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Omni Calculator is a web/mobile calculator that solves concrete problems such as mortgage payment, gross margin, body mass index, break-even point, etc. It's very user-friendly, flexible and usable on web, mobile and as an embeddable web widget. Read more
Booksy is the leading beauty marketplace for finding, scheduling and managing appointments (with over 3 million online bookings worldwide in February 2020), anchored by a SaaS app for business management. Read more
Smart time tracking software for teams and freelancers with billing, budgeting, reporting and invoicing Read more
Porta is a tool that helps to collect money for any set purposes. Read more
Femininity expressed through clothing that each and every one of our customers can discover Read more
Active on the market for almost 10 years, Sales Manago developed rapidly to be one of the leading providers of Personalised Direct marketing in the region with over 2000 clients. Read more
Offering powerful and free UI KIT for the newest Bootstrap 4 and Material Design. 400+ material UI elements, 600+ material icons, 74 CSS animations, SASS files, templates, tutorials and many more. Free for personal and commercial use. Read more
Internet sales management, store integration with Allegro, Amazon and eBay Read more
Sporticos Gives A New Dimension To Sports Content Sporticos website is a fresh startup which provides football infographics for more than 60 leagues from all over the world. The website shows all kinds of football statistics and publish more than 1000 new infographics each week. Using sports infographics could take a post to the next level, like by using profiles of teams or players and even comparisons each other, the visualized content could give to audience the opportunity to have a better idea to analyze forthcoming matches. The idea of Sporticos, as an AI for sport content, is to gather and analyze up-to-date football statistics; match previews, stats, facts, betting, weather, social media and fixtures and other related data which can then be displayed in the form of infographics. However, these soccer infographics are available in 8 different languages; English, French, German, Indonasian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. Read more
PushPushGo is a platform for sending automatic web push notifications. Read more
Tylko is D2C brand offering high-quality, perfectly fitting shelving that can be ordered in the easiest way possible.  Read more
Our mission is to facilitate patients' access to doctors from all over Poland via the Internet. A system has been prepared also for doctors to manage the doctor's office, which will improve their daily work. Read more
Kanban Tool is a web-based application, dedicated to running custom processes along with the Kanban method. Thanks to a clear design, all tasks are easily accessible for viewing and sharing at a whiteboard, and the automated Work-In-Progress limits facilitate putting an end to wasteful multi-tasking. Kanban Tool's cards allow the team to manage their process by: - setting due dates - assigning tasks to team members - commenting and collaborating - sharing documents - adding difficulty points and much more. A basic Kanban Tool board is simple and easy to get started with. You can, however, make it more complex by building a custom process, and turning on some Power-Ups, which will make the process better suited to your needs. Read more
The faster, cheaper, safer way to transfer money. We work with the largest payment companies in the world, and are regulated by the FCA & HMRC to ensure that your money reaches its destination safely. Read more
UXPin’s mission is to enable the best user experiences by merging design and engineering into one world of better, faster product development. Read more is the most visited wedding portal in Poland. Read more
The most lightweight experiment management tool that fits any workflow. Read more is an innovative advertising network based on links that are spread over the Internet. Unlike other ad networks we don’t need even a single pixel of your precious webpage space. We simply take care of your links. With our mighty targeting tools we can match ads to specific needs of customers more adequately - making ads way more effective.  Read more
GamerHash platform enables non-technical users to exchange computing power for virtual products from the integrated marketplace. Read more
RTB House is a tech company with worldwide operations, developing its own tools for buying inventory and displaying adverts in the Real-Time Bidding model (RTB). The company offers: Personalized Retargeting - a highly effective online advertising solution for e-shops that brings back ex-shoppers to the website. Instead of generic advertisements, visitors see personalized ads based on their shopping habits and preferences. The TANDEM Effect - a cooperative advertising solution for manufacturers to promote specific products and display them more often than competitors. Instead of seeing ads with multiple brands, users see products from only one specific maker. It's for manufacturers aslo the tool to monitor, compare, and optimize their product advertising campaigns against the competition. TANDEM Effect earned honorable mention in Innovation Award Media Trendy 2014. Read more
Biggest academy for IT rookies in CEE, operating in 25 cities across Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Read more
Quantor is an independent exchange rate comparison tool created to provide reliable data about foreign exchange market in Poland. Read more
There are more then 50 000 families in Poland per year, looking for someone who can look after their child. Our passionate team which enjoys solving problems in most simple way created service which makes this process easier and faster. connects families looking for best care for their children with nannies and babysitters. Together with (elderlycare), (housemaids), (renovations) form a group services that allow you to quickly find reliable help for your household. After registration families are provided with easy to use interface to browse caregivers in their area and are able to contact them. They also can leave job offer, and wait for caregivers to apply. Caregivers are building their reputation, creating unique, online resume by publishing references, confirming identity, uploading photos etc. Finding help for your household was never so easy. At the moment is 2nd (after service of this kind in Europe. Read more
