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Wind map and weather forecast. Weather radar, wind and waves forecast for kiters, surfers, paragliders, pilots, etc. Read more
We are creating an international fund based on retail traders which will offer a diversified portfolio to investors and help traders beat their path to financial independence. Read more
Producing 3D printers.We have become the no. 1 fastest growing tech company in Central Europe (Deloitte Fast 50 2018) Growth rate 17,118 % over the past four years. Read more
Integromat is an integration and automation service offering features that you won’t find on other similar services. We do everything that other automation services like Zapier or IFTTT offers, but we are adding a wide range of more advanced options. Here is a short overview: * Automations can be very complex. You can automate an **unlimited number of consecutive actions**, not just 1:1 (if this:then that). Each action has at its disposal data returned by previous actions. This allows you to automate your entire workflow, not just one part. * Integromat gives you the possibility to use built-in **routers to duplicate any incoming data**. Using routers, you can divide your scenario into multiple routes and process data separately in each route. * Integromat supports **dynamically created inputs and outputs**. Thanks to this feature you can, for example, call remote database procedures and map their input and output variables. Read more
Memsource has developed a unique approach to reducing translation costs by combining traditional translation technology with patented AI technology. Read more
Dame Jidlo is web and mobile app helping hungry people find any type of food delivery, at any place, any time, with just 3 clicks.  Read more
A brand new solution in marketing and loyalty based on card payment data. Read more
TMetric provides time tracking, work session monitoring, reporting tools, integrations and much more features, which help organizations and individuals to effectively manage work time and increase their productivity. Read more
DataLead - B2B Growth engine that dwarfs Zoominfo in every metric Read more is a growing Prague-based startup, focused on keeping your budget low and helping you learn how to manage your money. Read more is a growing Prague-based startup, focused on keeping your budget low and helping you learn how to manage your money. Read more
Devart is currently one of the leading developers of database management software, ALM solutions and data providers for most popular database servers. Read more
Poetizer is a social network for creative poetic expression and meaningful connection. Read more
We put books back in circulation. Read more
Create professional Email templates easily - drag & drop Email Builder. Read more
Keboola allows us to integrate data from proprietary platforms and correlate them with data from industry-leading solutions. Keboola is a facilitator to the business in our quest to gain market intelligence. Read more
Tipli is a cashback site, offering members an up to 33 % cashback. Read more
Resistant AI helps to protect AI systems from targeted manipulation, adversarial machine learning attacks and advanced fraud. Read more
Spendee helps people understand their finances so they can make smarter decisions and have stress-free life. Read more
Our mission is to become the industry standard for the way social marketing is measured and optimized. We're members of the Facebook Marketing Partnersprogram, and serve over 2 500 clients across 100 countries. We track, analyze, and benchmark over 8 million social profiles across all the major social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Instagram, Google+ and VK. We allow anyone to add and begin tracking a new social profile within minutes - their own, a competitor's, a best-in-class business in another industry - whatever. And we go deeper than even the best native tools. Read more
Mapotic is a mapping platform which allows one to showcase their business or company in order to generate more revenue. Read more
Avocode is a service that helps front-end developers with building websites/apps from Photoshop designs. Designer shares the PSD with the developer using our Photoshop extension, that automatically uploads and syncs the PSD with our servers. Developer then uses the Avocode app (mac/windows/web) to view the design and to get assets that he needs — Images, vectors, CSS, dimensions, colors, fonts, text… All without Photoshop.  Read more
Apify is the one-stop shop for all your web scraping, data extraction, and robotic process automation needs. Read more
Flexible operational leasing - the easiest way to a car. Read more
At Time is Ltd., we create software to help teams increase productivity of their teams. We integrate calendar data in one dashboard and overlay it with other data sources such as CRM, communication information, and other SaaS tools. Read more
