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Whetstone Education provides a fully customizable classroom observation and evaluation platform that handles the minutia of recording and sorting observation data so teachers and administrators can focus on meaningful professional development and increase teacher impact. Whetstone Education was founded in New Orleans in 2011 by educators looking for an efficient, streamlined way to manage teacher evaluation feedback and data.Through partnership with leading national educators, districts, and school networks, Whetstone has evolved to meet the changing needs of teacher evaluation support a wide variety of instructional development models. Read more
ChapterSpot’s platform is flexible and adaptable to accommodate each organization’s membership structure which is integrated with a suite of core-apps such as email/text mass messaging, payment collections and budgeting, event management, document sharing, photo sharing, a member directory, and access to an API that organizations can use to develop niche, organization specific apps. (Tutorial Video: Read more
Capture 3D scans and 4D video from your mobile device Read more
Resilia provides existing organizations with on-demand tools that optimize operations and increase effectiveness. Read more
Community first: people > ideas. No band-aids for the outdated system. Built (mostly) and validated (always) by educators. Redefine who's teaching (not just classroom teachers). Redefine where learning can happen (everywhere). Redefine what we teach (more agency, grit). Redefine how we teach (tech that elevates the craft). Massive pipeline of entrepreneurial talent hacking on important problems in education. Essentials: One-day intensive on problem-solving and innovation. Gives aspiring education entrepreneurs a chance to see what its like to launch a venture with the support of the 4.0 community. Three skills: empathy, unbundling, prototyping. 12 times a year in New Orleans and New York. Launch: Two-month intensive takes aspiring education entrepreneurs with field-tested ideas to first sale. 1 month in New Orleans testing, iterating, pitching, modeling. 1 month back home iterating. Pitch Night winner gets $20K debt or equity investment from 4.0. 3 times a year.  Read more
Pine Biotech brings computational big-data analysis tools to the Agrotech and Biotech industries to address industry-specific challenges. Read more
Brass Roots provides nutrition-packed and affordable snacks. Read more
Big Easy Blends is a beverage manufacture that created the on-the-go pouch craze for alcoholic products. Our core product has been Cordina New Orleans Cocktails and we are now expanding into non-alcoholic products that include SLUSH PUPPiE and ICEE in a pouch. Our new product launches are an instant success. We have orders for more than 3 million pouches and the product is set to go into the countries largest grocery chains.  Read more
Resource Management, Resource Management Conference, Resource Planning, Resource Planning Conference, Portfolio Resource Planning, Capacity Planning,Demand Management Read more
Transforming lives through advancements in biomaterials. Read more
Garden District Ventures is a private investment company and consulting firm based in New Orleans, Louisiana USA Read more
Introducing the Series Panel Cooling Module,or SPCM., our patented thermoelectric/photovoltaic hybrid electrical production system. The SPCM uses light and heat from the sun to produce electrity. The SPCM can be configured to produce DC electrical voltage (same as a solar panel) or can produce AC voltage (same as a solar panel with inverter). The SPCM is excellent for built-in recharging applications. Our generation 1 SPCM is configured to be used similar to a solar panel as a power supply. Why a solar~thermoelectric hybrid? Because even with solar panel efficiencies on the climb, a combined thermoelectric/photovoltaic hybrid is the best solution...and only becoming better as efficiencies improve. Our first edition SPCM produces 10 amps of electricity from the surface area of a 10 watt solar panel, while at the same time is configured to maintain a lower solar panel / cell surface temperature and is configurable for built-in charging applications. Read more
Dig - The Dog Person's Dating App is the best way for dog-lovers to find a compatible match and plan a dog-friendly date. Read more
Crescent City Capital is a cryptocurrency fund that specializes in the management of cryptocurrency and blockchain investments. Read more
Ready Responders is an on-demand healthcare service company that brings medical care directly to patients in their homes. Read more
Acrew connects employers and job seekers using brief first impression videos. Read more
Marigny Management is a real estate company that specializes in the fields of hospitality and travel. Read more
Scenehound is a SaaS that helps users craft the perfect night out, while giving them access to exclusive deals from bars and restaurants. Read more
Atlas Carbon produces premium-grade, low-cost activated carbon products for air and water treatment systems. Located in Gillette Wyoming Read more is your peer-to-peer mentoring platform with smart mentor-mentee matching. Started as an idea to break down barriers for people with ambition and career goals by connecting them with professionals who can share knowledge. Complementors recommends the right mentor for you to learn from, and at the same time, matches you with a mentee, curious to hear and learn from you. Complementors is a community of ambitious professionals spanning a wide range of industries & backgrounds, and yet, all with similar mindset, curious to learn, connect & grow. Read more
