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You know what you're talking about. You may not know which hashtags are most likely to be related to your topic - and also tracked by many. RiteTaggers use Tweet Composer from most browsers to auto-schedule posts to social networks - with hashtags that reach. RiteTag Stats track what they get: clicks on links, retweets/shares, favorites/plusses, andother metrics. No more guessing; see which hashtags go the distance, and refine to using those that perform for you. A proprietary algorithm powers RiteTag Associated Hashtags as well as hashtags suggested and "reach" in RiteTag Reports. RiteTag Associated Hashtags.: search from topics OR hashtags for: - everything what you need to know to make wise hashtag picks: - recent posts with both your query and also the hashtag. Context usually shows how the hashtag is being used - recent posts with just the hashtag used with your query term(s): the stand-alone reach - who are the influencers using each hashtag and how many times each.
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