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Buyzooka, your nomad shopping bag that connects to 1.5 million independent online stores all at one time! Read more
Shaping the Future of the Fund Industry Technology Read more
Haslle streamlines payment cards, expenses, subscriptions, and invoices with employees in an organized way. Read more
OceanEx is one of the fastest-growing and reputable cryptocurrency exchange. Read more
AI that connects the people, capital, and ideas that promise to solve the world’s greatest challenges. Read more
Credovita Flapp is a Friend to Friend Lending Platform Read more
The new peer-to-peer investment platform for firing up capital markets. Read more
Enterprise blockchain based compliance and individual ID ownership - the distributed, decentralized aggregator of identity silo solutions. Read more
Simple, reliable, low-cost international door-to-door delivery Read more
Laureti is a European global company that develops business-class electric vehicles. Read more
FundsDLT is an international platform connecting Transfer Agent activities, payment systems and investors. Read more
nfinitiv is an advisory firm that helps start-ups and scale-ups to help accelerate growth and scale. Read more
UFT develops and commercialises on-demand ridesharing technology for transit operators and authorities. Read more
All-in-one solution for beauty & hair salons Read more
Digital media tech company into building award winning mobile & web products, dealing in new age technologies Read more
UJET focuses on integrated engineering of hardware and software for smart and innovative electric mobility platforms. Read more
BOW Group is a fast-growing and consumer-driven global IOT company operating in the wearables, connected vehicles and smart home markets. Read more
MoodMe provides engagement insights for telework “new normal” with Face AI that respects privacy. Read more
Personnal assistant for your free time Read more
Houser specializes in the fields of real-estate analytics, price-comparison, price-tracking, and market trends. Read more
First real-time booking platform for private jet & helicopters Read more
Revology fuses innovation and creativity to design and sell beautiful objects that have a soul, tell a story and that will last for ever. Read more
CHOICE Revenue Intelligence is the only proven revenue assurance solution for energy and waterutilities in emerging markets Read more
The Biz Ladies is a community where women empower women to become entrepreneurs, leaders and change makers. Learn how successful women have started their businesses. Read more
Machinations allows users to design, balance and simulate game systems through a browser-based platform. Read more
Payconiq allows customers to make quick and easy payments through an app, while allowing merchants to reduce checkout times and pay smaller transaction fees. Read more
Ziggu allows Real Estate Developers operatings in residential markets to manage sales, construction and customers through a cloud-based solution. Read more
Zenview allows individuals to reduce work-related stress and negative feelings through an immersive experience by using VR technologies. Read more
Tokeny is the Most Advanced Token Crowdsale Platform. Read more
Fintech focused global investment and thechnology transfer platform with offices in Luxembourg, Tel Aviv and Moscow Read more
HAPPENING MEDIA is an online arts journal providing an exhaustive overview of art world news. Read more
SnapSwap International S.A. is a FinTech startup that offers a fully automated Digital Onboarding solution enhanced with Payments tools. Read more
KYC3 is the smart solution for compliance, counterparty risk management and competitive intelligence. Read more
TheMarketsTrust is an innovative integrated solutions company, providing next-generation products. Read more
MyBucks is a company that embraces technology as a means to provide financial products and services. Read more
Meet gigaaa AI personal assistant! gigaaa AI Personal Assistant is a virtual personal assistant, which is capable of doing actions by voice or text commands in languages like German, Arabic, Russian, Turkish and English. Today, gigaaa has more than 100 services integrated into the system, and new services are added each day. Here you can take a look at our website for more information. gigaaa on Appstore gigaaa on Google Play Now gigaaa is evolving but already capable of helping and entertaining. For sure, you will enjoy meeting and observing gigaaa! Read more
Specialized in Internet intelligent process automation Read more
Over 3,000 events are planned each day across the globe. This can be a logistical challenge for all involved. But, we want to change that with the latest tech advancements done in the event space done by entertainrr. Through our state-of-the-art platform, we aim to help those in the entertainment and event industry plan spectacular events, build long-lasting relationships and improve revenue. Entertainrr started in the UK & now in Luxembourg( , we plan to begin ops in India, the United Arab Emirates and the USA. We believe our platform will revolutionize the way events are run around the globe, and hope that you will be part of that journey with us. Our parent company RazrCorp is a new age tech powerhouse into Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial intelligence, Mobile & Web development Read more
We are a digitally native full-service software development lab. We believe in empowering businesses and solving our client's toughest challenges through digital innovation and disruptions. Combining more than a decade of experience in creative, tech development, digital marketing, branding, strategy, analytics, and industry knowledge, we work in close collaboration with our clients to help them achieve their business goals. We empower our partners through data and insight driven solutions, knowing we’ve got what it takes to bring their vision to life. Read more
F4A, standing for Food4All, is a Software company helping supermarkets reduce their food waste by match-making a demand to a need. It promotes best-before date products via its Apps and inspire its customers with daily recipes made from the promotions. Food4All is a win-win situation for all stakeholders on a national and worldwide level. It engages its customers in its mission by transforming their way of doing their groceries into a positive action for the future of our planet. Read more
Syment is an innovative platform to manage your building stock simply. Easily accessible, it includes many tools to create a relationship of trust with the occupants of your residences. Read more
Our mission is to make socially assistive robots economical and user-friendly in order to enable all teachers, therapists and care-givers to use advanced robots in their everyday work of improving the health and education of people. Read more
We are a Luxembourg-based company that develops mobile financial services, currently active in Europe and Western Africa. Koosmik is a free platform that allows both individuals and SMEs users to hold and manage an electronic account, transfer money instantly, process any type of payment, access a large network service points; a distinctive Mobile Banking experience from any connected device. We are building the next generation mobile wallet for Africa. Read more
Clear Image AI permits to evaluate the quality of pictures segmentation Read more
CarVROOM is a community platform for the exchange of private vehicles - the Vroomers (users of the platform) - for a shorter or shorter period of time. Secure, free, community The principle is simple, I earn points by lending my car (s) and then use them according to my desires. You earn VroomPoints upon registration, so everything is free! The use of the platform is based on an exchange of points calculated using an algorithm. Beyond a simple exchange between members Vroomers, CarVROOM is a community of individuals who share the same values (mutual aid, respect, community, sharing ...) to help themselves or to please themselves, according to their desires. Read more
APATEQ provides oil-water separation systems for oilfield operators as well as compact wastewater treatment plants for special and demanding applications and pre-treatment systems for industrial wastewater. Our technical team gathers members, each with decades of experience in water and wastewater treatment or global product industrial manufacturing and commercialization Read more
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