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Giving pets a voice in their health & wellness with tools powered by computer vision and machine learning. Read more
Democratizing 3D modeling with autonomous drones Read more
Towards an ecosystem for automated content discovery and knowledge management Read more
Tallyx is building a blockchain & AI based platform for supply chain finance. Read more
VideoKen is an AI-based platform that makes informational videos rich and consumable. Read more
Bringing Individual messaging to Cable and Broadcast TV Read more
Cloud scale composable Software to drive platform of customer’s choice. Read more
WindMIL Therapeutics is developing cell therapies for oncology indications. Read more
Reelcontent is a self-serve video distribution platform specializing in video advertising for small businesses. Read more
Legacy system integration, API Integration, microservice-based APIs, digital transformation, serverless functions Read more
Farmore is an online farmers market marketplace for all vendors to sell online, support pre-ordering, alternate pickup locations, or delivery  Read more
A technology startup helping startup , small business & nonprofit with all their technology requirements. Read more
Radiius Corp is a fin-tech startup in Princeton, NJ. Products include Radiius Card & Bee by Radiius which is the smallest wearable wallet Read more
Real Time Trade Surveillance, Compliance Management, Trade Reconciliation. Read more is the company behind the 31st Human Right, making your data your property. You should be able to control how, where and if your data is used. A mobile App for iPhone and Android built on blockchain that enables you to join the global movement to claim your 31st Human Right the right to claim your personal data as your property and have a seat at the table when your personal data is used by corporations, and other 3rd parties. Read more
Friendsy is a new college-based social network on web and mobile that fosters friendships and relationships between students while spreading happiness. The college experience is greatly affected by students' interactions -- friendships, relationships, romances. Too often, students want to become better friends with acquaintances, turn friendships into romances, and branch out of their friend circles by making new friends, but they feel in a rut. Friendsy is the solution to these problems. Upon registration with a valid .edu email address, students are immediately placed into a private and secure network with only other students from their college. From there, students can create a profile and anonymously indicate friendly or romantic interest in classmates. If two students have the same interest in each other, both are notified. Otherwise, everyone's secrets are kept safe. It's a win-win. Friendsy is a perfect friend that will gather information for you without telling your secrets. Read more
eProSoft provides insights based innovative marketing strategies to health care providers, and pharmaceutical companies. Read more
Claim your data's predictive power early analyzes your data to find where it's most predictive, and helps you pitch potential end users. Virtually for free. Read more
Nexus360 is a tool that boosts your website ranking. It is the only application on the market that automates the implementation of the search optimization rules . Our differentiator! Brand Sentiment Analyzer is a tool that quantifies online opinion of a brand. It recommends and apply the most effective key phrases to use in your online marketing campaign. Our differentiator!  Read more
Offerboard is a platform for small scale offerings. Offerboard uses technology to serve a private placement marketplace that is 8 times larger than the U.S. IPO marketplace, and which accounts for 75% of job growth globally. Offerboard uses proprietary algorithms and a patent-pending process to help match investors to investments of interest to them, to coach CEO’s on how to improve their fundraising efforts, and the help bankers facilitate clean and compliant transactions.  Read more
Ralli is SaaS platform that allows groups of athletes and their coaches to track and compare athletic performance data. Our platform is device-agnostic, deferring to each user's preference in data collection device or application. With Ralli, coaches can track their team's improvement and identify weaknesses, while athletes monitor their own statistics and strive to outperform their teammates and opponents.  Read more
Varsity Software evaluates ideas for various software solutions and then develops prototypes for the best ones. Varsity then assembles a team of college students to create and build a fully operational business around the software solution. Our most recent software solution is a video-sharing platform called Simpty (version 1.0 was recently published in the iTunes App Store). This application allows event attendees to easily upload photos and videos which event organizers can then edit and distribute. Cara Slear, a junior and a varsity swimmer at Princeton University, will be leading the efforts to launch Simpty and build a business around this product. Read more
