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We created CampMap to make the camping experience simple. In response to our own frustrations (as campers) with the lack of information and choice available when camping we set out to make our life easier and to also help the millions of other guests that go camping for their holidays each year. We got investment from Fil Rouge Capital 300.000 EUR. Read more
An exceptional range of equipment, services and software enables Alarm automatika to provide everything needed for implementation of functional, remote-controlled security solutions for installations of all sizes and purposes. Read more
The Constigo Group is a young team that brings together civil and mechanical engineers, architects, and legal and economic experts, with the goal of offering specialized services that go beyond traditional frameworks.  Read more
Latency Optimizer Latency Optimizer 3.1 comes with a set of powerful optimization, testing and cleaning tools to assist you to reduce high latency, fix lag, and lower pings in online games or web appliactions. Privacy Optimizer Privacy Optimizer comes with a Tools Suite that provides 10 valuable tools to help users protect their personal information and use the Internet safely at the same time. Protect information such as files & folders, credit card numbers, passwords, hide your IP and surf via the included anonymous web browser. Conenctivity Fixer A powerful Internet connection repair - Internet Explorer repair and Internet connection monitoring utility! Connectivity Fixer PRO from Badosoft will help you to solve the most common connectivity problems you might experience with your Internet connection. One such problem Connectivity Fixer PRO will assist you to fix, is the well-known Limited or no connectivity error what can be caused by a corrupted Winsock or IP.  Read more
Quality geotechnical investigation and testing and geotechnical reports are a precondition for the development of ideas about a new project. Implementation of intensive field and laboratory testings is necessary to obtain the input data of soil layers, capacity, settlement, categorization, and quality of materials. Read more
Exevio offers the innovative development of loyalty programs, app & game development, and QA. Read more
Kisha smart umbrella is armed with Bluetooth and a companion app so it can alert you when you're parted from it. It's location-aware so if you place it in a designated "safe zone" such as your house it won't bother you but if rain is forecast it will then ask to be brought along. Read more
Sentinel helps boat owners connect and interact with their boats the same way they do with their connected cars. South Central Ventures did investment in the Croatian company Sentinel Marine Solutions, the leading smart solution for recreational boats in the Adriatic, with a vision of “Building IoT at sea”, it was 1 million euro investment.  Read more
The lightest & most agile electric dirt-bike on the market, designed, developed & constructed by TORP engineers! Read more
WhoAPI service allows you to get extensive domain data using the API on a massive scale. Data like bulk domain availability querrying, WHOIS, uptime, traceroute, and many other. For example, if a single user wants to query one million domains, we would be the right place to go. After performing market analysis we found out there's a huge demand for this service. It all started because we needed this service as a hosting company. Read more
Solution Builders for AI & Machine Learning. End-to-end IT services provider dedicated to keeping your business on the cutting-edge and ahead of the competition. Let us show you how our more than 20 years in the IT Services industry can transform your business. Read more
At BrightDock, we live and breathe Digital. Everyone on our team of 30+ multinational specialists is a designer, developer, or both! From our two creative hubs in Rijeka, Croatia, and Dublin, Ireland, we’ve been turning business visions into award-winning Digital solutions. Read more
The online platform for local farmers founded in the time of coronavirus. Read more
Our mission is to combine knowledge and technology to help children with disabilities and people with disabilities become independent. Read more
Logista's team is currently comprised of 160 employees who join their strengths and visions to create what Logista truly is – a professional and responsible company. With its high business standards, Logista has gained the trust of top brands – such as A1, JTI, Cellularline, Jabra and Plantronics. Read more
iRealOne is a cloud based real estate management SaaS system, developed for real estate brokerage agencies. The system is simple enough to start using within minutes, and supports all the business rules in the industry. List of most important features: - multilingual (currently supported langs: HR, EN, IT, DE) - integrated public website hosting - listing manager w/ advanced search - automated / manual search and property <-> buyer match (within and between agencies as MLS) - contracts, certificates, documents - notification, newsletter & messaging system - mobile & social media integration - property geo location - detailed analytics and data mining - XML based export to classifieds portals of choice - automated billing w/ PayPal integration - internal support ticket system - reseller / developer API (w/ PHP, Python bindings library), support forum - multitenant database, two-factor authentication (SMS, TAN, mobile app, SSL, ...) - continuous archiving and backup of user data Read more
CFCG is a consulting group founded by Andrija Čolak, co-founder of the most successful Croatian franchise Surf'N'Fries. The group's goal is to increase customer success through modern franchise techniques and enable innovative companies to transform their business into a profitable franchise model. Read more
The operational work of the innovation cluster was led and coordinated by SmartRi Ltd., the promoter of the Center of Competence for Smart Cities (CEKOM). CEKOM management for smart cities is designed as a project management where all activities are subordinated to the successful completion of the project. Read more
We specialize in slope repair work and protection (erosion control netting, erosion control barriers, shotcrete, borehole drilling, rock bolt and self-drilling anchors installation), gabion walls, as well as all types of mechanical work and working at height. Our investors’ satisfaction is our main goal. Read more
Huuk - the only app of its kind. Huuk is what we like to call “The next generation of social media”. Have you ever lived in a new city and had no idea what to do or who to do it with?Our interactive map is front and center to show you where all the happenings are. Explore the map to find hangs (huuks) or people near you that tickle your fancy! Read more
Producing AI algorithms for better and faster banking. Read more
PartyNet is an ABMS (automated background music system), It is created to provide cost and time-efficient indoor music solution that helps businesses reinforce brand identity and increase sales. Read more
Cateia Games is a development and publishing studio, working on premium quality video-games for PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows Store. Cateia Games developed and published numerous games world-wide in more than 15 different languages. Read more
The power of community and direct access to the the Heroes Nearby makes this must-have emergency app one of the best safety apps out there. Read more
Oxygen helps museums fight their digital challenges and deal with pandemic crises with custom software solutions. Read more
In order to maximize our contribution to prevent creating new packaging waste, we directed our work towards research and development of biodegradable materials based on biopolymers and we participated in research projects within the EU programs (FP7, Horizon2020, Life+ and ESIF). Read more
Build a Hexapod Robot. By building your STEMI Hexapod robot you'll learn the basics of 3D modeling, electronics, mobile app coding and Arduino programming. The STEMI Hexapod software, as well as all the blueprints and 3D models, is Open Source... Read more
Crane 51 is a game development indie studio from Rijeka & Zagreb, Croatia. The studio tries to tell unique stories through beautiful art, which are the main pillars of the studio. Read more
Hip Rehabilitation Device is a device that automates manual physiotherapy technique. Our device is made with the help of top physiotherapy professionals and uses state of the art technology, portable, affordable and adaptable to every physiotherapist's table. Read more
The world's most user-friendly urinal bottle. Read more
We are helping honey bees stay healthy by innovative feed additive - probiotic for bees. Read more
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