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Our beautiful cloud-based accounting software connects people with the right numbers anytime, anywhere, on any device. For accountants and bookkeepers, Xero helps build a trusted relationship with small business clients through online collaboration. Read more
Kami is your digital classroom hero. Read more
AskNicely is a free Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey platform that helps growing businesses drive customer retention and referrals. When a customer buys or gets support from you, AskNicely automatically requests feedback with a beautiful one-question email survey. In real time, you'll know who's happy (or not) and why which means you can act immediately to fix any issues before a customer churns. By tracking your Net Promoter Score on a daily basis, you can deliver a world class customer experience and get more customers saying great things about your brand. With one click, you can publish these comments directly to your website or social media pages and create a sales force of loyal customers. Getting started takes a couple of minutes and requires no IT knowledge. AskNicely integrates quickly with, Intercom, MailChimp, ZenDesk,, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Constant Contact, Woopra and Lever. Read more
Zencastr records each guest locally from their own computer to a high quality mp3. The host then receives a separate high quality track for each guest in their dropbox account. No more dropouts due to a bad connection. No more changes in quality during the show. Nothing but crystal clear audio. Read more
Simply the best investment portfolio tracking & tax reporting tool. Online & free for life. Read more
ROLL is a software company that offers Xero integrated web-based business management and visibility software for services-based businesses. Read more
We build and maintain Showcase Workshop, a mobile content management system used by teams of all shapes and sizes to distribute compelling interactive content to and iPad, iPhone or Android device. Read more
ArchiPro provides users with a local source of inspiration and information for building, renovation and redecoration projects. As well, the ArchiPro platform allows Architects, Designers, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Builders, Photographers, and more to promote themselves, find work, and design better. Read more
TradeWindow is a global trade platform for exporters. Read more
Customised recruitment software that filters job applicants by cultural fit. Saving you time and money, while attracting the top talent with a branded, fun candidate experience. Weirdly is great for startups and growing businesses, who care about creating a healthy, productive team culture as they scale. For companies with 10-80 people, Weirdly can be used as a management system for the whole recruitment process - create your custom quiz, with questions to assess a candidate's cultural fit, share your link out across job boards and social networks or embed in your own website, then manage the review, shortlisting and communication process with candidates. For companies with 80-500 people, Weirdly can work alongside your existing applicant tracking and management tools. Read more
Numerik helps you sell more to your existing customers, leading to deals that are profitable, easier-to-close, and beneficial for seller and buyer. By analyzing your current product offering and what your customers are already buying, Numerik helps you identify opportunities to provide products your customers need, but which they may not even be aware you sell. We call this approach "Customer Scorecard", and it leads to better relationships between you (the sales rep) and your customers. Hard selling becomes a thing of the past, as you focus on collaborative deals that give both parties what they want and need! Numerik is currently under development, with trial access available to reps/managers from businesses that fit our target profile. If you sell multiple product lines to multiple customers (and preferably with a high volume of sales, as opposed to closing smaller numbers of big deals) then we want to hear from you. Read more
LearnCoach is a learning platform for secondary students; offering supplementary courses and government-approved exams. Read more
Marsello is the small retailers virtual marketing assistant Read more
Relab provides free and transparent information for homes across Auckland region, helping home owners, buyers and property professionals. Read more
Termius allows the user to organize hosts into groups, using end-to-end encryption to ensure the data remains safe and secure. Read more
PageProof™ is for anyone seeking feedback on their document, artwork, contract, strategic plan, presentation – any work that’s in progress and needing review or approval from others. To start, drag your file to your browser to begin gathering feedback from your team, in real time. No software downloads or plug-ins, just a modern browser. PageProof gives clear change requests and reduces feedback cycles. Involving a large crowd of collaborators? PageProof’s workflows group proofers, who review in turn when they need to be included. And, without effort, PageProof encrypts your file and all feedback. Read more
Corporate Internal Diversity and Inclusion Employee Communications bundle from SnapComms. Get Employee Attention for D&I messages and campaigns. Maximize the reach and impact of Diversity and Inclusion training. Read more
It's a free New Zealand moving company comparison site. Customers submit their info once and receive up to 5 quotes from professional movers in their area. Read more
