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Seedtag is the In-Image platform in Europe, allowing both publishers and advertisers to get the most out of images. Read more
Spotahome is focused on helping people who are looking to find mid-to-long term home rentals. Spotahome removes the need for in-person viewings by having professional photographers visit a property and create all the audio-visual materials to recreate the experience of being on the property in-person. Read more
Clubrural is a search engine of rural houses in Spain. The company is based in Madrid, Spain. Read more
Lingokids teaches kids important skills in English and help them discover their creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication. The company has developed more than 600 games and activites that parents and children can play together. Read more is the leading portal in Spain about saving. It relies on an equipment of experts that they analyze the bank products, the services for the home and the different available insurances on the market. It is a question of a service that it allows the access to an on-line tool rapid and easy to use, and that can help in the capture of decisions of contracting service, economize in the habitual expenses and optimize the investments. Of simple form, it is allowed that the user could choose the most suitable product, already it is a lending, a mortgage, a life insurance or the contracting of the ADSL line or the electricity or the gas. Read more
beruby aggregates all aspects related to online savings in one place. Coupons, cashbacks, daily offers, discounts and other options to save money are all offered in a "one stop portal". By offering in a free portal the most aggressive discounts we manage to retain users and, more important, generate a word of mouth effect which is helping us grow with a small marketing budget and no dependency on SEO.  Read more
A new king of on-line supermarket, currently available in Spain. Soysuper aggregates the major on-line supermarkets in order to make shopping easyier. Read more
Billin is a free cloud solution to manage complete billing cycle (B2B) automatically. Read more
Barkibu lets pet owners find the best available veterinary so they can treat the animal from anywhere. Vets can Read more
Fintonic envisions the future of mobile banking. Read more
Portal de turismo rural en España Read more
Indexa Capital is an automated investment manager operating in Spain. Read more
Bnext is the first Financial Supermarket, a bank created by millennials and for millennials. Read more
Customer complaint success fee service, currently in airlines, in other sectors in the near future Read more
Doctors and medical centers serch website in Spain with user reveiws and online appointments. Pacients can find doctors by insurance and location, read other patients’ reviews and make appointments online. Medical centers, health insurances and doctors increase their visibility in order to attract new clients. Read more
Quebueno mission is to offer innovative financial products via the Internet, using the power of technology. Read more
Effective tools to increase the visibility of your brand on Facebook. Create Facebook tabs easily for your clients. Customize your facebook pages with contests and promotions designed to motivate your fans.  Read more
Ironhack is an international tech and design school that believes the best way to learn how to do something, is by actually doing it. Read more
Suop is the first collaborative mobile operator managed by its users. Read more
Yeeply helps businesses hire mobile and web app freelance developers Read more
Online Store for Second Hand clothes for Children focused on the European Market Read more
MyInvestor is a premium neobank that offers mortgages, saving accounts, top investment funds, cards and other banking products in Spain Read more
Mobincube is web based software where anyone can create their own smartphone and tablet apps without any software programming knowledge whatsoever Mobincube has a clearly defined and sound revenue model, based on the freemium philosophy, that makes it possible to monetize from the first user that creates an app Every user can create an app for free and publish it worldwide. This app shall include 3rd party ad banners that will generate incomes. They even get 70% of those revenues, so they earn motivation to keep creating more and more apps. Professional users can hire premium services in order to remove ads Mobincube is a real project that has already covered a great deal of ground. It proposes a very sound and serious business model, which makes it one of the most attractive Internet projects with international ambitions Read more
Tuenti is a Spain-based, invitation-only private social networking website for students and young people, that has been referred to as the "Spanish Facebook." Tuenti, pronounced in Spanish, sounds like Twenty in English. The name, however, actually comes from "tu enti[dad]," meaning "your identity." The site is targeted at the Spanish audience, and is currently accessible only to those who have been invited. Read more
