses want to be on top of Google. Outsourcing is very expensive and requires a lot of knowledge. After latest Google algorithm changes, links are more valuable if they are acquired naturally, by anyone in the team. They also want to know what competitors are doing, from where do they get good SEO links. We have premium packages, ranging from 19 - 99$/month. We already generate income with more than 13.000 users. We offer free 30 days trial where they get to test our product. We send key reports during that time to get them to sign up after the trial ends  Read more
Because video has become the top of the virtual food chain, especially on social media where a video is 6x more likely to liked, shared, retweeted than a photo - We designed the first Animation Editor in Cloud the world was missing that allows you to create stunning animated designs, short videos and GIFs even if you have no design knowledge or the budget to hire someone else. - Design & Animation Editor easy-to-use for anyone - no design skills or technical knowledge required. - Cloud-based, indexable designs & animations that can be viewed & edited on any browser. - Make Images, GIFs & Videos from scratch or by customizing any pre-made templates. Read more
Sleek Bill Online is a fast and easy to use cloud billing software that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any device. It’s a great tool for collaboration with your team, with real-time updates across multiple devices, while creating invoices, proformas, quotes, purchase orders, bills or delivery notes. You can track your sales, expenses, check your stock levels and save lots of time with email and printing features straight from your browser. Read more
SmartDramers is a recruitment marketing automation software that acts as a center point solution for canadiates sourcing. Read more
Omniconvert integrates three major aspects of conversion – web personalization, surveys, and A/B testing – into one compact and complete conversion optimization solution. The software is designed to help businesses understand their consumers while significantly enhancing their conversion rate simultaneously. Omniconvert provides businesses and consumers the bridge they need to improve conversion. Surveys enable clients to voice out and send feedback which gives business high-value quality insights that they use to implement data-driven optimization processes. With interaction with the right types of audiences and delivering messages that matter, Omniconvert is now the conversion optimization tool of choice for many international brands, including Avon, T-Mobile, and Meli Melo to name a few. Read more
Confidas helps SMEs get paid on time by providing credit risk data Read more is a estate website people can find advertisements published by both owners and agents. Read more
Flixier is a cloud first video editing tool which dramatically improves the editing workflow. Flixier saves editors and remote teams a lot of time with 1 minute video rendering on any computer, streamlined communication features and real-time Google Docs collaboration style for video editors. Because Flixier runs in the cloud it also offers easy access to plenty of storage and clears up the client PC for other tasks. Read more
TeleportHQ provides a platform and open-source tools for user interface (UI) professionals. The platform allows them to create and publish user interfaces for desktop and mobile devices. Read more
Explore life-changing ideas and skills. Get smarter and upgrade yourself, reading just 5 minutes every day. Join 200k+ others and get our app, on iOS or Android. Read more is the only website that gathers and offers History and Presentation/Corporate videos from the biggest and most successful companies in the world(Top Forbes 2000, Fortune 500, Top Forbes 220 and The World's Most Powerful Brands). At this moment we have listed over 1200 companies. In this way the company can promote their company profile, heritage and values among interested visitors (investors, shareholders, partners, clients and future clients, future employees, students, fans and not only) and also among the biggest companies in the world. Read more
Out of passion for what we do, we decided to create a website where you can buy different tyre brands at good prices, as driving safety starts from the ground. Why good prices? Read more first platform for business and personal development events from Romania. Usefull for both publisher (advertiser) and event searcher. Adding events is free of charge. You can find: entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, startup, IT&Tech, networking, webinar, HR, press conference, personal development events Also, there is available an mobile app for Android and soon for IOS.  Read more is the leading Daily Deal Aggregator in Romania. Read more
Innoship is the advanced multi-carrier shipping software your retail business needs Read more
Are you passionate about open source software? Are you convinced that through the collaborative effort in which programmers improve upon the code and share the changes within the community, you can create much more powerful software than the copyrighted, licensed one? Now imagine, the same revolution that open source did to IT programming, for business ideas. Imagine that people would collaboratively work on a business idea in an open environment, where they could share within the community in order to create a bullet proof business idea. Babele is an online platform to help entrepreneurs convert their idea into a business model, validate it with the mentors and find the right people to help them develop it. The vision of Babele is to provide an innovative environment in which everybody collaborates in order to create more sustainable businesses. Together we innovate and find solutions for tomorrow.  Read more
Web-Based Interactive Applications. Empowering people and business to succeed in a technologically advanced environment. Read more
The original content Marketing Simulation Game used by Universities. Simulate websites, ad campaigns, e-mail newsletters and management of communities. Content crafters & strategists can now dwelve into a simulated environment with content and game mechanics. Read more
Competitors App helps marketers monitor their competitors' marketing moves in one place, with very little time investment. Read more
Questo allows users discover new places around the world, discovering hidden stories by following clues and solving puzzles created by local storytellers. Read more is a platform where people can find their roommate. In addition to the details of the apartment, users can add information about their lifestyle. The platform also includes the option of reviews and an ice-cream configurator that helps roommates match their taste. Read more
SKIN SCAN is a breakthrough mole assessment technology that uses ONLY Smartphone cameras and delivers highly reliable results. We are using a DISRUPTIVE medical proprietary algorithm, based on fractal geometry which generates an assessment for suspicious moles in a couple of seconds We display 3 levels of results: Low Risk, Medium Risk, High Risk We generate a cloud-based mole case-history archive for later monitoring either by the patient, doctor or a third party.  Read more
Hostero is a mining software for CPU mineable cryptocurrencies. Start mining cryptocurrency in a few minutes and mine the most profitable coins and unlock the full potential of your mining rigs. Read more is a free solution dedicated to Romanian websites to share and compare their Google Analytics data with other websites. This application classifies each website and exports a subset of data from Google Analytics to create custom category benchmarks. Google Analytics Application Gallery: We are fundraising at this point to expand the service to global market and develop a freemium system. Read more
SnappyApp is a Mac productivity app that simplifies to the extreme common tasks while improving them. We're building features that should be part of the OS and improving existing ones. For example snapping an area of the screen and sharing it via Facebook/Pinterest is a 3 second thing with SnappyApp. Read more
Prokuria is a cloud-based platform for automating sourcing and supplier management, that helps procurement teams around the world to deliver significant cost and time savings. Read more
Courseware was designed to support content creators focus on the quality of their work, and not on how to use the features. Our platform help people build social learning environments. As a content creator, one can create the syllabus of the course, add lessons, prepare assignments and give grades. Moreover, you can upload files and invite collaborators to contribute to your content. The traffic is shown using statistics and all changes are tracked in a timeline. Creating a lesson and sharing it with your users has never been easier! Read more
Digital Workforce is the first and most advanced solution Crowdsourcing in Romania. With a workforce of over 100,000 people, no project is too big for us. Combining a unique technology management, distribution and quality control, we can solve complex problems in record time and at very competitive costs. Read more
Aggranda creates time in companies and in people's lives. We are doing this by training software robots using Intelligent Automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI, Machine Learning. Read more
Druid helps organizations plan, develop, and distribute chatbots. Their AI Druid chatbot enables employees, customers, and partners to digitally communicate with a business system. Read more
ProductLead developed a SaaS technology that enables brands to implement personalization at scale across funnels, tackling the Data foundation, the Decisioning logic, the Design engine for experimentation, and the cross-channel Distribution process. Read more
Wooden eyewear handcrafted in Transylvania Read more
Frisbo is the first e-fulfillment platform in Romania, offering storage, order picking, invoicing, packaging and delivery solutions for online stores. Read more
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