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Kitsu helps anime and manga fans track, share and discover more of what they love. Read more
Intelligent Courseware: our courses empower educators and students by enabling dynamic, flexible and responsive instruction.  Read more
What if it was easier for your kids to understand concepts such as math, chemistry, or computer science, which are difficult because there’s nothing to relate them to? Digital Dream Labs is tackling this by bridging the computerized world kids love to the familiar real world we live in with cloudBoard. cloudBoard uses toy puzzle pieces to play fun, mind-enriching videogames. The first game, promoting sequencing and logic skills, is Cork the Volcano, containing over 100 levels to make kids stop, think, and solve problems in creative ways. This toy to tablet philosophy was realized from graduate work at Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology Center, and has already resulted in early hardware & software sales in Pittsburgh, PA. In order to reach parents of 4-12 year olds in the United States, cloudBoard is set to release in late 2014. Join Digital Dream Labs in breaking free of the screen. Read more
Helping Accounting Firms Manage and Track Their Client Work in the Cloud  Read more
Maitri Medicinals is a medical marijuana companyt that provides medical cannabis products to patients. Read more
Gridwise creates solutions that help rideshare vehicles know when and where to drive. Read more
Apollo Neuroscience is a wellness product not intended to treat psychiatric disorders. Read more
NetBeez is an enterprise network monitoring solution that reports real-time connectivity status and application performance data. The system is based on a central server that manages and controls a swarm of NetBeez agents that are deployed all around an enterprise network. Each NetBeez agent is an small appliance that connects to the network as a regular workstation but that simulates a group of users located at the location where it is installed. The network availability and application performance data provided by NetBeez agents enables enterprises to (1) proactively and automatically detect network and application issues before users call the help-desk; (2) troubleshoot and repair problems without having to interact with the affected users; (3) immediately verify that configuration changes applied to the network off-hours will not affect the users during business hours, reducing human-driven outages. Read more
FutureDerm Time-Release Retinol 0.5 is the first time-release microencapsulated retinol gel to market. With sales in fourteen countries and six production runs, FutureDerm Time-Release Retinol 0.5 has set the standard for a whole line of emerging FutureDerm products, including FutureDerm Vitamin CE Caffeic Serum (Q2 2013) and FutureDerm UV Pods (Q3 2013). Read more
Fintech platform that is building communities, one small business at a time. Read more
RoadRunner Recycling provides tech-powered solutions for commercial waste recycling which helps businesses lower recurring costs. Read more
DashBurst is a social network, content marketing platform and search engine rolled into one website. It's the world's first truly open social network, supporting all media types including articles, videos, photos, songs, infographics, presentations, documents, status updates and more. DashBurst is so open that it allows users to embed posts from other social networks including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, SlideShare, SoundCloud and Vine. Now you can gather all of your content in one place in its original format. Thus DashBurst is the perfect platform for sharing and scheduling content, organizing your social media, building a brand, generating leads and launching campaigns! Are you a blogger or business? Photographer or artist? Or just the occasional poster? What we share over social networks represents who we are, so it's important that what we share is published in the format we intended it to be seen in. DashBurst makes this possible so you can be who you want online.  Read more
The Resumator SMB recruiting platform helps growing companies attract, engage and hire brilliant people. Try it for free at Read more
Suitable quantifies soft skill competencies and uses gamification to help universities prepare their students for the job market. Read more
An on demand custom printing platform that allows local pickup for your printed merchandise anywhere nationwide. Read more
Why should Business Applications be boring? InfoCaptor Enterprise is a unique Business Dashboard that combines the Gaming elements. Your widgets can display the metrics from Social Media and your database. On top, you can tell the widgets to dance, blink or make a sound when something happens. Building dashboard is a snap and can be done within 5 minutes Read more
Abridge brings context and understanding to every medical conversation so people can stay on top of their health. Read more
ComVibe addresses the leading cause of preventable residential turnover - poor maintenance - through a suite of SaaS products aimed at reducing property management maintenance costs, improving resident satisfaction and enhancing our customers' brand reputation.  Read more
Allvision is a software company providing high definition, time-based maps for mobility, infrastructure, and transportation. Read more
Idelic is a software enterprise solutions provider for transportation fleets. Read more
LegalSifter's first product is a tool that allows companies to automatically extract important dates, times and other relevant entities from legal contracts without any human intervention. Read more
