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Ozarks Extreme Outdoors has a vision for a cure of "Nature Deficit Disorder" here in the Ozarks region of Missouri and Arkansas. Goal is to start a for-profit and non-profit to build relationships between families/children and our natural environment. The for-profit organization will consist of a Eco-Tourism company operating in the Branson, Mo area. Building a revenue source that designate a portion of profits to support the non-profit organization. The mission is to develop natural leaders for sustainability of outdoor recreation in the Ozarks. We are looking for public fundraising to continue with our mission, our goal is to provide kayak and canoe trips/clinics, camping trips, hiking trips, and other nature based activities for families and children while providing education on the native resources of the Ozarks. Teaching these future nature leaders how theses individual systems play a role in keeping the balance of a healthy ecosystem in the Ozarks.
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