JIN Technologies Inc. is proud to serve the Central New Jersey area - helping small to medium sized businesses with all their IT needs. Our expert staff will help you find everything you need for you business to run at its maximum potential and at a fraction of the price. Our mission is to continually simplify mission-critical technology while dramatically re-inventing superior values so that we may endeavor in order to stay competitive in tomorrow's world and meet our customer's needs. We want to help maximize your company's performance. Ask our clients what made them choose us and you’re likely to get many different answers. There’s one thing they’ll all agree on though; we deliver outstanding results in record time. Quality people offering great quality services. Read more
The idea behind Orchive is to allow individual eyewitnesses to make their own news available for the world to see. People from anywhere in the world post what they see or hear, and our crowd-sourced accuracy system will rate and place them. In the jumble of relationship-based social networks out there, Orchive provides a platform solely for real, factual news; it seeks to foster a community of responsible first-hand journalists. Read more
As a seed fund, we invest in Digital Health companies and student entrepreneurs (current undergraduates, graduate students, and recent graduates). Applications are now open. Please apply on AngelList or through our website. Read more
Audigram (HackNY S12) lets you collect, play, and share music that you from online. Read more is a "how to" website that adds a social component. Users can publish their own instructional pictorials called iGrams . They can share them with their friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Users can follow, comment on and share iGrams they like. And we have a network of shopping affiliates where users can get real time comparison pricing on iGram components, buy the components, and the iGram creator earns a commission. Read more
Integrated Continuum Health Services delivered by a team of specially trained medical and fitness professionals. Providing "1 on 1" cutting-edge Physical Therapy and Medical-Fitness services in less than 100 square feet is at the heart of the Activcore model. An Activcore mini-clinic acts as a "Box in a Box" and can live within various settings including fitness centers, physical therapy clinics, and corporate worksites. With a central administrative office in New Jersey, cloud-based EMR, paperless operations, and video-conferencing capabilities... Activcore mini-clinics allow Licensed Physical Therapists and highly trained Fitness Trainers to work as a true integrated team with just one goal in mind, your life-long health. Read more
Traction (08/14/2013): Customers and Users - 160 Schools, 26 Libraries and 14,000+ Students in NJ System - Successfully delivered 88,000 lessons and over 1 million assessment questions. Product Info: 1) Lumos tedBooks combine the simplicity of printed books with anywhere learning. 2) Lumos Quill technology allows teachers, parents and curriculum leads to rapidly create custom interactive lessons and assessments that supplement classroom learning. It helps educators collaboratively capture and centralize lesson plans and assessments and make them available to students in both print and eLearning format. Phase 2 of the product would focus on addition of social learning component, scale, improving usability and mobile access capabilities. 3) Lumos eLearning is self paced, student directed, individualized and personalized learning that can improve student performance on any grade level standardized test. Teachers can monitor the online work performed by students using the Teacher Portal. Read more
ZPEG is a virtually perfect cellular phone compression algorithm, supporting high-quality bidirectional video at dramatically lower data rates: MPEG-IV / VP8 quality video at 250Kb/sec MPEG-II / JPEG quality video at 1Mb/sec JPEG computational complexity (.1% of MPEG) Runs in real time Low latency Noise immunity Unlimited high-quality video teleconferencing with existing data caps Play unlimited movies with existing data caps Read more
LegalCrunch helps you take advantage of the law. We provide simple and affordable legal solutions for common issues faced by millions everyday. Don't overpay for lawyers that literally make their secretaries do the work. You can get the same result for a fraction of the cost. Read more
Malibu Apps develops both fun & practical apps for iPhone. To date we've published more than 50 applications on the App Store. Read more
LifeVest is the “stock” for your health. LifeVest addresses the $6 billion problem in workplace wellness, return on investment (ROI). Through a “stock” tied to each employee’s health, our progress-based program ties health incentives dollars directly to reduction in health risk. We transform the abstract value of better health into something concrete and desirable, cash. In a simple to use, fun and highly engaging platform modeled after the stock market, our users are motivated to track their health and their earnings daily. LifeVest is fundamentally changing the way we see health by changing the way we value it.  Read more
Canvsly, is a mobile platform that lets you capture, organize, share and cherish your child's art work anywhere, anytime, forever! Every child is creative and they produce a lot of art at home or in school. Art is one of the ways kids express their voices. Sadly they end up on a refrigerator or a wall or in a box and then lost in a clutter. We are on a mission to save all the precious art and make parents guilt and clutter free!! Read more
