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Self Storage Associates is offering investment participation into one of the most stable investments in Real Estate. Investors will enjoy stability of equity through direct ownership, secured by the underlying Storage location. Also, participation in newly acquired growth opportunities as they present themselves through our network of relationships with various banks and industry professionals. Read more
Video Demo: Site: Flickchart is a social media website centered around a unique method of determining each user’s own prioritized list of favorite movies. Read more is a Virtual Pinboard that facilitates the organization and sharing of graffiti and tattoo photos. Read more
Fattmerchant is a direct-cost, integrated payment technology provider dedicated to simplify the payment experience for all businesses.  Read more
Finding the best Orlando hotels is quick and easy through Let us be your complete online source for Orlando hotels, hotels near Disney and family friendly hotels. Read more is an experimental project of A. R. Communications that aims to revolutionize the way WordPress plugins are delivered. It is a marketplace for WordPress plugins, themes and subsystems. The underlying technology of marketplace makes the delivery and maintenance of WordPress plugins easier for both plugin developers and users.  Read more
dvds, candy bars, independent movies and agent recruiters Read more
The world first free platform to allow you to create webinars up to 500 people, with recording. Read more
Teacher Learning Community... an "online learning conference" that's available 24x365... currently 110,000 members... goal is 400,000 teacher members by 12/2012. Most members are US, although we have members from over 50 countries. learning + collaboration + sharing Read more
A Studio in downtown Orlando, right next to all of the hottest clubs, where many of our clients like to attend after their recording session. Our price-to-quality ratio is second to none. I have recently teamed up with Mike Busey, (Nephew of Gary Busey) King of Rock n Roll Debauchery. This studio is for high profile and higher paying customers who get to record and lodge at "The Sausage Castle" - located in St. Cloud. The third installation will be Mobile Engineering. You can't make it to either location? I will bring the studio to you. Also, when our clients go on tour, I am their FOH engineer or monitor engineer. In addition to recording services, we provide film score and other music production for commercials, video games, movies & t.v. series. Read more
Shoflo is an internet software company that builds and markets Software as a Service (SAAS) applications for the technical event production industry including corporate meetings, conventions, broadcast and house of worship. The technical event production industry, a $10 billion industry and Shoflo’s market, is responsible for managing and executing events including Corporate Meetings, Broadcast and House of Worship. Critical to the success of these events is the production cue sheet, used by the event crew, both creative and technical, to lay out a sequence of cues for the event. Existing on every event in the industry, the production cue sheet is the ultimate guide for an event. Currently, the cue sheet is inherently flawed, being versioned, printed and physically distributed across the crew. This creates opportunities for outdated information redundant communication.  Read more
OSI Affiliate Software helps companies to setup and manage an affiliate program. Read more
HRsoft software helps employers improve business results through talent management. The result is increased sales, improved employee engagement and better customer experiences. Robust technology for mid-size employers delivered via the Web - Software as a Service - for talent management, compensation management and recruitment. Fast time to value and high degree of usability. Performance Appraisals, Recruiting, Employee Communications and Compensation Planning. The company is experiencing strong growth and will continue this expansion.  Read more
UniKey delivers the ultimate in convenience, control, simplicity and elegance for access control by making your smartphone a virtual key. With UniKey “touch-to-open” technology, your smartphone stays in a pocket or purse to keep hands free for groceries, strollers or boxes and eliminates the hassle of fumbling for keys. The first application of UniKey's core technology is Kēvo. Developed in conjunction with Kwikset, a market leader in the residential lock industry, Kēvo delivers the ultimate level of convenience for home access. Kwikset is also manufacturing the product to its traditional high standards and handling the retail sales, marketing and distribution.  Read more is a Free Online Dating website similar to PlentyofFish , Datehookup and We offer singles, from around the world, the opportunity to gather at one central location in hopes of finding a date that may lead to a long-term relationship or much more. Some of the sites features include Forums, IM Chat and free inter-site messaging without restrictions. As stated, the site is absolutely free. Revenue is obtained via Adsense, Affiliates Programs, direct ads sales via Google DFP, and branding. Currently, the site has approximately 350,000 members and growing; with 1.9 Million pages indexed in Google. Finally, the uniqueness of the word Dateolicious grants us dual use purposes; thus Dateolicious is not only the name of the website, but also the name of a clothing/merchandising brand. Currently, we sell women clothing branded with the Dateolicious logo. We hope to expand to more products in the future. Read more
AireHealth aims to make patients with Asthma, COPD, and Cystic Fibrosis able to be proactive with their care by introducing a connected nebulizer and medical app that provides patient engagement and medication adherence tracking Read more
The Tech Journal Dot Com is the biggest rising Tech News Site. We are High Alexa Ranked site. We have monthly 3.6 million readers with about 10.2 million page view. We have massive influence among social network with around 1,50,000 fan-following-subscriber including twitter followers, Facebook fan, newsletter subscriber, RSS Feed reader and increasing daily. And about 60%+ User from USA/CA and rest 28%+ from Europe. We are rank No. 1 In Tech News Blog Top site list.  Read more
Mercury Cash is a multinational financial institution the platform allows you to real-time transfers, payments and currency exchanges Read more
World's premier booking platform offering all accommodations for all types of traveler, anywhere in the world, for the best price. Read more
