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Solution Breeze significantly shortens and improves the quality of Digital Transformation development cycle. It guides users through capturing requirements in a visual and methodical way. Auto-generates a solution architecture. Auto-deploy to a cloud or a micro-services platform. Read more
Attack Surface Management for SME's See the invisible, Dominate the uncontrollable! Read more
Cloudyo is an AI SaaS management platform that helps companies grow a SaaS ecosystem by optimizing and automating every step of their journey. Cloudyo uses technology to empower full SaaS control from planning, selecting, managing and scaling according to your unique demands. Read more
Vinvo monetizes clothes donations with 2nd hand fashion marketplace where people can sell clothes they do not wear anymore and give proceeds to a charity of their choice Read more
Lendo is a P2P Lending platform that offers installment loans to consumers Read more
Laminor is an online music learning platform helping instruments' learners access cost-effective, practical and right to the point courses.. Read more
TripeMa is a travel marketplace that is focused on providing accommodations. Read more
Timenix is a time tracker and time sheet web app. You can use it instead of excel, manual time registering, or time attendance devices. Read more
Linkap (Linkap) offers a new generation of IoT-based intelligent services (IoT). Organizations, businesses, and individuals can select the services they want from the Linkup website and receive them seamlessly based on the Linko IoT core technology. Read more
OMDEX is an internet company that offers a software platform for wholesale trade serving buyers and suppliers. Read more
Atbox helps you make an online resume easily and share your portfolio. We know how exhausting and time consuming could be to make a presentation of your portfolio, we know how much it could waste your time to make a proper resume and we respect the value of your time. Read more
A B2B platform that connects buyers and sellers of industrial machinery, tools and supplies Read more
Snapp is the first and leading mobile and web-based ride-hailing platform in Iran. Read more
Key is a smart housing system (Fanavaran City Big Data Company), a smart website and application for searching and registering ads for buying, selling, mortgaging and renting property. Read more
Device with technology that is designed to destroy any kind of microorganisms (viruses, bacteria and more). VO3 Innovation - Disinfection Technology is our Future Read more
InfoSeed is the Amman based cloud communications platform offering a suite of Cloud Communications Solution that enable developers and enterprises to communicate with customers all over the world. Read more
Tanda is a financial solutions platform that capitalizes on the need for alternative banking products in a region characterized with high financial exclusion. Read more
Qalam is ready to share the successful experience it had with Individuals, Businesses, and Developers. Qalam's main task is to become the first Arabic writing digital assistant for users. Read more
Apex Payment Solutions is your trusted terminal to payment services/solutions. We are a fast growing, privately owned business with an independent and entrepreneurial spirit, which makes us a great fit with our customers. Read more
gogo’s mission is to create a simple and user-friendly last-mile platform that guarantees an optimized, swift and safe transaction from point to point while utilizing the latest in technology, reducing cost, and time with access to operators marketspace. Read more
Xina is the world’s first Arabic Interactive Voice Assistant (IVA) and Chatbot that utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Understanding to automate customer care functions. Read more is an artificial intelligence company specialized in building virtual agents and chatbots that can interact in a human-like manner with customers providing a better marketing and customer service experience. Read more
Apply to fast-moving hourly jobs with Kader. Discover opportunities in the hospitality, retail & service sectors that matches your skills and experience. Get paid and repeat. Read more
DijiFyo is an end-to-end IT, Digital Transformation, business consulting, and solutions services provider to mid-size and enterprise business delivering strategy planning, application implementation, solutions development and enterprise integration on leading open technologies. Read more
InfoGraph is the leading in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing. The exclusive official distributor for Esri in Jordan. Read more
fesh. is a comprehensive eCommerce platform designed to power online sales and enable users to set up a professional eCommerce environment without having to write code. The user-friendly platform offers a range of options for beginners and seasoned retail proprietors alike. Read more
Moly is an Online digital shopping mall, which lets store owners, create an online store, and sell their goods to their relevant customers in a local community. Read more
MyCity is a social network based location where users can create activities on the map and for other users to engage them all in realtime. Read more
An interactive content platform that provides and accompany informative, enriching and customized micro PBL activities. Nelson's activities focus on experiential learning that will provide children with new knowledge and skills, through activity packages and enriching content. Read more
Affogata's AI-driven technology provides brands with expansive data related to their brand and competitors from across the web, online forums, and internal data sources in real time. Insights based on that data enable proactive actions to ensure better customer experience. Read more
DePoint help retailers make their innermost workings instantly visible, accountable, and trackable. By digitizing every human action, process, and operation, depoint seeks to help managers operate more accurately and beat their KPIs for greater short- and long-term gains. Read more
