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trakt is like for TV. It keeps track of everything you watch on your HTPC. Tracking is automatic, so no need to manually check-in. We call that scrobbling. Users can view their visualized TV analytics on our website and interact with trakt in different ways using one of the many third-party applications developed by the community.  Read more
Our mission is to radically change the rental real estate experience with a focus on beautiful, fast products, transparency, privacy, and total control of one's information. We're fundamentally changing how things work for both landlords and renters.  Read more
MobileRQ is a precision marketing platform for mobile, serving the global travel sector. Driving revenue & increasing loyalty for global travel brands. MobileRQ's cloud based Traveler Platform supercharges the relationship between traveler and travel provider. We combine big data and mobile to identify a traveler’s real-time context. We allow travel brands to segment their customer audiences and run targeted mobile campaigns to them throughout the "trip funnel." This is important because it helps our customers (hotels, airlines, online travel agencies) increase revenue and customer loyalty Read more
Revelation creates a web and mobile platform that embeds a disruptive approach to qualitative market research - enabling companies to better understand their customers at a fraction of the time and cost of focus groups. This activity-based approach, called Immersive Research, is currently in use by companies like P&G, General Mills and many of the world’s leading global market research agencies - and is poised to enable a disruptive, scalable business model for the $6B qual research market.  Read more
Sketch.IO is a web company that builds visual problem-solving and experimental tools for clients in a number of different industries, including government administration, research, health care and education. The founders are passionate about solving real-world problems and contributing to the reinvention of processes within many industries, as well as contributing to the open-source software movement. Read more
Puppet provides system administrators with a simplified platform that allows for consistent, transparent, and flexible systems management. Read more
Vooks is a subscription based streaming service exclusively dedicated to animated storybooks. Read more
MusthaveMenus enables restaurants, beauty salons, health clubs and other local businesses to manage all menu needs together: design, online publishing, and professional printing. We're different because we don't cut corners on any of these steps. Businesses get a top quality product with each. Updates to beautifully printed in-store menus stay in-sync with menus published on web, social or mobile destinations. The result of this streamlined system is a dramatic reduction in expense and hassle for the business and an improved menu experience for the consumer. Ultimately, MustHaveMenus will ensure the freshness of the world's menu data. Read more
The $20 billion private commercial real estate financing market is ripe for disruption. CrowdStreet is an equity crowdfunding platform connecting accredited investors with exclusive real estate investment opportunities and providing ongoing investor relationship management. Investors get direct access to high-quality, income-producing and professionally-managed investments. Property owners (Sponsors) have a new source of capital to help them acquire, refinance and/or refurbish their properties. CrowdStreet is like AngelList for investment real estate. Read more
Finally, a smarter way to hire for the food and drink industry. Poached is a deep dive into a passionate and unique industry offering valuable tools to help busy restauranteurs better staff their businesses. And not without cause: 600+k restaurants struggled with an 60% turnover rate in 2012, translating to 8 million open positions to fill. Poached streamlines the hiring process, connects high quality job seekers with the best jobs available, and creates an easy hiring experience for a busy industry. Here is what makes us unique: 1. Industry-focused hiring resource with easy tools that clean up the hiring process for restaurants 2 Proprietary BackOffice tools that are designed around industry hiring practices, allowing time to make better, long lasting hires (vs. slogging thru an email inbox) 3. Helps Job seekers stand out from the Craigslist masses 4. Job seekers apply in just one touch from their smart phones 5. Competitive pricing @ $25.00 per post  Read more
RebatesMe is a online shopping site. Read more
GrowlerWerks makes pressurized growlers for craft beer. Read more
Crowd Supply lets you raise money from the crowd to manufacture your next big idea. Once funded, continue taking pre-orders until it's manufactured. Once manufactured, continue selling it from our warehouses. Shipping and logistics are taken care of and we'll point you in the right direction if you need help along the way. Read more
OpenSesame is the world’s marketplace for buying and selling elearning courses. We make buying and selling corporate eLearning as easy as downloading a song from iTunes. The OpenSesame marketplace and technology disrupts the leaders in the highly fragmented $4.5B elearning content market. With more than 21,000 courses from 260 sellers, buyers purchase courses with no expensive subscriptions or long-term commitments and use them instantly online, by email or in any learning management system. Read more
Built the ecosystem for leveraging portable identities via OpenID and served as a founding member of the OpenID Foundation. Deployed on more than 365,000 websites, including media, retail, entertainment, technology and many other industries. Supporting more than 25 identity providers, including leading brands in Europe and Asia. Read more will provide all the laws, always up to date, and always free. It lowers the cost of legal research for attorneys and their clients. It increases access to the law for the public. It has begun doing this by disrupting the legal information market through innovative software engineering techniques and by following best practices. has several established revenue streams such as advertising and paid subscriptions. It is in the process of expanding its breadth of services to include all US plus foreign jurisdictions. It is also planning to enter and disrupt legal service fields such as international trademark and domain name protection. Read more
