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Property Management System. Stay in control of your bookings. Read more
MainManager software has been facilitating the operation and maintenance of thousands of properties, while at the same time providing customers with a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of their property portfolio. Read more
Treble Technologies develops cutting-edge virtual acoustics simulation technology that vastly outperforms current state-of-the-art methods. Read more
Arkio is a collaborative design app that enables people to easily sketch buildings or entire urban plans in VR & AR Read more
Kolibri helps companies with their digital business. We are the software innovation partner of our customers and we employ designers, developers and agile coaches. Read more
Vista Data Vision is a leading software in the field of monitoring, publishing and managing of all sensor data. All data is stored in a database and accessible through the web. Read more
Lucinity helps financial services surveillance teams to shed light on money laundering with a surveillance cloud solution that uses power of Human AI to reduce process waste and improve regulatory compliance. Read more
atNorth is a high-density computing technology company headquartered in Reykjavik, Iceland with operations in Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Read more
GRID is a productivity tool that transforms your spreadsheets into shareable, interactive web documents. Read more
Taktikal provides digital signature solutions and other trust based services for service driven digital businesses in private and government sector. Read more
Tagplay lets you update websites and displays using the social media and communication tools you already know, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Workplace, Twitter and Slack. Read more
IMS Vintage Photos is involved in preserving history and helping archives around the world in digitizing their physical images, photos. Read more
Indo services is a mobile first technologically advanced neo-bank. Read more
Teatime Games is an Iceland-based gaming startup that reinvents social games. Read more
We help clubs, coaches, parents, and ultimately the players to better harness the life developing in sports. Read more
Flow develops immersive virtual reality-enhanced meditation programs. Read more
Improving the travel experience by matching traveller to local advice from likeminded people with similar tastes and interests. Read more
Myrkur Games is an Icelandic game developer working to create the Darken. Read more
Leiguskjol is a fintech company focusing on solutions for the rental market. Read more
Ankeri provides cloud based platform for ship owners and charterers to communicate and share ship data with focus on ship performance.  Read more
NeckCare is healthcare IT company that provides cloud based software and IoT hardware to objectively diagnose mobility in the human body. Read more
Laki Power is an Icelandic research and development company focused on eco-friendly power solutions. Read more
Wasabi Iceland is a new company founded by engineers. Read more
Viking Cars is a marketplace for peer to peer car-sharing in Iceland. Read more
Innovative company in the field of geothermal power production. Read more
Sólfar Studios is a virtual reality studio behind Godling. Read more
KeyNatura offers extraction of active substances from algae to produce active and stable astaxanthin products with extensive shelf life. Read more
Nanitor cyberRISC platform focuses CyberSecurity efforts with real-time, dynamic prioritization of compliance issues. Read more
Actionable real-time process analytics for the metals industry. Read more
Snjohus Software is a development studio specializing in apps and games for mobile devices. Read more
An award-winning trip planning solution now available for Travel Agencies, OTA’s, Airlines, Travel Services and Bloggers/Indie Media. Read more
Kara Connect is a telehealth office platform. Read more
Monerium is a financial technology company which makes digital currency more accessible and easy to transact. Read more
Oz is a sports-tech company that works on principles of joining sports with their fans. Through innovative use of technology, OZ Sports is giving every sports league and tournament the recognition it deserves. Read more
Avo is changing best practices in analytics development. Avo is a toolbox (UI and dev tools) to rigorously define event based analytics, and generate personalized tracking libraries that provide dev time validation of correct implementation. It's like a spell-checker for people to define quality data, and a type-checker for developers to make sure they send analytics according to design. We’re saying goodbye to typos, type errors and discrepancies between platforms. Read more
A self-serve influencer platform that enables advertisers to globally establish targeted brand awareness by contracting hyperlocal influencers within minutes, reaching audiences in certain areas of interest or location. Read more is a service that enables you to manage all your recent aviation experience, continuous requirements, licenses, certificates and much more. Our service also allows you to produce professional reports easily. Read more
Authenteq is a networked automatic identity verification platform. With Authenteq ID marketplaces increase trust and transparency in communications and transactions between users. Authenteq works on just about any type of marketplace, website or online community. Read more
This Chrome extension hides your Gmail inbox by default. All other views remain accessible as normal, so you can search your archive or compose messages without getting distracted. Read more
Instantly share your browser tab or screen with no preparation required. Free for individual use (including commercial use) for one-on-one screen sharing 5-second install for the agent/presenter No install for your customer/viewer, even on their mobile Works on practically every browser on every device Preview pane lets you see exactly what they are seeing and when Send your customer a text message (SMS) to let them join by mobile, or ask them to type in an easy URL for your company's reception lobby, e.g. Share just your browser tab for clean web demos, or share the full screen or an application window Mouse pointer highlight when sharing browser tab Co-branding, unlimited multi-participant screensharing and white labelling available on paid plans Read more
Kaptio provides enterprise cloud solutions for the travel and hospitality industries and is committed to innovating best-in-class solutions built on cloud, mobile and social technology. Kaptio’s first solution, Kaptio IPMS helps travel service providers manage the Proposal-to-Operation lifecycle and relationship management with customers, supplier and agents. Kaptio IPMS is built on the Salesforce Platform. Read more
Activity Stream makes your organization better and more efficient by turning underutilized business data into actionable intelligence and insights - in real time. It does so by observing the actions and activity taking place across your organization’s business systems to construct a complete, synthesized, picture of everything happening with business relevance. With this complete view and full context Activity Stream can recognize patterns, opportunities and threats as they present themselves. It then provides right-time Intelligence to appropriate stakeholders so that these observations can be proactively dealt with or taken advantage of. Activity Stream is an Operational Intelligence Layer that can be implemented unobtrusively on top of current IT infrastructure, without having to rip-and-replace any of your existing systems. Read more
SAReye is developing a unified incident and disaster management system for first responders and corporations. SAReye incorporates a real time incident management module, "Black box" logging, training and simulation module and also a damage assessment/search module provided in a software as a service model. Read more
Kúla Deeper is for 3D photography with normal camera. We are developing products for different single lens devices for taking 3D pictures and videos. Our software Kúlacode transforms the images to the most common 3D formats available today, ranging from the old school anaglyph to the more modern MPO file format for 3D TV's and devices.  Read more
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