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Cornershop is an online delivery service that helps Latin America get their groceries without ever leaving their home. The application allows users to find supermarkets and specialty stores, and allows users to order from several stores at once. Read more
Kiwilimon is the largest community of food recipes created by users in Spanish. Within our site you will find the best selection of recipes for desserts, meats, salads, snacks and many more recipes, complete with ratings and photos. Read more
Last year, according to The World Bank’s estimates, more than USD $483 billion was sent internationally through official remittance channels with the bulk of that—$351B —going to developing countries like Mexico. The global average cost of sending remittances is calculated at 9.3 percent of the value of the transaction: this would equate to a current global market of just under $50 billion this year. Remittances are critical for the Mexican and most Latin American economies, with Mexico being the largest remittances corridor in the world. Mexicans living in the U.S. send almost $22 billion a year to their country. According to data from Bank of Mexico, after oil, remittances and tourism are the country’s most important sources of income., the first Mexican Bitcoin exchange, will facilitate the use of Bitcoin as a mechanism for substancially improving the efficiency of this vast economic flow by significantly decreasing the costs and increasing the speed of transactions. Read more
As a doctor, being aware of patient's evolution is a very time consuming task, even when we know there are tools out there, the actual methods make it so damn hard to do it. Let us explain why: Current tools and methods are obsolete, inefficient and worst of that, they're not taking advantage of the technology progress. That's why we created a tool that uses cutting-edge technology to enhance the doctor's productivity, make its life more easier and the best of that, offering them the ability to better treat their patients.  Read more
We realized the need of the traveler to know the full range of travel available and we became the first comparator of transport in Latin America, where in a single search you find results of bus, plane, rides, prices and schedules. Today we take thousands of travelers on 90,000 routes to 3,700 destinations.Let's go for more! Read more
Kueski is an online short-term micro-loan service for Latin America. It is the LendUp for Latin American loans. By visiting our website, users will be able to apply online for a small loan specifying how much money they need and when would they like to pay it back. We will leverage our user’s credit history, their social graph and other online information available to build a credit risk model that will approve or reject loan applications in a matter of minutes.  Read more
We are disrupting the way people travel, so they can discover new places while getting the best deals in packages, hotels and tours according to their preferences. Discover the best destinations in Mexico and their most interesting places, book packages or find hotels and tours based on your interests or the places you want to visit.  Read more
ClickBus is the leading global online booking platform for bus travels. It is the easiest way to compare bus routes and prices from different bus companies, where you can choose the ticket tailored to your needs and buy conveniently from wherever you are. Our search tool counts with more than 3,000 destinations in Mexico and calculates the best multi-city routes to help our customers conveniently save money and time without leaving their home. Read more
Prixz is on demand delivery system for pharmacies in Mexico connected with more than 2000 pharmacies on line with 1 million orders / year Read more
Clip is the terminal that allows businesses to easily accept all electronic payments methods. Read more
UnDosTres is a technology company. Read more
Mexican Marketplace Lending Platform Read more
From A to B Rutadirecta lets you travel in public transportation, even if its your first time in a city. It's a reference website/app with information, photos, POIs and evaluations about routes by the same public transit users. Realtime feedback data from users will make an autosustentable data ecosystem in a win-win plan. Lets make the public transit funny. Read more
There is massive demand for credit in Latin America, which is heavily underbanked. Most of the emerging middle class already has access to technology but no access to credit. We have the solution to tap this huge market. At Konfío we seek to change the consumer lending industry in Latin America through innovation. It is the financial institution that digitalizes the credit cycle through a smart peer-to-peer lending platform, through which fast, efficient personal loans are granted. We offer fair and competitive rates because we have the technology to do so, and do not have the burden of large, inefficient infrastructure. Read more
Konfio is an online lending platform that helps SME in Latin America who don’t have access to credit to obtain affordable loans. By using a propriety algorithm, Konfio can assess the creditworthiness of their customers. Read more
Runa is a human resources software solution designed for small to medium-sized companies. Read more
albo is the leading mexican challenger bank. Read more
Ben & Frank provides an online optical store intended to disrupt the traditional optical market. Read more
