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Knox makes paying online faster and safer for consumers and cheaper and simpler for merchants. Knox Payments connects banks and merchants together so consumers can pay for things with their online banking with transferring any of their personal information. When the merchant adds Knox to their page, all the consumer has to do is click "pay with my bank", choose their bank, securely login to their online banking, choose an account, and press pay. That's it! Knox does the rest. You can also request information such as name, address, phone, and email to send receipts or ship goods to the consumer without asking them to enter any additional new information. Because we use your existing online banking, consumers do not need to make a new account to use Knox, and because we are the first "good funds" ACH payments, we charge only $0.18 per transaction, the lowest on the market. Knox is much safer than credit cards, because NOBODY gets any of your information - it stays iwth your bank.
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