Dose & Co develops innovative formulas for people who care about health and wellness. Read more
Soul Machines designs intelligent and emotionally responsive avatars that changes the way people interact with machines. Read more
Hnry is the trusted financial sidekick for contractors and freelancers. Read more
Koordinates is a cloud and on-premises geospatial data management and sharing platform. Think Github + Google Maps, with thousands of layers. We shrink the time required to publish, manage, find and use geospatial data from days or weeks to minutes or hours. Unlike traditional GIS servers, the Koordinates platform contains full copies of datasets so requires no standalone database, has an easy-to-use web UI for data management and viewing, and performs on-the-fly ETL for users to access data in the file format or web service they need. Our end-users include civil engineers, architects, scientists, planners, government employees, GIS analysts, web map developers, surveyors. Our customers want to manage and share large amounts of geospatial and related data. We have a cluster server product for enterprise customers, a central catalogue of open data at, built-in ecommerce and invoicing for commercial geospatial data sales, and an in-development SaaS product. Read more
Eurekly helps learners from all over the world study from their home or office without going to the teacher, which saves their time. We provide a safe and convenient ambiance for learners to get educated in a wide number of subjects. We make sure that teachers get paid for their job. Read more
APIMatic is a developer experience platform for web APIs. Read more
WriteMaps helps web professionals plan websites with their clients quickly. It helps you create beautiful sitemaps and gather content in an organised way. Read more
Dawn Aerospace builds same-day reusable launch vehicles and non-toxic satellite propulsion systems, for sustainable space transportation. Read more
Wherewolf is the leader in digital registrations and operational software for the adventure tourism industry. Read more
A curated marketplace that simplifies access to private equity investment opportunities Read more
PredictHQ is an event intelligence platform that helps businesses make decisions. It is built on aggregated real-time event data which is standardized, enriched, and ranked, relevant to their clients’ needs. Read more
Vxt is a company reimagining telecommunications for a digital world through software. Read more
Halter manufactures GPS enabled collars driven by AI to help farm owners keep track of their herd from anywhere. Read more
IMAGR is an artificial intelligence system turning shopping carts into autonomous checkouts. Read more
Sharesies allows you to get started investing from just $5. Read more
Automio develops a cloud based document automation flow creation software for lawyers and other customers. Read more
Karma is a bot for peer recognition and appreciation on chats: good vibes, rewards and reports. Through the extensive reports and micro-feedback it gives managers detailed insights on teammates' performance. Read more
Cloud-based AI & ML decision engine for large CPGs & retailers. We underpin category management & merchandising actions worth 7-10 figures. Read more
Joyous Open Feedback offers makes everyone feel comfortable giving and receiving enterprise feedback that sparks action. Read more
Rocos enables robotics companies to connect, monitor and control their robot fleets - globally Read more
Cove was created by a small team of insurance and technology nerds who are passionate about fixing insurance and reimagining what’s possible. Getting an insurance quote from Cove takes just minutes, and you can do it all online without picking up the phone. Read more
Having worked with hundreds of start-ups for over 11 years, we know what it takes to transform ideas into successful businesses. We offer start-ups professional guidance, a global network of business partners, experts & mentors, business resources, programmes and access to angel investment capital. Read more
Next-generation mobile VoIP platform for service providers (ISPs, MVNOs, Cable operators, Telcos) Read more
SwingProfile is the FASTEST golf video analysis technology in the market. It reduces golf analysis time FROM 3 MINUTES TO ZERO. It does not rely on external hardware such as sensor, only on the mobile phone camera. Therefore it is both cost-effective and easily accessible to all golfers through their mobile phone. Our vision is to make SwingProfile the defacto standard for golf video exchange. It is a disruptive technology that appeals to golfers of all levels. Monetization includes app sales and later, advertising, online lessons, and in-app ecommerce. We are currently working with a major sports animation company to use SwingProfile to analyze tour players' golf swings during live TV broadcast, starting in April 2014 with European Golf Tour. Future work includes extension into other sports such as baseball. SwingProfile received the top 2 awards - Best Overall Product and Best Market Research - at the biggest golf show in the world, PGA Merchandise Show in 2012.  Read more
Peer to Peer Lending platform where borrowers meet lenders Read more
Blinder’s SaaS product allows PR managers to schedule calls directly to the mobile phones of their talent, without sharing phone numbers. Read more
The Clinician is changing the way healthcare is measured and delivered.  Read more
8i is pioneering a new way of recording & experiencing content using the Oculus Rift virtual reality. We call this new medium Holographic Virtual Reality. Read more
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