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The first digital hub for all recipe and social interaction around cooking & coupons. Engagement rivals largest social networks: •17 minutes per session1-3x daily The fastest growing food site: •largest user-posted recipe database •20,000+ recipes saved daily Proprietary coupon linking to recipe ingredients “Pinch it!” functionality allows “pinch” (capture) and share anywhere online integrating to digital recipe boxes, menu planners and dynamic grocery lists. Half a dozen revenue engines  Read more
Currently an app that is available for iOS and as a web app. In the process of building the Android app and a widget that churches can easily plugin with their website. Website: iOS App: Read more
Crystal helps you communicate with anyone based on their unique personality. Read more
Soundstripe is a firm creating and providing top quality music and sound effects to digital creators. Read more
Kindful is the fundraising and donor engagement platform. Our cloud based application organizes segmented data so organizations can: Raise More Money, Build Stronger Relationships, and Further Their Cause. Read more Read more
BillFixers is a bill negotiation service that lowers rates for monthly expenses for consumers and businesses. Read more
Artiphon is introducing new categories of musical devices, combining emerging technologies and familiar playing techniques. We are building mobile musical instruments with universal appeal. For millions of non-musicians, we are developing products that offer an authentic musical experience with zero learning curve. Our technologies also enable any musician to expand their existing techniques with revolutionary interfaces and form factors. Watch our five-minute company intro video here: Read our short company deck here: Read more
Using state-of-the-art IVR technology, we have created valued products to automate your front desk needs. Our flagship product is an automated, phone-based and web-based appointment scheduling service that deliver appointment scheduling to your customers at any time using any device. Read more
LeanKit turns the simple idea of sticky notes on a whiteboard into a powerful tool for enterprise project management. Workflow design is easy, but can model complex processes, too. Advanced reporting is available to analyze lead times, delivery commitments, resource bottlenecks, and more. It makes managing distributed teams easy & effective. Many companies you know trust LeanKit: Rolls-Royce, Spotify, GEICO, NBC, JetBlue, Groupon, Siemens, Carfax, Glaxo-Smith-Kline, Honda, HP and many more.  Read more
Immunization verification software and services Read more
Built is an enterprise technology company that provides secure, cloud-based construction lending software Read more
Social network for addicts and alcoholics. Founded in 2006, acquired by OneRecovery in 2009. Read more
Juice Analytics is the company behind Juicebox, a new kind of tool for visualizing data. JuiceBox was built on the premise that the best data in the world is useless if the everyday decision maker can’t understand it and interact with it. Our award-winning approach is based on (1) turning data into a conversation, not just a presentation, (2) creating a more designful experience for the end user, and (3) delivering a complete solution, not a build-it-yourself kit. The result is data that gets understood, socialized, and acted on. We call it “Delicious Data”. Customers use Juicebox to deliver differentiated reporting to their external audiences, such as customers, suppliers, sales team, etc. Read more gives businesses an easy way to create & share single web pages in their daily communications to gain attention, close deals, and deliver information. Every page created by Populr is mobile optimized, interactive, and easily shared across any channel. Most important, we track engagement down to a single user and can show both how long they viewed the page & everything they clicked on. Populr is an online publishing platform for growth-focused, highly-competitive organizations. We provide teams with a simple platform for enhancing and managing their sales & marketing materials. Specifically, Populr helps marketers better support their sales teams by giving them tools to quickly create and share mobile optimized pages that prospects and customers love. The sales people also love that Populr alerts them when their target opens the page, how long they stay, and anything they click on. Read more
XOEye Technologies is on a mission to re-imagine the way our enterprise customers develop and support their proprietary business processes and their customers, with an unrelenting focus on safe and efficient operations through the application of truly innovative technology solutions that create intrinsic value for their stakeholders.  Read more offers an easy to use online platform that enables entrepreneurs to create an affordable, professional logo. We then pair the logo with matching small business branding products including business cards, signs, t-shirts, promo products, and a DIY website. All of LG’s products use the customer’s logo as the design’s foundation — giving LogoGarden customers consistent branding at a fraction of the time and cost of conventional methods. Read more
Use to get feedback quickly and easily on your website so that you can improve trust and conversion, learn what confuses people, what they think of your logo and branding, and find specific ways to improve your website so that it functions and earns better. Figure out what is holding your site back from success. Have a mobile app that you're working on or launched already? can help you find usability issues, and get feedback on the design and flow of your app. Test your app with our reviewers before or after it is launched. Have a business idea that you'd like to explore? Get feedback on your idea before you build out the business, learn what the market really wants, or run customer discovery surveys to figure out what the biggest problems are that your startup could solve. Read more
Wealth Access is an intuitive, private, and secure financial platform that gives high net worth individuals and their advisors a clearer picture of their net worth. Wealth Access aggregates account information across multiple assets and properties to help investors and their advisors collaborate to better manage wealth. Read more
EpicStockMedia creates and distributes sound and digital media products that change the way you hear and see audio in games, films and more! Read more