Portali offering an intelligent Cloud-Based system to automate bookkeeping and accounting processes using AI and ML. Our goal is to help firms automate their business processes ,eliminate human errors, and minimize operational costs. Currently at TheHive Accelerator. Read more
Virtual Hat is a payment management platform where you can pay freely while maintaining your privacy and receive money safely. Currently at TheHive Accelerator. Read more
Amazon services agency, Amazon consulting firm, Amazon accounts management, amazon software developer Read more
Poptin is a conversion rate optimization platform that will help you convert more website visitors into leads, subscribers, and sales using smart pop ups and forms. Read more
Datacultr reduces risk & cost of collection for lenders on 'New to Credit' users, by converting their smartphones into a virtual collateral. Read more
RespiDx is developing medical devices designed for monitoring congestive heart failure (CHF) and other medical conditions in the home. The Company’s core team consists of serial entrepreneurs in the field of medical devices with a track record of growing successful start-ups: Flight Medical, VersaMed, Syqe Medical and SteadyMed. RespiDx’s efforts are currently focused on optimizing the Company’s Multimometer™ device for mass-manufacturing and market entry, and building the Company’s rule-based software system for remote monitoring of vital-signs trends. Due the potential contribution of the Company’s products to healthcare in under-developed countries, the development has been largely funded by international grants. Read more
By resequencing the spidersilk gene and controlling its cellular micro-environment, we are able to induce the fiber’s spontaneous self-assembly on a commercial scale. This unique and critical capability endows our fiber with spidersilk’s superior natural properties and enables their integration into new composite materials. Read more
Digital business transition is mandatory to optimize profitability and growth but is also the ultimate challenge in organization management. Our vision is to remove the barrier of technology and open the digital world even to the most traditional industries, by providing companies with simple solutions to adapt to the market competition and business partners requirements. Read more
Service robotics for healthcare industry  Read more
ניתוח קרדיוגרמה של א.ק.ג באמצעות Machine Learning. Read more
iMER stands for International Medical Evaluation and Referral. We are an independent, global health service provider. We, at iMER provide a professional framework of comprehensive medical services, for patients around the globe. What does iMER mean to you? If your doctors cannot correctly diagnose your condition. If you are looking for a Second Medical opinion. If your condition requires a specific treatment that is not available in your country. If you want to access the most advanced medicine available in the World. If any of the above applies to you or anyone dear to you, we at iMER will provide a solution that fits your needs. Read more
"MyMDband is a stylish and durable bracelet with a personalized quick response (QR) code that provides medical personnel with instant and secure access to the wearer emergency medical information. MyMDband uses the online medical repository MyMDFile to organize and store medical information with the latest security measures and HIPAA compliance. Using MyMDband secure, simple, and intuitive interface, users can easily keep medical information up to date or have their doctor do so on their behalf. MyMDFile patent-pending technology allows medical information to be displayed in an area local language." Read more
The World Health Organization (WHO) had proposed the cardiovascular polypill more than a decade ago as a ‘best buy’ intervention for secondary prevention, and a simple, cost-effective strategy to reduce the evidence implementation gap and as an instrument to improve the prescription, accessibility, adherence and cost of secondary CVD prevention.The concept of a polypill, composed of a combination of medications that are known to effectively treat CVD, has been proposed as a simple, cost effective and innovative public health strategy to combat the CVD epidemic on a global scale. Several studies have shown the polypill to be well tolerated and superior in terms of adherence to standard of care.Polypills include guideline-recommended treatments for secondary prevention, such as BP-lowering, cholesterol-lowering and antiplatelet drugs. Polypill strategies have been shown to be effective. Read more
The combined medical advances of superior sampling and advanced 3D imaging means WATS3D has far-reaching implications for protecting patient health. Should pre-cancerous cells be present, they are now much more likely to be detected so they can be removed or destroyed before they can progress to Esophageal Cancer. This is the simple story behind a sophisticated technology that has already helped make Esophageal Cancer a potentially preventable disease. Read more
Deuteron Technologies provides a family of animal-borne neural data loggers for recording 8,16, 32 or 64 channels of neural data. All of Deuteron’s loggers amplify and digitize the neural signals and store the data in memory media on the animal. They are especially suitable for extra-cellular recordings, with a typical bandwidth of 7kHz and a conversion rate of 32000 samples per second on each channel Read more
Nectin Therapeutics is a startup company dedicated to the development of next generation immuno-oncology antibodies. We develop novel monoclonal antibodies directed towards Nectin receptors and ligands that play major roles in immune checkpoint mechanisms relevant for cancer immune therapy. The platform was developed by Prof. Ofer Mandelboim from the Hebrew University and Prof. Stipan Jonjic from the University of Rijeka. Read more
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