This invention is called the Sports Data Query Language (SDQL) and provides agile access to sport data. It is valuable because: The market for sports content from the fan, fantasy and gaming sectors is big; The SDQL is a thin layer on the genius open source scripting language Python; Good programmers know C, Lisp, Haskell and love Python. This invention will enable us to quickly dominate the sports content market with a small team of programmers. Read more
A goal-tracking tool with teeth. Report your progress every day and make sure to keep all your data points on a Yellow Brick Road to your goal. If you fail to do so your graph will be frozen and you can pledge (by which we mean pledge actual money) to stay on track on your next attempt. If there's something you know you should do, you really do want to do, you know for certain you *can* do, yet that historically you don't do (and also you're a highly nerdy data freak) then you should try it! Read more
SimpleMDM allows you to configure, secure, and track iPads, iPhones, and OS X remotely, via the web. SimpleMDM provides advanced functionality usually exclusive to convoluted enterprise offerings. Read more
PayRange is the world’s simplest mobile payment solution for vending, parking, transit ticketing, laundry, amusement, and more. In under a minute, anyone, even a route driver, can install the PayRange BluKey without any tools. The hardware cost is under $20, there are no monthly fees, and mobile payment discount is just 3.95% (compared to 5.5% to 7.0% currently for machines). Simple setup. Simple pricing. Simple to use. The PayRange system includes three elements: low-cost hardware, free app, and back-end service. Credit cards are processed directly by a PCI compliant provider and we never store or see credit card numbers in our system.  Read more
Moot is a unified discussion platform. Moot is able to drive commenting and forums on your site as a drop in replacement to existing solutions as well as extended via javascript to meet any specific engagement needs. Moot is the only unified solution available and with its extensibility it's the most flexible. Read more
The Hubb Platform makes virtual, in-person and hybrid events with powerful attendee engagement tools that bring brands to life. Read more
Teams navigating RFPs and Security Questionnaires in today's unique business environment are looking for ways to stay connected, focused, and productive. We are here to help. Read more
CartHook is a powerful sales platform for leading ecommerce brands. Read more
Sensu empowers businesses to automate their monitoring workflow and gain deep visibility into their infrastructure, applications, and operations. Read more
Cloud Campaign is the easiest way for agencies to manage multiple brands on social media at scale. Read more
AskNicely is a real time customer feedback platform based on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) framework. Read more
Koan is a simple, collaborative approach to manage goals and OKRs for your entire company. Read more
iFlipd is a new way to read ebooks, share them with others, and get rewarded for doing it. iFlipd allows for short-term ebook rentals in a micro-transaction model. iFlipd fosters a social network of readers renting and sharing ebooks within the iFlipd community, driving increased ebook use. Readers are incentivized to use iFlipd’s social media features to recommend books to friends. Social activity by users is rewarded within the iFlipd system. Read more
Monitask is an online time-tracking and screenshot monitoring SAAS company. Read more
Original green technology news targeted to valuable light green U.S. consumers with Web 3.0 ad and sponsor options. Risen to #3 clean tech publisher (#2 in consumer space) in the world by traffic in shorter timeframe and with far less capital than competitors.  Read more
Switchboard is a community-building classifieds platform. On Switchboard, members of close-knit networks ask for what they need and offer what they have to give. There are only two types of posts: asks and offers. No photos, videos, status updates, spammy listservs, groups, pages, likes, events. Just useful information. Needs are met. Connections are made. Problems are solved. Communities are strengthened and thrive. It has been described as a private, non-creepy Craigslist; an online version of how people actually interact in the real world; a Facebook you would actually want to use; a place to share of ourselves, and not about ourselves. Read more
Apex Trading is a Wholesale Software Company. Read more
Elevation Dock, the best dock made for the iPhone. First crowd-funded project to break a million dollars. Read more
A cloud-based, real-time collaboration platform for designers to create and share spatial design in VR and AR. Read more
Brave Care operates healthcare clinics intended to offer urgent childcare services. Read more
Real time customer feedback and employee rewards app. The simplest way to gather customer feedback, measure team performance and reward employees. Team members compete to provide the greatest customer happiness. Stop sending surveys and start measuring customer happiness and engagement through every interaction.  Read more
MilkRun is an online marketplace and grocery delivery service that connects consumers and Chefs directly with hundreds of local farmers. Read more
Defendify is an all-in-one, SaaS-delivered cybersecurity platform for Small Business. Read more
Cloudability lets you see all your cloud spending in one place. Cost and usage data is aggregated from multiple platforms, improving cloud spend efficiency, eliminating unexpected overages and providing an enterprise-wide view of costs. In addition to a paid enterprise version, we harness the big data we're collecting to earn revenue from behaviorally targeted cloud services offerings. Featured in New York TImes, GigaOm, FastCompany, CNNMoney, CIO Mag & NetworkWorld. Read more
Arduboy is an interactive digital entertainment card created based on an Arduino board that has been stripped to as small as necessary. Read more
We help life sciences companies target, establish value & strengthen relationships with top clinicians and buyers. Read more
Get stock when you spend with your favorite brands. Brokerage services provided by Bumped Financial, LLC, member FINRA/SIPC. Read more
Gather live every day to focus, be productive, and work remotely together Read more
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