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##What's the product?## ProfitWell provides subscription and SaaS metrics that are 100% accurate and absolutely free. Sign up takes 1-click, giving you access to your monthly recurring revenue, churn, lifetime value, and all of your other necessary subscription financial metrics. Integrates with Stripe, Braintree, Zuora, Chargebee, Chargify, Recurly, and others with the ProfitWell API. Features and metrics include MRR growth charts, Cohorts, Churn reports, Cash flow reports, etc. ##What does it help users do?## We've seen inside more subscription businesses than anyone else on the planet. We've infused those learnings into ProfitWell to help you grow. ProfitWell's in-depth financial metrics to track your growth, understand your churn, and uncover where to optimize. ProfitWell includes unlimited users and an alert system that wasn't an afterthought to ensure everyone on your team knows the pulse of your growth.
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