When you engage Princeton Internet Marketing Consultants you get more than just a company that executes online Strategic Internet Marketing Campaigns. Our Internet Marketing Consultants understand your industry and know how to drive targeted customers to your website. We analyze your competition and reveal their digital marketing plan. We tailor our Strategic Internet Marketing Campaigns to achieve the results you expect from your Internet Marketing initiatives. For more information, visit Read more
What if you could see what anyone else was seeing, anywhere in the world, right now? Now you can. Share the present moment with anyone, anywhere! Post live videos– called “Presents” –of what you’re seeing so your friends and family can share the experience. Follow friends with a single button tap, and you’ll be pushed a notification when they are posting Presents! -Watch Presents as they’re happening, or later. -No length limits on posts. -Request your friends to post Presents when you want to see what they’re doing simply by tapping ‘Demand’ on their profiles. -Presents load and play instantly as you browse. -Find friends on Present from your contacts, Facebook, and Twitter. -Discover the newest and most popular Presents. -And much more! Read more
We take power of everyone’s camera. With this large pool of pictures/videos, we do all the hard work and match the pictures to the right runner based on our image recognition software we have developed. We can even break apart videos, creating clips of each runner. Now the runner will have the power of the crowd and have a collage of the best pictures of themselves from all these different cameras. Our image recognition software has over 2,500 optimized algorithms, to detect and recognize faces and bib numbers. The key is having users load up their images and bibs from the race. This ensures consistent lighting, facial features, and bib fonts. User loads up an image of their bib and enters in the number providing us the key for precious matching Read more
Our events and initiatives introduce students to entrepreneurship at Princeton. Competitions: Our Princeton Pitch (fall) and TigerLaunch (spring) events award over $50,000 in prizes every year. Silicon Valley TigerTreks: A fall trip to SV with 20 promising students to visit founders of startups and executives at companies like Google + Facebook. NYC Tigertreks: Day-long visits to NYC startups throughout the year. Hackathons: HackPrinceton is the largest hackathon on Princeton's campus with 200+ students. Hack Classes: Introductory classes in web development, iOS development, and design. Hack Week: A weeklong hackathon during the break before spring semester. Speaker Series: We invite entrepreneurs to speak at Princeton about their experiences, including Peter Thiel, Fred Wilson, Walter Isaacson, Meg Whitman, and Jack Dorsey. Idea Factory + Fellows' Events: Talks and dinners where students meet and learn from talented makers and entrepreneurs on campus. Read more
Asthma, allergies and chronic sinusitis affects nearly 100 million Americans. Indoor mold growth has been proven to cause and/or aggravate all of these conditions. Through unforgettable brands such as 1-800-GOT-MOLD?® and the GOT MOLD?® Test Kit, we help concerned consumers regain control of their health and well-being. View this video to learn more: Access code: angel Email Jason Earle ( with any questions. Read more
Wattvision's sensors and software help businesses and consumers save money on energy. Consumers love us for our ease of setup, commercial entities love us for our low cost and quick payback, and devs love us for our real-time data API. Check us out at Read more
TAG Optics provides a game-changing opportunity for any system where high speed focusing is important. Our patented TAG Lens technology uses sound to shape light, giving unprecedented speed and precision to existing equipment and opening the door to truly revolutionary applications ranging from laser processing to imaging and everything in between. The TAG Lens increases functionality, saves time and money providing unique solutions for end-users and OEM alike. Read more
Symple is a symptom diary that helps you keep track of how you feel. By also recording factors that might influence your symptoms, factors like activity levels, diet choices or medications, Symple helps you discover what makes you feel better & what makes you feel worse. Our goal is to make you a more confident & better prepared patient. Never again will you forget a troubling symptom that comes and goes. Our Doctor's Report serves better data, efficiently, with your doctor. And in a language that you both understand. By tying your symptoms back to ICD 10, you'll be helping your doctor, so she can spend more time talking to you. We love our doctors and want to help them help us. By being more mindful of our bodies, and sharing better information with them, we can make healthcare a better experience for everyone! Read more
Tussle is a virtual arena for all the bets, games, disagreements and challenges in your life. When your competitions are on Tussle you have a public showcase to share with friends while you track your record, compete for votes, trash-talk, and post embarrassing photos or videos as part of the stakes. Read more
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