The International School Database is a one-stop shop for finding, researching and comparing schools in cities across the world. Each school's listing includes full contact details, school policies, nationality information, extra-curricular activities, and much more. Everything you need to know is all under one roof, so you can make an informed decision on the best school for your children. Read more is an online space connecting startups with their future employees. We offer a central place for presentation of job offers by startups looking for reinforcement. It brings a list of offers for those who want to try something different and start working for startup Read more
OctoGEO prepares Earth Observation data into a form directly usable by companies in their end-user products and websites - from private intranet applications, offline hardware devices to games. Read more
A tool that effectively handles orders by breaking down manual actions. This prevents errors and ensures the smoothness of the purchase proces from creation of the order to the expedition. Also provides expert advice related to the expansion of e-shop and retailers abroad. Read more
Skyvia is a powerful cloud data integration and backup service. It allows you to integrate data in your cloud CRMs and relational databases. Connect different applications and platforms with Skyvia and benefit from integrated data! Rich functionality, wide data source support, intuitive interface, and detailed tutorials make Skyvia a perfect solution for cloud and on-premise data integration. Read more
Enterprise blockchain made easy. Tatum is a developer tool making all developers blockchain developers . Integrate the value of blockchain in days. Innovate and scale seamlessly and securely. Read more
AZair is a specialized lowcost flights data aggregator and search engine. Combine flights of 100+ low-cost airlines in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Oceania. Read more
LIV creates technology to share Virtual Reality experiences. Read more
IP Fabric develops Automated Network Assurance Platform, uncovering risks and threats before they occur by simulating global networks. Read more
Data extraction, integration and analytics platform. Read more
Instant babysitting. Online service where parents book babysitters. All supported by social networks and user reviews. Read more
Scaleo allows you to create a seamless customer experience that fits your brand. Get detailed statistics, track, analyze, and optimize your campaigns in real-time, filter out fraud traffic and clicks, get automated alerts and easy affiliate payouts. Read more
Thanks to Frutiko service, from anywhere in the world, you can order fruit flowers, fresh flowers or present and by that you can surprise your parents, relatives or love by sending the package anywhere in the Czech Republic. Read more
Self-service automated optician with groundbreaking way of distributing glasses. Read more
Supernova brings mobile app UIs to life in minutes by converting Sketch and Adobe XD designs into native frontend code for Flutter, iOS, Android and React Native. Read more
Supernova is design system platform which joins developers and designers together Read more
Free WiFi is becoming a norm. Visitors expect free WiFi access in public places. WiFi providers are looking for new ways how to monetize free WiFi. We in SOCIFI have a solution. We use sophisticated technologies as real-time-bidding and social media for advanced Ad targeting and highest yield. We enable business to further engage with customers and get user analytics. In two years there will be doubled growth in free hotspots worldwide. We are going to be market leader of this wave. - 100% engagement - 100% share of voice - very high average CTR WiFi marketing - own brand promotion - increase user engagement, loyalty and sales - advanced user analysis - social media features WiFi monetization - new media space for advertisers - new revenue stream - visitor data analytics Solution suitable for brands & venues: - IPS & WISP, Municipal WiFi, Airports... - Chains & Shopping malls (Hotels, Stores, Restaurants...) - Small business (Coffee Shops, Bars, Restaurants, Companies...) Read more
Mutumutu is an online life insurance with a clear and broadest coverage in case of illness or accident. Read more
200+ highly skilled designers and engineers. Web & mobile development, AR & VR. Ready to unlock your opportunity with human-centered design. Read more
Whalebone protects users and machines withnotu installing any software into the end devices. Inovation is seemed in the fact that i tis not necessary to install any software into the end devices. Read more
Duomly - let’s learn programming! We believe everybody can learn how to code, that’s why we decided to make the coding accessible. No matter how much time and experience you have, you can join and learn how to create a website or app with different technologies. Learn from interactive theory courses, by doing exciting and fun exercises, and reading interesting information. You also can select practical courses, and build a project, step by step. We want to give you the best experience of learning, that’s why our platform provides a range of useful features combined with great content.  Enjoy learning like never before! Read more
Recruitment marketplace for SW developers. Developers stay anonymous while companies pitch to them and get a €500 bonus with a new job. Read more
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