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WeSchool has the mission of digitizing the italian school. They help teachers with training on new teaching methods and they work with companies on projects that bring value to the world of school. Read more is the search engine that collects doctors. Read more
Iubenda is the most stylish and effective way to generate a privacy policy for your website. Every website needs a privacy policy; it’s the law, everywhere in the world. Today privacy policies don’t work: boring to read, a chore to write. No privacy policy means you risk terrible fines, and you can’t rely on copy and paste. Iubenda is the ultimate solution. Generate a privacy policy in seconds: easy, fast, beautiful. Read more
ProntoPro is a marketplace that connects people in need with artisans and professional workers and small businesses. Read more
Musement helps travellers get the best from destinations by providing a great choice of local tours and attractions bookable on multiple devices. More than just "things to do", our range includes temporary, exclusive, hidden-gem and even free activities. Use our site for planning and our app for on-the-go decisions as you hack the city with hints and tips from local experts. Read more is a digital learning platform, optimised for IWBs (Interactive Whiteboard), computers, tablets and smartphones. It focuses on STEM subjects - Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. Read more is a direct car insurance company. Read more
MoneyFarm will provide first class investment advisory to small savers through a scalable, UX driven, enjoyable and hassle free platform. Our clients will be able to build their portfolio with our asset allocation recommendations, manage it through time and execute all the transactions in a very simple and efficient way. Everything delivered with our obsession for them; the Zappos of the Financial Service Industry.  Read more
Satispay is an independent and inexpensive payment network that can be used for micro payments, peer to peer money transfer, in-store and online purchases and nonprofit donations through a cross-platform mobile app. Satispay’s goal is to help people enjoy life and achieve their goals by making all money exchange easy. Read more
Our handmade men's shoes follow the centuries-old tradition of Italian craftsmanship. We offer free shipping and returns in the United States. Read more
WeRoad puts together solo travelers eager to discovery the world, meet new cultures, and make new friends. Read more
CVing è la prima piattaforma di social video recruiting, posizionata sul mercato come l’evoluzione del “fast applying”. Il nuovo processo creato da CVING consente e garantisce alle aziende la selezione di talenti con un profilo in linea al ruolo da ricoprire. grazie alle automatizzazioni della piattaforma, l'efficienza della stessa e l'ausilio di altri strumenti digitali come social platform e chatbot avviene un vertiginoso abbattimento di costi e tempi per il cliente nonché un incremento di efficacia nel processo di selezione e la creazione di una nuova figura lavorativa: il Digital Recruiter. Read more
Bauzaar is an online platform committed to Pets and their life quality in your families. We deliver the best products in the pet care sector and help people receive an outstanding service for their pets. The company offers a frequent delivery service that allows Pet Lovers to receive their orders on time and every time they want without repurchasing. We give to Pet Lovers the chance to save money and to spend more time with their Pets and less time buying food and waiting in line. We supply on time and on demand Premium and Super Premium Pet Food & Accessories for every breed, size and age directly to the door step. Bauzaar cares about less fortunate pets and will help them through a dedicated donation program. We are client-centric by offering a free high-quality vet support and a free top notch pre-sale and after-sale customer support services. Read more
Fiscozen is a digital managemnt company, to help small companies and freelancers. Read more
Tutored is a social platform where students and new graduates boost their academic and professional career. Read more peer-to-peer lending is a smarter, fairer and more human way for credit: private lenders lend money to private borrowers and both get better rates. With no banks in the middle the loan costs 25% less than average and lenders enjoy 6.5% p.a. interest rate (after charges). Read more
Sailsquare is a peer-to-peer marketplace for sailing holidays. We want to make sailing holidays accessible to anyone, allowing our users to build up their crew with their friends and new buddies, in a fun and engaging way. Our mission is to make sailing holidays a unique experience, accessible to anyone, enabling the sharing of experiences among people from all over the world. Read more
App Quality is an online platform that offers testing services to its client. Read more
Lorenzo Vinci is an e-commerce company that offers its clients a selection of Italian food and wine. Read more
We are an elite team and we create our own tech products, used and loved by millions all around the world. We currently focus on mobile apps, and we’re constantly evaluating opportunities in other exciting fields, such as games and virtual reality. Read more
