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Custom Network Security Monitoring Sensors Read more
Truman’s is a household company that offers non-toxic products that reduce shipping and plastic waste while effectively cleaning clothes. Read more
Forecastr is online software that helps founders forecast revenue, predict runway, understand their numbers & get funded. Read more
myFetalLife is a smart user-friendly app with many interactive features to help pregnant women better manage their health during pregnancy. Read more
WeatherCheck monitors properties for hail damage so that insurance carriers and mortgage companies can take action. Read more
HeXalayer is an advanced material R&D and Manufacturing start-up. Read more
EdjSports is a data science and prescriptive analytics sports firm. Read more
Formed to help communities benefit from this new energy landscape  Read more is an EnergyTech SaaS company providing world-class analytic solutions to the world’s leading energy companies. Read more
SaaS based, hardware agnostic fitness technology and content company; delivery via mobile application. Read more
Podchaser is the most comprehensive podcast database. Read more
AMP Robotics creates robotic systems that sort recyclable material at a fraction of the cost of current technology. Read more
An independent video game development company dedicated to creating strategy games. Read more
Virtual staging, online interior design and home goods. Read more
MobileServe is a mobile application developer that enables its users to manage volunteerism within their organizations. Read more
Software as a service platform that integrates with IoT devices to allow utility companies to manage residential electricity demand. Read more
Beyond Zero is a corporation that has invented a machine that freezes most liquor into ice. Read more
Bert Thin Films manufacturing of the CuBert™ copper-based paste. Read more
SAAS to Create Interactive Content for Publishers and Marketers Read more
Revio is a telematics hardware platform that uses connected devices to make power sports safer and more secure. Read more
Their loans are designed with your needs in mind. Break the cycle of debt today. Read more
NetLaw helps customers to prepare a personalized set of Wills and Trusts as they experience different life events. Read more
Photographers use Lightfolio to share photo galleries with their clients. Through digital delivery, clients can conveniently download their pictures, restrict access and control file sizes at the click of a button. Clients can easily view their images, tag favorites and share their pictures via social media. Add watermarks and password protection too. When you sell online, you can set custom pricing, show product images and integrate with Stripe, PayPal or Lightfolio galleries allow complete customization, keep you informed with visitor metrics and offer you all the options you expect in a client gallery. Starting with a cover page, you then choose a layout and thumbnail option. You can optimize the style of the text, font, colors, alignment and placement all to the style of your preference. After a few clicks your gallery is ready for preview! Read more is disrupting the display and banner advertising world by placing online advertisements to specific individual buildings, key locations, and homes by utilizing IP targeting. No other company has a 1-to-1 IP targeting solution, which makes the most hyper-targeted advertising company in the world. By mapping over 160 million home and business IP addresses in the United States back to their corresponding physical mailing address, can surface online display ads to almost any household or business using IP targeting technology. Read more
Taking advantage of advances in mobile, wearable, and cloud-based computing, Count It transform the tired workplace wellness services of the past into highly social, cause-driven, culture-building programs for smart companies. We aim to be the Basecamp of corporate wellness. Count It is built by the team behind We've taken hard-earned consumer market lessons, partnered with one of the top U.S. food retailers, and we aim to disrupt the $5 billion corporate wellness market. Employees at our client companies earn points for a range of automatically tracked healthy behavior, and can seamlessly redeem these points for rewards, including discounts on healthy food at their local food market, as well as donations to chosen causes. Count It offers frictionless, "DIY" setup, and is priced at a fraction of the cost of conventional enterprise solutions — despite being the only platform that can track and reward healthy eating, shopping, and physical activity. Count it!  Read more
