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Easy-to-use email marketing and social media marketing software for small-businesses and non-profits Read more
We are behind some of the most exciting technology in business today! With a nationwide VoIP network, we power leading brands changing the way people communicate, connect and do business. Crave innovation? We live for it. Our newest offering, Republic Wireless, is the nation's first wifi-based cell phone. Thanks to a team of skilled engineers, developers and marketers, we launched Republic to unprecedented national attention. Want to be inspired by a team of creative, passionate people? You've come to the right place. We've got a vibrant culture with some of the brightest minds in business. We're 350+ strong with experts in software engineering, development architecture, finance, analytics, R&D, sales, marketing and more.  Read more is a SaaS data-driven platform aimed at helping organizations build better software products. Our platform combines tools for in-app feature engagement with product usage analytics to help product organizations deliver features that customers use. Requiring only minimal configuration, enterprises can better understand the value of their products and prioritize their engineering resources to drive features that will increase customer engagement and help reduce the $22 billion susceptible to churn within the enterprise SaaS market. Other web analytics tools have emerged to help customer-facing organizations improve conversions and funnel metrics. is the only analytics platform targeted at the over 1.6 million product managers and dev leads to arm them with the insight to build better software. Read more
Brands, publishers, advertisers, video studios, web companies, media and design houses needing to place marketing and online content into the market needed a way for creative departments to receive request, manage production and, as content was designed, provide review and approval prior to online and offline release to market. InMotion delivers a SaaS solution that moves the process into the browser and accelerates time to market on campaigns and media assets. Read more
Everyone, at some point in their life, rents a place to stay and finding that perfect rental can be extremely time consuming. RentalSource aims to be the service that allows them to quickly & easily find the best match for their specific needs. On the flip side, property managers want to have their listings seen by the largest audience, but they don't want to spend a lot of time keeping their listings current across multiple sites. RentalSource solves this via their distribution network. Read more
Do you copy/paste screenshots, fumble through screencasts or schedule web conferences to explain how to do something in an application? There's something better. In minutes with iorad, we capture your actions and magically transform it into step-by-step interactive tutorials. Read more
GROUNDFLOOR is Lending Club for real estate. We're adapting the successful peer-to-peer lending model and extending it to asset-backed lending. As a result, non-accredited and accredited investors alike can earn high yields as participating real estate micro-lenders. Our website makes it easy for investors to put money to work directly in the specific projects, developers and asset sub-classes they choose. Every investment is secured by the underlying property. For independent real estate developers who meet our lending criteria, our growing liquidity and expanding toolset means better access to capital, 100% free of the banks and bank hassles. We handle everything from origination, to underwriting, funding, investor relations and loan servicing.  Read more
The Royalty Exchange is the world’s first online platform for buying and selling royalties from music, movies, books, TV shows, solar energy, patents, trademarks and pharmaceuticals in a transparent and efficient marketplace. Created for investors, sellers and fans, The Royalty Exchange provides a completely transparent and efficient auction marketplace environment for the community to buy and sell these unique alternative investments. Read more
A subscription composting service that makes composting as easy as recycling. We believe organizations and individuals needed a practical, convenience-based way to compost -- so we created CompostNow. After eighteen months of organic growth, we are operationally stable in our first territory. Composting is the new recycling. It's not going away, and neither will the companies that offer related services and products. We aim to be the market leader in 30 of the top metros in North America. One down, twenty-nine to go.  Read more
AIRBORNE INTELLIGENCE PrecisionHawk provides the capability to gather actionable, extremely high-resolution remote sensing data through the most easy-to-use, low-cost and reliable unmanned aircraft available today. The unmanned aircraft system, a small robotic plane, can collect extremely high-resolution remote sensing data with a minimum of effort and will provide invaluable, real-time data for such applications as land surveying, agriculture, security, forestry, chemical, and field conditions. DATA PROCESSING Once the UAV collects the required data, it is transferred wirelessly into the processing software. The software stitches all the data together into a comprehensive mosaic using flight telemetry and provides the user a visual mosaic instantly. At that point the user can easily determine areas of interest and act accordingly.  Read more
Myxx is a shoppable marketing platform based on a proprietary personalized List-to-Cart technology with real-time store sales lift analytics Read more
