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YZ-ME's flagship brand OopsFree!is the leading provider of menstrual hygiene products exactly WHERE and WHEN you need them through our state of the art equipment, and Mobile interface. Read more is Nairobi's premier online food ordering service. We enable customers to browse through the menus of a wide range of Nairobi restaurants, place an order and pay - directly online. For restaurants that don't do their own delivery, our dedicated Yum delivery team ensures that the food is delivered to our customers promptly. Read more
SOKO is a social enterprise which connects micro-manufacturers and entrepreneurs to access global markets through our proprietary mobile technology. The technology allows vendors to sell their goods directly to global consumers through their personal mobile phones, despite access to a computer, the internet, & a bank account. Our proprietary technology leverages existing telecommunications technology and infrastructure to pioneer a completely new marketplace. This new marketplace revolutionizes the way money and goods are exchanged during international trade into a peer-to-peer exchange, creating economic opportunity and increased profits for vendors and savings for consumers. Read more
M-Changa is the world’s first SMS-based crowdfunding app. Users solicit support for a cause, track contributions, and withdraw funds all from their mobile phones. Fundraisers are launched in under 2 minutes, can support any cause, and cost nothing to initiate. M-Changa puts fundraising power in the hands of those without access to internet, banking services, or in-person gatherings. We’ve already helped thousands of East Africans raise money for school fees, weddings, funerals, medicine, community rehabilitation, and small business costs and more. Read more
Kopo Kopo offers a software-as-a-service that enables the 30 million small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets to accept, process, and manage mobile money payments (e.g. Safaricom M-Pesa, Airtel Money). Kopo Kopo is the first company to offer this service on a subscription basis and is positioning itself to be a leader in providing merchant services in emerging markets. Read more
Pesapal is an app to make easy accept of payments. Read more
Mdundo allows users to download african music to their phones. The music can be downloaded to any internet enable phone (local reach), The music can be paid for with local mobile money payment methods (local payment). Local artists can sign up and upload their music to the platform (local music). East Africa’s first free legal music download platform. With more than 5000 Kenyan songs from Kenya’s top artists. A big catalogue of Free Kenyan music with a share of Premium music - which requires a monthly subscription fee. Fighting piracy and paying content creators fair and transparent royalties. Read more
Digiduka provides digital financial services and social commerce solutions to informal retailers in Africa Read more
Zanifu uses technology to enable manufacturers, distributors & retailers unlock efficiency in the process of buying & distribution of goods Read more
Taimba is a B2B mobile-based platform connecting farmers to urban traders with aim of reducing food wastage and to stabilize market prices. Read more
Twende is a carpooling platform that uses an app to connect drivers and passengers going the same way. Read more
Pawame is transforming the lives of individuals and entire communities, starting with modern energy access. Read more
Flexpay offers an automated platform to enable merchants and their customers manage flexible payments. Read more
Fleetsimplify is a fleet management platform designed to be a one-stop solution for all transport-related needs. Read more
QuickBus aggregates booking for all major bus operators to create greater simplicity for travellers who can book via WhatsApp, USSD and web. QuickBus has integrated with dozens of payment providers across Africa to give a seamless customer experience whilst reducing “cash” fraud for the Bus Operators. Read more
MPost provides a patented addressing solution turning mobile phones into formal postal addresses. Read more
Amitruck a mobile and web-based trucking logistics platform. Read more
MarketForce360 is an end-to-end solution to manage your field sales activities and grow your distribution channels. Read more
Ilara Health makes common diagnostics accessible and affordable to the 500 million people in Africa who today struggle to access even basic blood tests. Read more
Smubu provides a music platform that aims to make music legally accessible in Africa. Read more
UTU us pioneering new models of digital trust to help online businesses and consumers engage and transact in an easier, safer, and more trustworthy way. Read more
Pezesha is a Digital Lending infrastructure & Marketplace for connecting Small and Medium Businesses to working Capital Read more
Apollo Agriculture's mission is to deliver modern farming everywhere Read more
MYDAWA mission is to deliver quality, affordable, products and experiences that enable our customers live positive, healthy, lifestyles. Read more
Saada helps businesses automate sales and process payments via messaging platforms and USSD. Read more
Farmula is a B2B platform that enables farmers to price their produce and gives businesses the access to order directly from farmers. Read more
A Blockchain, A.I first Innovation Hub & Kid's Code School Read more
WorkPay is a payroll processing company for small and medium sized businesses in Africa. Read more
Africa's; Virtual Bank, Neo Bank, Digital Bank, Mobile Bank, Challenger Bank. Read more
Qonectr is a mobile-based application that allows users to book a van ride. Read more
AmoebaX believes in solving the world's problems through tech.  Read more
TabAds provides tablets and places behind headrests in cabs. Read more
TalkLift specializes in the fields of artificial intelligence, enterprise software, and information services. Read more
A virtual factory that connects marginalized Artisans living in Africa to global fashion brands. Read more
UbaPesa is the best peer to peer lending app in Kenya which allows you to lend and borrow money in real-time. Read more
HydroIQ is the Virtual Water Network Operator (VWNO). Read more
Atabantu is a proximity and context based marketing and e-commerce platform. Read more
It has the stamina to succeed in this competitive market, and we look forward to winning new markets with them Read more
Taz Technologies envisions, develops and implements inventive, homegrown tech-management and tech- marketing solutions for organizations. Read more
Briglobe is a technology company dealing in software solutions that integrate data, technology and skills to empower businesses Read more
iNuka Pap provides instant emergency Financial Services. Read more
Creating a traceable global food ecosystem Read more
Enda is the first high-performance running footwear brand Read more
Orion ImageCapital Communication provides solutions financial & technology solutions across Africa. Read more
A revolution in the hospitality industry Read more
Kejahunt helps you find houses in an easy, convenient and credible way. Read more
Raino Tech4Impact is a social enterprise that leveraging technology Read more
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