VersedU is "Reinvigorating Higher Education" through integrated, supplemental experiential learning. For more information, refer to Read more
Community Health TV (“CHTV”), the parent company of and soon to be launched is the largest provider of health video on the Internet geared toward multicultural consumers. CHTV represents the first time that multicultural consumers can get on-demand culturally relevant health content on multiple digital platforms at higher premiums than entertainment content from a community of users that possess the highest appetite for media. CHTV’s mission is to become the brand of choice for multicultural consumer health information by empowering as many people as possible with the best health information. The foundation of this vision is to integrate dynamic health information on a wide variety of subjects, interactive communities and tools, answers to frequently asked medical questions - all designed to meet the needs of millions of multicultural consumers who turn to the Internet for health information to achieve a healthy lifestyle.  Read more
Capra Health, a comprehensive healthcare reimbursement, regulatory and compliance consulting firm, was founded with the simple goal to help health industry participants succeed in a rapidly-changing healthcare regulatory environment. While many of Capra Health's services are provided for hospitals, high-volume practices and other healthcare providers, we also serve an array of other health industry participants sharing the same objective: to survive and thrive in a resource-scarce healthcare marketplace. Read more
ADVANO features an innovative manufacturing process that consolidates several essential steps of functionalized nanoparticle manufacturing into a simple, rapid, and extremely scale step. Building off of the industrial gold-standard process of grinding, ADVANO combines simple chemistry with grinding to produce a single step process, showing efficiencies that rival processes used by industrial powerhouses. Initial Market: Energy-Storage (Lithium-ion Batteries) Initial Product: Silicon Nanoparticles Process attributes: 4-in-1 step, can make nanoparticles of many materials, very simple, cost-effective Core competency: silicon expertise, chemical tailoring, engineering scale-up Why Li-Batteries: replacing carbon in lithium-ion batteries with silicon produces a 10X improvement in energy capacity and charge rate. A large-scale, cost-effective, and simple solution to production of tailored silicon nanoparticles at scale will be needed to meet the growing need of the battery industry.  Read more
Giftmeo is a shared-gifting platform that allows multiple people to pitch in toward a gift for a common friend or loved one. Giftmeo's platform combines and consolidates transactions of all sizes (even as little as $1) in the form of a gift card. Through Giftmeo’s web application, this technology allows multiple users to combine individual gifts to create a single, larger gift for a common friend.  Read more
We create truly social mobile games. Our launch title ExpertTrivia opens trivia to a limitless set of questions, giving players the opportunity to make a game with any topic they can think of. Players ask questions as they play, challenging friends and family to anything from 'Movie Quotes' to '19th Century Russian Literature' to their own family history. This unique mobile game provides players with the excitement, fun, and bonding of a classic game night. Read more
Build a Website that is Optimized for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Devices. Read more
Investing in Catholic entrepreneurs and helping them grow. Read more
The GenoVive weight loss program starts with an individual DNA test (simple cheek swab) which tests for a series of gene variants specific to weight management. Each customer received a detailed Weight Management Genetic Profile Report with their individual results which provide insight on their metabolic challenges to weight loss. The Customized All-Natural Meal Program delivers the best balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins and the best exercise intensity level for weight loss. Read more
Day Flier offers a revolution in business transportation by being the first service to bring three capabilities to a fragmented and poorly understood air charter market: an easy-to-read graphical representation of the value of time, simultaneous booking of air and ground transportation, and door-to-door entire trip logistics management. The seamless, door-to-door booking experience, all with a few clicks, is the first such service available to consumers.  Read more
Couchster is a comprehensive online ordering and delivery solution for restaurants. Couchster’s web platform is a centralized marketplace through which consumers can find and order from local restaurants, and through which merchants can accept online and mobile orders, while eliminating the development and marketing costs to do so. Couchster’s delivery service allows merchants to reach additional customers, while adding new options for consumers. Couchster’s services have been designed to fit directly into merchants’ existing processes: direct payment is made to the merchant on every order, so there is no cash flow disruption, and merchants are alerted to every order by phone, allowing them to process orders on an on-demand basis, while Couchster’s electronic delivery system streamlines the delivery process. In time, Couchster’s platform and delivery service could easily expand to other consumer verticals, from dry cleaning and laundry pickup and delivery, to groceries, and more. Read more