And here's what makes it different: ADD MORE METADATA - ADD VALUE TO DOCUMENTATION Users can define virtual relationships between tables and virtual unique keys - the ones that aren't defined in the database but those rules should apply. They can define relationships even with views. Large databases can be split into logical modules which makes them easier to analyze, understand and document. POWERFUL EDITOR Dataedo is like having word processor connected to your database. You can document your databases using rich text with images. You can write pages of formatted text and attach diagrams, charts or whatever describes your point best. And you can do that for each object. You can describe any element of any object - relationship, trigger, parameter and many more. QUICK SCHEMA UPDATE Once anything changes in your documented databases you can sync all the changes with couple clicks. USEFUL AND AESTHETIC EXPORT EASY UI TEAMWORK READY Read more
inSTREAMLY is an automated streamer management platform which brings brands and streamers together. Read more
Autenti is a polish platform for document authorization and contracting via the Internet. Read more
Copyright protection for the average Joe. Read more
Edrone is an autonomous e-commerce CRM platform that provides advanced marketing automation solutions. Read more
We build an easy and simple platform where Brands can manage, moderate, monitoring, analyse their Facebook pages, their Social Media Teams around the world, and see what their competitors are doing. This is the power of the Cat, Napoleon Cat! Read more
Leasing as a method of payment for online shopping entrepreneurs. Read more
DietetykPro is a modern program and portal created by specialists for dieticians. DietetykPro allows you to create a diet in an easy and intuitive way thanks to the built-in product database and ready-made recipes, taking into account all the information from the interview. Read more
Survicate is a marketing saas application that lets you: • track your website visitors; • survey them on-site with non-invasive widgets (questions branching); • engage them with precisely targeted calls-to-action; • build detailed profiles of visitors based on answers, interactions, browsing history, purchases and data from other apps; • analyze visitors; • integrate with different apps to enrich them with qualitative data, i.e. you can build custom profiles in Google Analytics using answers from Survicate survey. Coming soon - integration with CRM and Marketing Automation Systems; Works on desktop and mobile. Benefits: • Increase sales • Increase sign-ups • Capture sales leads • Profile visitors • Survey visitors • Gather feedback • Promote content • Improve your website • Improve SEO (uncover keywords) And more to come. Read more is a comparison service for courier services. You can quickly and easily compare courier offers and order the service that suits you best. Read more
Airly is an internet company that specializes in providing hyper-local data about air pollution. Read more
Cold emails & Follow-ups sent automatically from your mailbox - the idea is based on the use of algorithms to automatically send larger amounts of email queries that were previously sent manually. Read more
EKOBILET offers an innovative system for multi-channel sales, planning, and managing ticket sales by organizers of one-time events. Read more
DailyArt is an iOS and Android app that every day publishes one classic art masterpiece with a very short and pleasant tidbit of info about it. It is like a shot of art espresso delivered to your phone every day. It has found admiration among more than 50.000 people (October 2012-August 2013) and has been covered by popular blogs and websites (like Mashable, TUAW, The Next Web). The Next Web has named it "one of the best educational apps of 2012".  Read more
One of the more established IT companies in the city Quantum has been driving improvements in the logistics & warehousing sector for over 20 years. Read more
End-to-end platform for landing pages Read more
At Packhelp we make it super easy for anyone to order fully custom-branded packaging for e-commerce, retail and agencies. It takes less than 5 minutes to design your own packaging in our online box editor. The minimum order we serve is just 30 pieces and we deliver them within 14 days. Thanks to our app & process automation you don’t need to be a designer or print specialist, we make the whole process easy and seamless. Read more
Globkurier is a professional logistics operator in transportation Read more
Quality English lessons from the comfort of your home. Read more
HCM Deck is the employee development platform. Read more is a system for effective management of every sports club, regardless of profile - as the only one on the market it responds to the needs of large and small sports clubs. Read more
Use machine learning to increase the efficiency of your demand generation team! We provide you with the best contact data available on the market and software to automate the whole outbound sales process in one place. Read more
Piwik PRO is an analytics and customer data platform tailored to the individual needs of enterprise clients. Read more
Senuto is an SEO analytics platform and know-how consultancy. Senuto lets you plan, monitor, and optimize marketing activities in Google. Get more data and easily improve your search engine ranking through data-driven content marketing. Use machine-learning algorithms to rank higher! Senuto was created with SEO in mind. In one tool we have gathered all tools supporting the conduct and analysis of SEO activities Read more
Teamdeck is an employee-focused complete resource management solution for agencies and software houses. Our mission is to improve companies’ HR processes such as planning resource allocation, measuring the utilization and forecasting the capacity. Read more
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