Portal de Empleo Especializado en Perfiles de Tecnología Líder en México y LATAM. Encuentra cientos de ofertas de trabajo de tecnología Read more
We're building "The"​ digital bank in Mexico, together. One that lives only on your phone. Read more
GAIA is the leading furniture ecommerce player in Mexico Read more
Con Luuna, un colchón vendido solo online, transformamos una de las peores experiencias de compra en una experiencia honesta, simple, y cercana al cliente. En una industria de pocos actores que juegan con descuentos ficticios, ofrecemos un precio justo y transparente, sin intermediarios. Estamos tan seguros de la comodidad de Luuna que somos los únicos en ofrecer 30 noches de prueba. Read more
Buscador de vuelos, hoteles, tours y atracciones a los mejores precios Read more
Homie is a tech enabled transactional marketplace for long term residential rentals Read more
Coru is a financial management platform enabling financial progress in Mexico. Read more
NOCNOK is the largest real estate development and collaboration community in Mexico. We know that publishing and managing your properties on different real estate sites is a long and overwhelming process. NOCNOK automatically publishes your real estate in all real estate portals. Read more
Learn how to create websites, frontend development, backend, Android apps, iOS, games and more. Read more
Canasta Rosa is the platform to inspire, buy and sell unique, handmade and local products, made by microentrepreneurs. Read more
DEPORPRIVÉ is a sports-specific flash sale website that provides members with access to sales from brand partners. Read more
Credijusto provides loans and credit with fair interest rates and transparent fees to SMEs in Mexico. Read more
Nexu is the first digital auto lender in Mexico with real-time approval and serving millions of car buyers that do not have other options. Read more
Bind is a business management software designed specially for small businesses. We offer a solution that allows them to control their business in a simple manner at a very affordable price and without complex IT infrastructure.  Read more
Peer-to-peer lending platform with payroll deduction Read more
Terapify is an app that allows people to get emotional support whenever they need it. Read more
pet n'GO is an online e-tailer in Mexico focusing on all natural and healthy products. Accesories, toys and other products are 100% verified to be high quality and durable. Same day shipping on orders placed before 1:00 pm.  Read more
B2C: Price Comparison for Supermarkets & Pharmacies / B2B: (iNTELBRANDS) SaaS, Pricing Intelligence, Content Monitoring, Product Locator Read more
75% of users who have contracted a plan or phone package pay more than they owe. We spend more without realizing the possibilities that exist to save. If you do not know where to start, do not worry, with Roams is simpler than you imagine. We are the most reliable rate comparator in Mexico. We keep the telephony and television packages updated in real time and we offer you the prices as they will come in your receipt, note or payment invoice. Do not wait more! Read more
Cloud-based ERP + POS with unlimited billing, artificial and business intelligence for SMEs in Mexico Read more
Jüsto is a delivery-only grocery store chain. Read more
Tu Canton focuses on helping clients buy and sell their homes in the easiest possible way. Read more
Find a doctor near you. Discover prices, services, experience and schedule availability. Make a free appointment from home today! Read more
applymeMX will be a complete, entire solution to the admissions process for any school from high schools to universities in all Mexico. It will enable all students to apply for the careers and schools they want in an easier, practical and faster way than they do these days in every state of the country. Everything will be online and will make life easier for the governments institutions responsible for regulating the process, all schools available and every student that want to apply for them, it will save them (a lot of) time and money. A smaller version of the project was officially used (in conjunction with the government) in all the state of Quintana Roo, México to carry on the application and selection process for all students (more than 20000 applicants) applying for high schools in the state ( There are only 4 states in the country that make the process online, but we want it to be all of them, and in a more unified, complete, fun and practical way. Read more
Apphive is a drag and drop web mobile app builder platform which allows the users to create easy friendly mobile apps Read more
La Tienda de Frida & Chelsee its an online store developed to bring the best products for dogs to the Mexican market and soon to LatinAmerica and Spain. We have the best customer service and the best shopping experience that many of our customers had ever experienced. We carry not only the best dog products to retail but we also have exclusive representations and we are on the verge to create our own products. Read more
Pack&Pack is an online platform providing logistics solutions and services for businesses. Read more
weex is a tech startup that offers mobile services to empower youth to achieve through ultimate personalization, control, and transparency. Read more
Volabit is the easiest, most secure way to buy and sell Bitcoins in Mexico. Join more than 60,000 Volabit users in Mexico that have transacted over $500,000,000 Pesos. Read more
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