Sports travel agency that provides ski vacation packages in ski resorts in Spain, Andorra, and France. Read more
Holafly helps you stay connected on your journey around the world through international SIM and eSIM cards. Read more
Ecommerce Cartridges supplies Just in Spain!! :-) Read more
Delcarando is an online tax platform that helps freelancers save money and time through a virtual tax advisor. Read more Knitting kits and best and coolest yarns for all the knitters. We are creating a knitters & crafters community starting with video tutorials to lear the basic and advance techniques. Read more
Aplazame is a consumer credit company that provides instant credit for online purchases with a risk-free solution. Read more
Events & Celebrations Marketplace Read more
Wealth management company offering a 100% digital investment service through globally diversified, low-cost index funded portfolios. Read more
VenuesPlace is a space search engine that allows users to organize and find a location for social or business events Read more
Dixper Studio enables Twitch streamers to interact with their audience selling totally new and unprecedented realtime interactions. Read more
Pensium provides an innovative solution to pay for the assistance of the elderly in a residence or home assistance. Read more
Ratatype is an online typing tutor and a great website for people who want to type better. Typing is a more important skill than writing nowadays. You type everywhere: at school, at work, at home, in cafeteria. Thanks to Facebook you can even type while you are in bed. And if you do it slow you are just wasting your time. Your time deserves much more than this. If you increase your typing speed by 30% you can save 20 minutes daily. That's 1 year of your life saved in 20 years! That is why Ratatype is here. Read more
Pagantis, an established fintech founded in 2011, provides automated, friction-free consumer finance for e-commerce transactions in Europe. Read more
Tiko is a Tech Company in Property Tech and the leading iBuyer in Spain Read more
Runnics is an ecommerce company, specialized sports marketplace. Read more
Copado is #1 Native DevOps platform for Salesforce®. Read more
Dinaru helps you save money without having to manage anything. With less than 10 minutes per month you will be able to: - Know exactly where you are spending your money - Know exactly how much money you have to spend - Know of any possible incidents BEFORE they happen, such as overdrafts, if your salary hasn't been debited, future bills and fraud. - Save money with Step by Step guiadance - Decide your goals and dreams and get a plan to achieve them Read more
Ninety Nine is a developer of financial trading platform intended to charge no commission fees. Read more
The all-in-one crypto platform: exchanges, wallets and taxes under one roof! Read more
Sailwiz is a sailing holidays plattform that connects users with sailors and boat owners who share their boat trips Read more
Lingualia is a social network for online language learning which applies artificial intelligence to adapt the course to the unique requirements of each and every user. Thanks to this algorithm based on artificial intelligence, the software is able to learn from each user and adjust the content to meet their individual requirements. In other words, it’s a course which adapts itself to each student, not the other way around. This way students can progress faster. FLEXIBLE Lingualia is flexible allowing you to learn for as little or as long as you want, whether you have 2 minutes or 40 minutes of free time. Lingualia adapts to your rhythm and requirements. MULTIPLATFORM You can pause a learning session at any point and continue whenever you want from that exact point even if you connect from another device (iphone, android, web). Lingualia requires a recurring subscription (1, 3 or 6 months) to access Premium content, and it's available on Web, iPhone and Android.  Read more
Wouldn't you love to spend less time writing proposals and more time designing, coding and generally being awesome with your clients? nusii lets you create and manage client proposals from anywhere. Save hours, even days writing proposals. Spend more time designing. Get your free trial today.  Read more
Online and mobile platform for free Coupons by proximity Online since October 2008 Mobile since July 2010 Oportunista - the offers directory filtered by sector and geolocation #1 in Spain Read more
Our product is a social network built to be the best suitable tool for hunters. On one hand, they can share their trips, experiences and pictures with their network of friends. On the other hand they have access to special offers, the huntings around Spain and worldwide. They can use Cazaworld for their pre-planning, planning and post event. It is only for hunters so it is a free environment for them. Read more
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