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Pryvate is the most secure voice, email & chat app for business people & individuals that require a high level of communication encryption to protect their sensitive data, pictures and calls. • An all-in-one voice, email, video calls, messaging & picture sharing app. • Feel at ease with a military grade communication encryption technology. • Establishes direct trust relationships with no server or middle-ware. This means that your communications are never stored or saved anywhere, ever! Download the app and setup your account at! New Signup features: i) A free and cancellable 30 day trial. Enjoy 30 days of secure communicating before any fees become due ii) All new accounts now includes a coupon promotion to invite friends to try the product for a free period as long as you remain a subscriber with Pryvate Pryvate is the most secure voice, voip, call, talk, chat, messaging, IM, email, secure, encrypted, communica3on, ZRTP
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