Niko Niko is a mood tracking and analytics platform. We make it easy for managers and team leaders to get a quick pulse on their teams' emotions, morale, and productivity via customizable and user-friendly email and phone prompts. Niko Niko presents team leaders with: 1) easy-to-use emotion data to overlay with the metrics that matter most to them (e.g. sales or employee retention) and 2) actionable management insights based in positive psychology.  Read more
QuickSolar simplifies the process of “going solar” by breaking down barriers that currently hinder the rapid adoption of solar as a viable rooftop renewable energy source, in the U.S. then abroad. With the industry’s most engaging and easy-to-use web-based tools, QuickSolar allows homeowners to clearly understand the potential costs and benefits of solar energy. We also strive to give businesses the tools they need to make intelligent decisions in a growing and dynamic solar marketplace. The patent-pending QuickSolar Design Tool empowers you to drag and drop solar panels onto a satellite image of your home. As you add and delete panels, QuickSolar simultaneously performs all the necessary calculations to show you anticipated energy production, how much you'll save, what your environmental impact will be, and what solar subsidies are available in your region, and more. Homeowners and solar professionals alike can discover the benefits of solar energy on individual rooftops.  Read more
iWorktickets is a simple to configure, simple to use application - for your smart phone.iWorktickets replaces paper forms used by workers to record work done in field. The data captured by your phone is sent to your office, in real time, and then can be viewed instantly by your office staff.  Read more
Global Online Presence Connect + Trade gives you a global online presence: We put your products on the Internet and enable you to market, sell, and ship them to a world of customers, who in turn can find your products, like them, and pay for them. Global Online Strategy Connect + Trade gives you the right online marketing tools for your products, the right national & international markets, the right people to target in those markets, and the right messages to target them with. Global Online Execution Connect + Trade executes global online marketing campaigns using Search Engine Optimization, keyword ads, and targeted social media updates + ads, all showing the right messages to the right people. Read more
Qompanion is a unique software platform that engages users with a completely hands-free experience. Using a combination of proprietary and user generated content, Qompanion allows users to learn what they want to know and what they need to know whenever and wherever they need to.  Read more
Enriched is disrupting the $4Bn substitute staffing industry by replacing antiquated matching systems and low-quality temp agencies with an easy to use online marketplace that matches the very best substitute to a classroom, every single time. Today, principals rely on hours of calls, painful internal coverage or outdated platforms that match an adult babysitter to a teacher who needs a sub. We solve this acute pain point by harnessing the power of the community. The "sub day" is transformed.  Read more
iPad, iPhone, Android Design and Development Read more
Joyhound is an event finder with a twist- it's entirely organized by the popularity of the event author. Are you a socially saavy business, celebrity, or tastemaker with thousands of online followers? Well, post your fundraiser, restaurant special, shopping event, album release party or any event and we will categorize it and rank it according to your own PopScore - your popularity score. Joyhound is a local-social-mobile event app that ranks content by it's social relevance and allows users to review events, fave them, or Pop them to further influence the popularity of the event. We are built for users interested in entertainment,shopping, and dining endorsed or shared by popular people and businesses within local markets. Read more
eTax Credit Exchange is the national marketplace for buying and selling certified state tax credits. Federal, state, and municipal governments offer tax incentives to help drive economic growth. In many cases the companies that generate these tax credits do not have any or enough tax liability to fully realize these incentives. Incentive programs allow the generators to transfer tax credits to other corporations or individuals for cash. Traditionally, the marketplace has been dominated by brokers that specialize in one state. eTax Credit Exchange is finally unlocking the full potential of tax credits, helping incentive programs perform the way they were intended. eTax Credit Exchange’s national marketplace connects a vast network of buyers and sellers. For the first time seller’s gain access to a business solution that puts them control of their assets while buyers benefit from a financial tool usually reserved for those in-the-know.  Read more
Ember Networks is a digital marketing agency based in New Orleans, Louisiana. We help businesses do business online by providing clients with remarkable interactive digital products that resonate with consumers. We create beautiful websites that work to achieve your business goals. The world we live in is a mobile world, as people interact with devices whether at home or on the run. Our products are designed to be used across a multitude of platforms so you can reach your customers wherever they are. We help businesses get found online - through search engine optimization, social media marketing, and public relations. Some of our services include: • Web Design & Development • Search Engine Marketing • Video Production • Audio Production • Social Media Management • Public Relations • Mobile Marketing • Email Marketing • Brand Photography • Digital Content Creation Read more
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