Digital Reasoning, a leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that understands human intentions and behaviors, and Corlytics, the world leader in calculating and analyzing regulation as a risk, are collaborating to deliver one of the highest volumes of pre-trained models available to the financial sector. Read more
Music City Baseball is an organization of Nashville business, sports, music, and community leaders. Read more
GameWisp is a discovery and monetization platform for gaming video content. Gaming video is a massive segment of the video content produced and shared on the internet, with 16 of the 50 top YouTube channels being gaming specific. The market includes hundreds of millions of unique viewers, billions of views, and thousands of hours of produced content per month, with no easy way for content producers to monetize their content except through YouTube advertisements. We provide the platform infrastructure for these video producers to build their brand and monetize content through their existing, built-in audiences. GameWisp differentiates itself by catering to the video gaming demographic specifically. Through this focus we are able to provide a tailored experience for this target market, including improved content discovery for consumers, industry-specific monetization models for creators, and unique data analytics for networks and advertisers. MVP Video: Read more
Initial State is a SaaS company building diagnostic tools which capture big product data and transform it into interactive and actionable visualizations and analyses. We’re focused on product engineers and technicians who create and service electrical and electromechanical devices. They face increasing pressure to keep up with the rapid pace of technology innovation, miniaturization and sophistication of components, and growth in product data. Read more
Wellview Health is a results-driven, predictive and preventative health organization. Read more
Boomalang, an online language exchange platform, connects native speakers across the world to improve cultural and conversational fluency. Read more
Hashed Health is a healthcare blockchain innovation firm creating an ecosystem of businesses that leverage blockchain and DLT. Read more
Health Here enables frictionless healthcare for patients and providers. Read more
Phocabulary is a social learning tool that leverages the power of media with knowledge to improve education. The application helps everyone learn naturally and easily by using relevant and interesting topics. Customers are students and educators. Anyone who loves to learn and stay sharp mentally.  Read more
Smartvue Corporation protects thousands of people, places and assets worldwide every day. Since 1998, the company’s mission has been to make the world a safer place with amazing video surveillance technologies. Smartvue is an enterprise cloud software company and video surveillance innovator with more than 20 patents and significant industry awards for its unique products and services. The company delivers end to end surveillance solutions which combine cost effective edge devices with cloud storage and video management services. Read more
Contessa operates Home Recovery Care, combining all the essential elements of inpatient hospital care in the comfort of patients’ homes.  Read more
Made-In is a startup, multi-channel music network in Nashville, Tennessee, the Official Headquarters of Music on Planet Earth. We love being in a city where, as Bobby Bare, Jr. once sang, even "the cops carry capos in case you want to change your key." As Nashville explodes far beyond its country roots, its creative core is being joined by both successful and aspiring artists from every genre you can imagine. No place makes music like Nashville. We are going to create original shows and stories about the creative process, the places where it happens, and the people who love music. Our passion for the moments when emotion becomes reality will be our guide. We will welcome channels from fascinating artists and creative people anywhere and everywhere. Read more
Say goodbye to disposable cameras and hashtags. Capture, share and preserve every photo and video taken at your wedding with Ceremony! Your guests will love using it and you’ll walk away with a complete archive of your wedding day memories. Ceremony is incredibly simple to use. How it works: – Create a new event and you'll receive a private Event Code. – Invite guests to join your event. – Photos and videos from every guest are shared in your own private feed! – Ceremony's camera lets guests take new photos and videos right inside the app! You can also add photos and videos taken with other apps! – Share photos and videos from your event on social networks, by email or via text message. Or keep everything private, it's up to you! Read more
We build tech to help music and content creators build businesses. Read more
Your seamless transition to microservices and security. Read more
We are the product. We love to take the amazing ideas people come up with and transform them into something that can thrust their company to the next level. We are a team of passionate software developers bent on changing the world.  Read more
The physical-to-mobile content platform for QR codes, NFC tags and Bluetooth beacons. Read more
A wide variety of categories of resources and tools for startups and online businesses. Anything from A/B testing to Growth Hacking tools to Invoicing Solutions. Read more
Everly manufactures natural, sugar-free drink mixes that help to hydrate or energize. Read more
Spiras Health looks to deliver positive patient outcomes by improving access and reducing cost of healthcare. Read more
PATH EX has developed a proprietary technology to selectively separate and capture bacteria and toxins from human blood. Read more
Modern marketplace platform streamlining pharmacy procurement and distribution Read more
VidaFuel is a dietitian developed nutritional support company. Read more
Your ‘one stop shop’ for remixes: shop the hits, release your tracks, and manage all the royalties you receive on your creative work. Read more
We have a web portal along with an Android app that automatically reports calls and appointments to our CRM solution. Now business owners and sales managers know which sales staff are working and those that need a extra push. We also allow sales people to see customers based on their GPS location so they can do face to face meetings fast. Read more
Rare Disease Data Trust accelerates the discovery and diagnosis of targeted rare disease patients. Read more
Monogram Health is a nephrologists to deliver transformative kidney care services. Read more
Punterclash is a peer to peer social sports betting platform. Read more
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