Global Map > Startups > Western Europe > Germany > Berglen > icon is a Portal-as-a-Service(PaaS) Enterprise-Commerce solution, which allows our customers to create and connect holistic omni-channel scenarios for online, mobile and stationary branches in combination with fullservice logistics services. Imagine a retailer with his local shop trying to go online. He has no clue about shop systems, hosting and also no capacity for packaging or a warehouse. We take care about the shop solution (from subscriptions to physical goods) and also the shipment behind it with our fullfillment logistics center. The retailer can concentrate on his products and marketing, while pijaca takes care of everything from picking, shipment, return management, warehosuing to customer service, credit control and assembly work. It makes no difference if the retailer then grows bigger. With pijaca he can build and use stationary branches. pijaca is the one-stop-solution for eCommerce and logistics.
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