Jobzey allows you to find jobs within your social network. Within 3 clicks, job seekers can see a list of job opportunities from the companies that their friends & followers currently work for. By leveraging their social network, users can greatly enhance their opportunities to get an interview and subsequently get a job. Jobzey is the last job search that you will ever have to do.  Read more
Startup Jungle is the Premiere Education Platform for Startups. All of our training is hand selected from the top leaders in the industry. We utilize a proprietary multimedia learning system to deliver the best training. Read more
1nHealth is a digital technology company utilizing big data analysis to tap qualified and engaged subjects that others ignore. Read more
OneRail is a final mile orchestration platform that matches the demand signal (POS, ERP, eCommerce) with fulfillment networks in real-time. Read more
DIY.FUND allows everyone to manage and understand their investments. Read more
12 powerful tools including live chat, meeting scheduling, FAQ, testimonials and more. All in one simple button added to your website Read more
CumulusClips is a video sharing platform that allows users to create their own video sharing website for free. It can be used by individual users and companies who wish to create a complete video website or video section within an existing website. Caters to both users looking for open sources freebies as well as companies looking for an enterprise solution for video delivery and management. Read more
TrendMonitor is a ratings and reviews website for consumer packaged goods. TrendMonitor allows consumers to review products before buying them and gives manufacturers acccess to new products from around the world as well as valuable consumer insights. Consumers rely on TrendMonitor to find new products, read what others thinks of these products and to find details of the products including ingredients, nutrition, pricing and where to buy. Manufacturers, Ad Agencies, Packaging and Ingredient companies use TrendMonitor to review products from all over the world, learn about the newest Consumer Packaged Goods trends and to understand consumer insights. Read more
SharePlanner is a financial social network for traders, that thrives off of individuals sharing trade ideas, strategies, and real-time trades. The information is endless, through the posting of charts, a vibrant chat-room, Trading-Cue that allows users to post real-time trades, public and private trading groups, as well as a forum for static discussions. Not to mention the endless stream of free content and paid newsletters that users can subscribe to.  Read more
Current products include: • Solar Generator: Powers remote electronic devices where there is no readily available power source • Continuous Power Bridge: Powers devices on street lights on a centralized timer • Outdoor UPS: Protection against temporary brown/black-outs and power surges/dips • Streetlight Power Tap: Access to existing AC power from streetlights • Remote System Monitor (release Q2 2012): sends email or SNMP notifications if systems are operating outside of normal conditions Read more
Paperstac is creating the future of mortgage note investing Read more
BidWilly allows consumers to post the things they need done then watch small businesses and people fight for their business. Read more
SeniorXscape Adult Day Services, LLC is a center that will provide the "modern-era" adult day services to seniors in the Central Florida area. Our mid-sized day service center will service seniors 65 & older with Dementia, Parkinson & Alzheimer Disease. Our center is designed as a social and medical model adult day care center. What does this mean? This means that we provide care for families and their loved ones in an environment which encourages social interaction and mental stimulation. . Read more
Expandiverse: New technology and Intellectual Property to transform into a digital Earth. Capture tomorrow's markets: • Devices ($1 trillion market):
 • Continuous connections ($1.5 trillion+):
 • Services (Includes learning, search, e-commerce):
 • Infrastructure (key components):
 • And more Targets: Leading enterprises, platforms, ecosystems and ambitious startups. Strategy: Adoption provides multiple competitive advantages through 2031 (20-year IP life cycle). Enables multiple strategic thrusts to capture “winner-take-all” leadership of “the future.” More powerful ways to live, work, learn, buy, communicate, and be entertained. A Product Example: Teleportals 
• $1 trillion market opportunity 
• Replace siloed devices with family of fused devices 
• Converge smart phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, game boxes and wearables 
• A universal product line and interface to replace multiple industries Read more
LYNK Capital, LLC is a diversified real estate private equity firm with over 50 years in the real estate and banking industries. We have a team of highly experienced and talented professionals focused on creating value for our investors while serving a niche in the commercial real estate sector and providing much needed financing to commercial borrowers with short-medium term needs. Read more
GMTM is a web and mobile platform that connects athletes, fans, and college programs. Read more
When technology and innovation intersect you will likely be talking about the newly launched online dating website, Date My Ride is a free online dating website that takes dating to a whole new level based on the kind of car your date drives. Read more
Cloud POS system for any small and medium sized business with personalized customer service Read more is a free conversation engine that connects like minded people based on interest.  Read more
Edukate is a workplace financial wellness provider with a mission to provide every person access to expert financial guidance. Read more
PhDC4D builds a 3D computer model that allows customers to quickly see and prioritize inspections and repairs in critical structures like offshore platforms, bridges, industrial plants, aircraft, etc.  Read more
Bringing smartphone enabled frictionless, trust and privacy-aware human behavioral analytical algorithms Read more
360Converge is a next generation SaaS communication platform for the automotive industry. Read more
D2Airport provides Mobile airline baggage pickup and check-in services. Read more
Enterprise SAAS for Private Podcasting Read more
Zupp is an internet platform that builds friendships through shared adventures. Read more
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