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Crushed, dried olive pips. 100% pure. 100% carbon neutral. 100% recycled olive waste. 100% eco-friendly. Unprocessed - simply cleaned and dried in an oven fired by...dried olive pips! Perfect for combustion, heating and power generation. Higher heat. Lower ash (ash makes perfect fertilizer). Less corrosion to burners. Cheaper and better than pellets or any other biomass. Also perfect for eco insulation and sound-proofing projects. AND also perfect for equestrian use: bedding, menages and gallops. No dust, no contaminants, no toxins (so better for horses' health). Cheaper than conventional products, easier to work with and lighter than wood shavings. But it doesn't stop there. When the olive pulp is received, the pulp is separated from the stones and made into dried, crushed flakes and pellets for animal feed supplements (excellent for health because of the olive oil content). One raw material. Six applications (maybe more).
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