The Startup Ecosystem of Namibia

Namibia has 1 city in the top 1000 and is one of Southern Africa’s best countries for setting up a startup.


Namibia’s startup scene saw an increase in 2023 and jumped 3 spots from the previous year, outranking Bangladesh.



Regional Ranking

In Southern Africa

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Startup Ecosystem Overview

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The Namibian startup scene offers local entrepreneurs a secure and stable environment which promotes entrepreneurship and innovation in the region. The main challenges for Namibian startup ecosystems are the lack of physical infrastructure, heavy bureaucracy and administrative requirements, access-to-market, and low levels of funding for startups. There is also work to be done in developing sufficient entrepreneurial talent in Namibia, especially given the country’s small population. Yet, the country achieved a milestone in 2022 with Jabu, a last-mile delivery startup that became the first to raise Series A investment.

There are several organizations that deserve mention as we talk about the success stories and the development of the startup ecosystem. One major example is Startup Namibia, a key public sector organization with several initiatives that contribute to startup development. It aims to improve the conditions for the establishment and growth of startups in selected regions in Namibia, runs an incubation and innovation center called Basecamp, and works with the Digital Transformation Center on challenges for digital startups and enhancing digital skills. Another public sector organization that helps to the growth of the startup ecosystem is the Namibia Investment Center, which provides assistance and information to foreign investors. Private sector organizations are also active in the ecosystem. For instance, Impact Tank, Namibia’s first social impact venture builder, promotes social entrepreneurship to create sustainable impact.

Although the organizations we mentioned above are critical players to develop the startup scene in the country, the Namibian startup ecosystem is still in its very early stages. However, its seed activity is promising. More success stories and a stronger entrepreneurship network can help Namibia become a regional innovation hub in the future.


Namibia Top Startup Industries

Social & Leisure icon
Social & Leisure
5 startups

5 startups

Hardware & IoT icon
Hardware & IoT
4 startups

4 startups

Healthtech icon
4 startups

4 startups

Ecosystem HealthCheck

Namibia Ecosystem Health Check

The health check tables allow you to look at the performance Namibia has in each of the parameters that are part of StartupBlink's ranking algorithm. There are five tables, corresponding to the three subscores, the subscore analysis and industry ana...

  • Overperformance
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  • Underperformance
ParameterParameter Global rankParameter rank change since 2022ResultContribution to total scoreRank gain / loss due to parameter
Total Score8830.621100%0
Quantity Score78-10.26242.16%1
Sample size of startups73-63024.59%-5
Sample size of accelerators58-1349.83%3
Sample size of coworking spaces112034.43%-4
Community Score38N/A0.0213.32%0


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The Startup Ecosystem in Namibia

In 2023, Namibia register a rise in Social & Leisure startups. Some of the most notable success stories in this industry are those of , Find My School.

Global Rank

Namibia is ranked within the top 100 startup ecosystems globally.

Top Industries

Namibia’s startup scene is best represented in Social & Leisure, Hardware & IoT, and in and Healthtech.

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Notable Startups in Namibia
Find My School startup icon
Find My School
JABU startup icon
Tutors Hub startup icon
Tutors Hub


Successful Social & Leisure startups in Namibia

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