Treatspace is an Enterprise Health Network that powers online patient, referral and clinical networks. Our clinical social software optimizes patient engagement while powering clinical collaboration and referral management. While building online networks, Treatspace also manages online practice visibility, secure communications and seamless connectivity to patient portals. As practices and health systems continue to expand, the patients, providers and practices are less connected. Treatspace serves as an enterprise platform for web visibility, collaboration, connecting remote sites, creating communities of specialists, sharing clinical trial opportunities, case management reviews and peer education. Read more
Agot's AI restaurant manager enables cashierless checkout and expeditor accuracy. Read more
Etlworks is the creator and provider of Etlworks Integrator, an affordable, powerful, and easy to use cloud data integration service. We help businesses of any sizes connect various systems and APIs through the common gateway. Read more
CleanRobotics makes recycling affordable for businesses, and profitable for recyclers. Read more
Etho Capital is committed to Socially Responsible Investing principles. Read more
Career Igniter lets you create a resume the easy way. Just fill out your information such as your education, any certifications that you have, your work experience, skills, and references. Our resume builder will then allow you pick from 5 different resume templates to download a resume to your computer in Microsoft Word (.DOC) format.  Read more
Flexable is bringing trust and safety to the $17B backup childcare space by connecting Flexable Certified Caregivers to parents Read more
Rapid Flow Technologies spun out of Carnegie Mellon University with the goal of introducing new ITS. Read more
CapSen Robotics provides software to identify, scan, and track the 3D positions and orientations of specific objects in cluttered scenes. Read more
Qeexo develops novel interaction techniques for multi-touch devices. Qeexo's FingerSense technology allows touchscreens to know which part of the finger is being used for input: pad, knuckle or nail. Read more
AccelDx’s technology enables patients and healthcare providers to perform lab-quality medical diagnostic tests at any time and anywhere. The patented pScreen™ platform technology employs a single-use blood test the size of a credit card in tandem with a smartphone application to quickly detect disease-specific biomarker levels. The app can then analyze and transfer the results to the patient’s healthcare provider immediately. AccelDx’s initial product targets Heart Failure (HF) patients. Re-hospitalization of HF patients has become a $20+ billion problem. With the pScreen™ system, patients can – for the first time ever – monitor their heart conditions at home, and send via smarthphone to their healthcare providers up-to-date information on current, historical, and trending HF biomarker BNP (natriuretic peptide) levels. This allows healthcare providers and physicians to monitor heart distress levels and prevent HF-related life threatening events and costly re-hospitalizations.  Read more
NoWait is cloud based seating management for the casual dining restaurant. NoWait eliminates the frustration for restaurants and guests by innovating the waiting process with an iPad wait list that notifies guests by text message when tables are ready. This text message creates a never before available channel for in-restaurant advertising direct to guest’s phones. NoWait automatically builds a valuable text message for post dining interactions. NoWait will become the OpenTable for Casual Dining Read more is a handy online GIF editor with multitrack editing support. What you can do with Editor: import videos from YouTube, Vine and Coub; cut, crop, add subtitles; combine videos, images and GIFs; change speed (slower/faster) and direction (normal/reverse); rearrange imported clips (move them up and down as you move tracks in video editor); and copy tracks. Full features list: - Import videos from YouTube, Vine or Coub (more supported video sites are coming) - Cut and crop - Add timed captions - Import JPG/PNG images or animated GIFs - Change speed - Change direction (normal, reverse, ping pong) - Combine videos, images and GIFs - Multitrack editing - Rearrange and copy imported clips - No watermarks on your GIFs Read more
Collected delivers contextually-relevant content from your cloud accounts as you type from all your cloud accounts. Read more
Locomation develops safe and reliable autonomous trucking solutions. Read more
Identified Technologies offers its industrial customers with a mapping drone solution to increase project visibility and team productivity. Read more
LumiShield provides sustainable, cost-effective coating solutions for industry. Read more is your central service (in the cloud) to manage any and all contact information for either you or your employees. We provide you a simple and easy-to-use interface that allows the dynamic updating of all the virtual business cards (vCards) from one location. Read more
Go Jane Go is the voice of the female business traveler.  Read more
BuildSimHub is a cloud-based building energy modeling automation and 3D visualization platform Read more
CorkGuru: constantly striving to encourage guests to drink boldly. iPad wine menu app for enterprise & guest app for discovery. Read more
Nebulus is a real-time social discovery and arranging tool for musical collaboration. Read more
WhereverTV allows customers around the world to subscribe in real-time to their favorite linear television stations and watch those channels across popular Connected TV platforms including Roku, Boxee, YahooTV and GoogleTV Read more
Conservation Labs is a smart water meter that provides consumption insights, custom conservation recommendations, and leak detection. Read more
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