Amendment 21 Moonshine consists of an 80 proof blend of all-natural flavors that comes in two varieties. We currently have Apple Pie and Peach Tea, and a new flavor which we may announce soon! We also sell a 5 times distilled unflavored moonshine, our Original 121, that is 121 proof (60.5% alcohol by volume), which is one of the strongest moonshines on the market. Our 121 proof moonshine is distilled from corn multiple times, but thanks to our trade secrets, we can create an ultra-smooth beverage that does not have the corn liquor aftertaste that some consumers tend to dislike. We have blended the authenticity of tradition, with the ingenuity of the American spirit, and the innovation of the modern age to pay homage to all those Americans who fought through the prohibition. Amendment 21 is handcrafted in small batches and polished and finished using our secret process to guarantee that we produce a spirit which is very clean and incredibly smooth. Read more
GearBrake provides motorcyclists the reassurance that other drivers will be able to see them in time to avoid a rear-end collision. Motorcycles are able to rapidly slow down without using the brakes by downshifting and engine braking. While this is extremely effective in slowing down the bike, it does not light the brake lights to warn other drivers. GearBrake can sense the deceleration from slowing down and automatically flash the brake lights. The GearBrake module can detect when a motorcycle is slowing down and light the brake lights automatically with a 2 second attention getting flash, unlike traditional brake lights that only turn on when the brakes are engaged. If the brakes are used, the light will continue to function as it normally would. The module is small, easy to install and works with all motorcycles either with the existing brake lights or with aftermarket add-on lights. Read more
We provide extended support services to shared or managed hosting providers and entrepreneurs. We are based in the United States. Read more
ApoVax, Inc. is based on the work of Haval Shirwan, Ph.D. at the University of Louisville. ApoVax104, an immunostimulatory adjuvant construct, consists of streptavidin fused to the costimulatory molecule 4-1BBL. It is well differentiated from other adjuvants. ApoVax104 can be mixed with or conjugated to any biotinylated antigen (or peptide)--cancer or infectious disease. ApoVax is also developing ApoFasL—a means of immunomodulation for tolerance induction—for the treatment of Type 1 diabetes. Read more
Monstro - Smart Data to Active Audiences. Monstro helps the entertainment industry and advertisers connect with their audience by providing real time demographic information, psychographic information and targeted trending data. With this data content and advertising decision making can be tailored to individuals within an audience. Monstro does 3 Things: 1) Increase Subscription Revenues 2) Increase Advertising Profit 3) Highly Targeted and Efficient Lead Generation Read more
Over is a new and popular mobile app that adds beautiful typography to photos and publishes to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and email. The fonts included are exceptional and the innovative user experience has been specially designed to work smoothly for busy creative people. Read more
Miss Zee strives to create one-of-a-kind, eye-catching, high quality, products that uplift the self-esteem of girls and women. Products include stationery, accessories, apparel and decor. Miss Zee is a character that comes in many skin shades, hair styles, hair colors and eye colors in order to represent the diverse looks of little girls, something that currently isn't fulfilled in the mainstream market. By her admirers, she is often described as being an iconic replacement of Hello Kitty, or the human version of Hello Kitty (in terms of presentation). Read more
The Beam Brush is the 1st connected toothbrush, a manual brush with an embedded sensor that maps brushing behavior and sends the data to an associated app via Bluetooth®. The Beam app allows users to connect to multiple Beam Brushes and upload brushing behavior data to an easy-to-read interface, so the whole family can easily compare statistics. Users also have the option to send their data to their dentist ahead of cleanings, and achieve brushing milestones that result in real-world rewards. Read more
Collabra Music allows students and independent musicians to connect with each other and instructors, socializing the process of learning music. Customized lesson plans and progress tracking encourages students by providing feedback and reinforcement; retaining beginners through the challenges of learning. Connecting students to instructors extends individualized learning past in-person lessons, maximizing the potential to learn and improve. Our educational membership connects students with instructors, extending lessons digitally. A cloud based lesson plan with practice tools, recordings, exercises, progress tracking and feedback increases student engagement. User-friendly recording tools let students hear their progress and provides insight for instructors. Parents of young musicians can participate and tune-in digitally to their child's lessons and practices to track improvement. Read more
Kayak for Local: Aggregating local content into a single product. We offer unique solutions to merchants to efficiently drive customers to their business. They are only charged when we turn one of our users, into one of their customers. Read more