Soisy is an Italian Payment Institution offering installment payments at point-of-sale (POS), financed via marketplace lending. Read more
Cortilia ( is an online agricultural market connecting consumers and local farmers: the freshest fruit and vegetables are just a click away, delivered to your doorstep from the farmer. With a strong dedication to enhancing the local economy, preserving the environment and supporting a healthy way of life, Cortilia is the perfect fit for all those wishing to bring into their kitchen the authentic flavours of genuine, locally grown products. How does it work? Setting up an account is easy and for free. Once logged in, you can either place a one-off order or a regular one (based on a weekly or biweekly delivery) and you’ll receive your fruit & veg box complete with any other product you may wish: cheese, bread, meats, jams, eggs, flour, wine, home-made beer and much more.  Read more
Chef in Camicia is a social channel that broadcasts new videos about the world of food. Read more provides Affordable Legal Services Online. Read more
Young Platform is a brand-new cryptocurrency exchange designed for the next generation of investors. It is safe, quick and easy to use. Read more
LOVEThESIGN is the leading italian design ecommerce. The window through which everyone can get daily italian design inspirations: from top notch brands to the smallest artisan excellence. More than 7,000 products made with love by more than 300 producers. LOVEThESIGN offers flash discounted deals up to 70% as well as the most exclusive italian design around. Read more
Things Mobile is a global network for IoT devices. Read more
Abiby is the italian leading platform that offers subscription services to discover and try new beauty brand and products. Read more
Zappyrent is a marketplace for monthly accommodations with no stressful viewings, no fees and secure monthly payments. Read more
Yolo, a Milan, Italy-based insurtech startup Read more
We develop groundbreaking wearable devices with clinical quality sensing. We are a super passionate team, from diverse engineering fields, such as sensor design, electrical, DSP, data science, biomedical, and software development and wearable.We design and develop the world's smallest and most accurate wearable device for medical research of human behavior in daily life. Our E4 is used in 30 countries around the world, its clients are the most respected hospitals, universities, and companies that use it for advanced research on human behavior. The E4 provides the most sophisticated way to monitor autonomic nervous system disruption and heart rate variability, among a set of 5 sensors.We are launching the Embrace watch, a wearable device designed to improve lives, that has just completed a very successful crowdfunding campaign. Read more
Termostore is a provider of heating and climatization solutions Read more
Fixool is transforming the market of services for Home and Office with AI-based technology to provide efficiency, transparency, trust. Read more
Get cash for your used smartphones and buy regenerated phones up to 50% off. Read more
CoreView is a SaaS management platform (SMP) helping organizations protect, manage, and optimize Microsoft 365 and other SaaS applications. Read more
LOVBY Srl operates as an action marketing platform. Read more
Sailogy is the market place for sailing holidays, where customers meet with yacht charter companies and private boat owners; Sailogy eliminates intermediaries and local market makers, creating a single platform to connect local supply with global demand; Sailogy’s website is a fun, informative and hassle free. Charter Companies using Sailogy save money and reach out to a wider audience of customers, increasing their margins and reducing excess inventory.  Read more
Tanaza is an all-in-one SaaS solution that makes Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi affordable for everyone, empowering compatible 3rd party vendors' consumer Wi-Fi Routers. Read more
200 Crowd is a Crowdfunding platform that connects entrepreneurs and investors. Read more
Provides savers with information and tools to allow them to independently select their own investment allocations, through a system for building, managing and controlling personal portfolios, and advice about suitable instruments for their portfolios. A platform that aims at being Italy's first web-based personalised advisory service for investment management. Read more
MiMoto Smart Mobility is an innovative start-up that operates with the electric scooter sharing service. Read more
Pharmap is the delivery on demand service that allows you to request and receive any pharmacy product at home within 1 hour or in the most convenient time slot. Read more
DaVinci is an innovative digital healthcare company providing patients with the possibility to have medical or psychological video-consultation, supported by e-prescription and Electronic Health Record. Read more
Credimi is developing a new product of digital lending targeted to SMEs and institutional investors. Read more
Weart devices enable tactile communication and augmented multimedia contents. Read more
Only FinTech services, all classified by type: mobile payment services, virtual coins alternatives, p2p lending. Read more
Switcho helps you managing your recurring expenses by finding self-tailored deals, saving your money and time Read more
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