CloudFuze is building a universal platform, which connects to any cloud from any device from any location. This unified access to all cloud files from all devices allows easy file access, sharing and collaboration. Currently, CloudFuze can connect to major cloud storage providers like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, SugarSync and FTP from Windows Desktop, Android devices and Web. It also allows users to seamlessly connect cloud storage accounts from multiple providers along with multiple accounts from each provider. This unique and highly beneficial feature allows users to consolidate all their cloud accounts and manage all their cloud files from one application. There are several key features in the works as well. These features include adding access to additional cloud storage providers, an iOS App, auditing and security functionality.  Read more
Photofy is a digital content creation platform that empowers collaborative content creation for individual and enterprise use. Read more
Local Eye Site is an online recruitment community for eye care professionals. Eye care related organizations across the US & Canada use our website to staff for clinical, administrative and sales related positions. We have created a successful business model operating in the relatively small market of eye care. Our goal is to replicate into new, larger medical verticals.  Read more
TopCourt is a startup that builds an online platform for tennis instruction. Read more
Pryon is an AI company focused on Augmented Intelligence for the enterprise. Read more
Visual development platform for creating powerful, data-driven, and truly native iOS and Android apps without writing any code. Read more
Hip eCommerce manages and develops online marketplaces for collectibles, including stamps, postcards, and comic books. Read more
Deal Sourcing at Machine Speed and Coverage, with a Human Touch Read more
Element451 is an all-in-one admissions marketing technology and CRM platform that brings students and colleges together Read more
FotoSwipe is an early-stage technology startup that allows users to send photos and videos to other devices. Read more
Carusele creates and distributes organic social media content for leading brands and retailers. Read more
Slighter is a behavioral change solution housed in a smart lighter and companion app. It studies smokers habits and coaches them to quit. Read more
Coworks is a coworking management software. Read more
Electronic Health Record (EHR), Practice management and billing for Behavioral Health, Mental Health, Public Health Read more
Ryker is an innovative, patent, biomechanically system for rifles and shotguns on the market today. Read more
Triggermesh develops a serverless management platform for managing functions and event triggers Read more
We believe the timeless tradition of art as storytelling is vital to the human experience. Daylight is the intersection of trending contemporary art, subcompact digital publishing and an exploding generation of digitally enabled consumers. This new venture is born out of the 10 year old, highly respected, art photography publishing brand Daylight Books. With Daylight, we engage users and engender community across digital platforms (web, iPad app, social media) through elegantly designed encounters with contemporary art. Read more
The digital health SaaS platform trusted by leaders in healthcare, health eCommerce, and health publishing. Read more
ArenaCX is the marketplace for on-demand customer service. Read more
Mautic revolutionizes the very closed world of marketing automation. Mautic helps every business, of any size, take advantage of marketing automation without the absurdly high, prohibitive cost associated with current systems. Read more
Silbo is a digital marketplace connecting game providers to sports officials. Read more
At KnowledgeTree, we provide tools to marketers that profoundly improve the interactions customers have with B2B sales teams, and ensure every conversation brings value to the relationship. Marketing teams can now enable sales teams with the right content, at the right time, in the right place, and importantly, relevant to a rep's sales campaign: - Arm sales teams with winning sales content; - Control the message that sales teams take to market; - Understand what content is winning at the bottom of the funnel. We use a combination of sales & marketing data, and predictive analytics, to provide recommendations to sales teams, and assist marketers with creating and managing high-performing content. KnowledgeTree is taking advantage of significant shifts in buyer behavior and sales team structure seen in the last 5 years.  Read more
MuukTest is a software testing platform powered by AI that increases Software Devs testing productivity. Read more
TraKid designs, develops, and delivers wearable tracking solutions to amusement parks and zoos across the United States. Read more
Brain Neurotherapy Bio focuses on the clinical translation and development of neurotrophic factor gene therapy. Read more
Innovative eSports platform using blockchain technology Read more
Coladka operates in the bar and restaurant industry. Read more
McCordial & Company is a comprehensive back office and consulting firm that helps businesses navigate and solve everyday challenges. Read more
VADE brings convenience to parking through mobile applications. Read more
It developes software that helps their clients work more productively. Read more
alumshares connects alumni of premier research institutions with previously inaccessible investment opportunities at their Alma Mater. Read more
VitalFlo provides preventative respiratory health insights when patients need it most: before they have an asthma attack. Read more
NeuroVice is an innovative company developing a new, disruptive medical device technology that improves the patient experience. Read more
Liine is a mobile application platform that specializes in voice analytics, performance management, and call analytics. Read more
Prevailing Path is a shopper platform designed to identify and build the most efficient path to purchase across digital channels. Read more
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