Natural eCommerce uses Drupal Commerce to market and distribute the goods of companies and individual creators. Our first site to launch sells the best cheese on the Internet - raw, organic cheese from Welsh Mountain Farm in Lancaster County, PA. Read more
Structure helps manage rental real estate through great design and task workflow, and maintain better communication between team, tenants, and everybody else involved. Free for DIY owners. Read more
We connect our nation's heroes with the college or university that best fits their qualifications, needs, and interests. Our online tool, The Edge, provides veterans the tool to build comprehensive personal profiles detailing their educational, community, and military accolades. Veterans can also connect with fellow heroes in our very own "social media" platform built into The Edge. With the completed profile, veterans then have the ability to create unique college-filters to search for schools (based on institution size, geographic location, cost, veteran services provided, etc.). Based on the results of the search, the user has the opportunity to then send their electronic-profiles directly to the institutions admissions and veteran affairs offices to begin two-way communication. The Edge also allows for colleges and universities, who are looking to recruit veterans to their respected institutions, the chance to acitvely search and connect with individuals on HFA's database. Read more
LensFactory gives customers factory direct access to new prescription lenses in their eyeglass frames, eliminating layers of middlemen and retail markup. Read more
COPD is a chronic respiratory disease that is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. Despite current treatment options, many COPD patients cannot properly empty their lungs during activities of daily living, for example walking up the stairs. This causes the lungs to hyperinflate, which can lead to dyspnea (shortness of breath) and is the beginning of an unforgiving downward cycle that degrades quality of life, results in hospitalizations and often ends with death. Liberate’s patent-pending solution, SecondBreath, is a discreet and wearable belt that applies surface electrical stimulation to the abdominal muscles during exhalation. This causes the abdominal muscles to contract during exhalation, compressing the abdominal contents which push upward like a piston toward the lungs. This piston-like effect helps to squeeze out an extra volume of air every time the patient exhales and thereby rapidly reduces lung hyperinflation.  Read more
Pikit, though currently a game, is being built into a gamified photo sharing platform that enables users to create collages of four photos, called Pikits; These Pikits are used to describe a word that the user decides. Users can share these Pikits with friends, and follow friends, celebrities, and expert Pikit users to get updates when Pikits are posted. Followers use these Pikits to guess the word they are meant to describe by unscrambling letters. A correct guess results in a √ which acts as a “like”. Some classic game mechanics are included which create instant monetization and aid users in guessing Pikits. These Pikits get categorized based on the word they are associated with to act as a built in hashtag. This allows for simple display of trending topics. In addition to posting Pikits publicly, users can send private Pikits directly to other users to engage in a private, back and forth game. We expect to continue to grow the game and gradually introduce platform features. Read more
Services and technology to support Accountable Care Organizations on a turnkey, total solution basis. Healthcare reimbursement is rapidly changing to "value-based" purchasing where healthcare payors are expecting healthcare providers to organize and take collective accountability for the cost and quality of care for a defined patient population. To be successful, these new organizations (called ACO's) need infrastructure, technology and expertise to "manage care". Imperium is the solution. Read more
Sound Rush is a powerful tool for musicians to manage their schedule, setlist and bands. Sound Rush also provides powerful features such as a generated, personal mobile website with a custom QR code for marketing purposes. Read more
Red e App is the Constant Contact or Mail Chimp for Mobile Push Messaging allowing large organizations to deliver, manage and connect to their internal or external facing mobile audience through Private, Semi-private or Public mobile networks. We streamline and structure real-time communication for the large enterprise resulting in efficiency, engagement and productivity.  Read more
HiveDesk provides anyone with remote workers a platform that makes it easier to manage the outsourcing process. Workers can check-in remotely and HiveDesk will log their work sessions. Never worry about wasted time again! HiveDesk is supported by outsourcing veterans who have over 20 years of combined experience managing remote workers from all over the world. Our mission is to provide simple tools that make managing remote workers easy for both the employer and the worker. Read more
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